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The Reunion Band

TBDBITL Reunion ramp entrance 2019
TBDBITL Reunion ramp entrance 2019
Since their first reunion in 1966, OSUMB alumni have returned over 50 times to perform just "one more time" in the 'shoe. The first year 228 former Band members returned. Over time, the numbers have grown to over 800 returning and 600 on the field. With the OSUMB, that's a a combined 800 piece brass and percussion band. No flags. No majorettes. No drill team. While many college bands hold reunions, few perform full pregame and halftime shows. With one morning's rehearsal (a long morning) the combined Band puts on a real show, culminating in a quadruple Script Ohio. You want marching band, you come to Ohio.  

The Active Band

TBDBITL Hyperactive band UA Parade
TBDBITL Hyperactive band UA Parade
The Active Band consists of members of the TBDBITL Alumni Club who wish to play and perform on a regular basis. The Active Band rehearses twice a month at the Steinbrenner Band Center in Ohio Stadium, and makes 10-12 appearances in Ohio each year from marching in parades to performing formal stage concerts.

The Hyperactive Band

TBDBITL drum major
TBDBITL drum major
With the extremely high demand for Buckeye pep bands and other small ensembles, the Hyper Active Band was formed to perform at weddings, birthday parties and corporate engagements throughout the year in Ohio. Our busiest day of the year is called Hyper Friday, usually the day before the OSU/Michigan football game, where we play gigs across Central Ohio from 6:00 AM - 12 midnight.

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2023-2024 Executive Committee President: Lindsay ConkelVice President: Elizabeth GiffinSecretary: Michelle JacksonTreasurer: Phil KirkendallImmediate Past President: TJ Hersch Members at large Members with term expiration in...

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Types of Awards To recognize outstanding contributions to The Ohio State University Marching Band and TBDBITL Alumni Club, five distinct awards have been created: The...

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TBDBITL Alumni Club was chartered by the Board of Directors of The Ohio State University Alumni Association in 1972. TBDBITL Alumni Club, Inc. was chartered...