TBDBITL “Time Capsule”

If you need technical assistance or have questions, contact us by email:  timecapsule@tbdbitl.com.

Video Information and Instructions:

In your video, please tell us about a favorite memory of your years in the band – old Rehearsal Hall, old Stadium Band Room, funny director stories, where you memorized your music in the stadium at night, row traditions, etc.. More than one video may be submitted because we are interested not only in the grandiose stories, but the day-to-day details of your experience.

Video can be filmed on any modern Apple or Android smartphone.  Please contact us with questions about other formats.

Submissions must be in landscape only (this means turn your phone sideways).

Please start your video by stating your name and your year(s) in band.

Video length should be less than two minutes (be brief here, people!). Videos over this time limit may be edited for conciseness.

Remember these videos should be G rated. We reserve the right to exclude inappropriate material.

We are still accepting video submissions!  We appreciate your help!

To help produce a quality product please:

Record indoors with a plain background and no background noise.

Watch your video before submitting to ensure we can hear you clearly.

Please click here to begin the process to submit your video:  Time Capsule