Videos from recent OSUMB performances

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Professionally restored OSUMB performances

With the cooperation of TBDBITL Alumni Club, selected alumni, close friends of the University family, bandsmen and former members may now order archival OSU Marching Band films from past seasons on videotape and DVD! These tapes are not available in stores, but can be purchased online from TBDBITL Alumni Club or directly from Rare Sportsfilms Inc., the firm that is currently restoring many of the old Ohio State band shows from years gone by. Fully 100% of the profits of this venture are being used by TBDBITL Alumni Club to fund the restoration of more archival band footage. By now, every known piece of OSUMB band footage from the first film in 1929 up through the 1971 season has been completely restored onto high quality digital video, with the length of each video running generally between one and two hours. Here’s a brief description of the contents of each tape:

  • “One More Time” – 1961 “Football As It Is Played Today” (A day in the life of Ohio Stadium on gameday). – 1969 “Best Damn Band In The Land” Fast-motion photography shows the entire ’69 Rose Bowl trip in less than 10 minutes! – 1969 “Disneyland” Homecoming show features the sights and sounds of Disneyland, culminating with Mickey Mouse leading Script Ohio! – 1973 Rose Bowl “California, Here We Come”! Performance film, including Concert at Disneyland, Rose Parade plus pre-game and half shows. – 1983 Purdue at Columbus “Nobody Does It Better”. An outstanding halftime show, later modified for the Fiesta Bowl. This tape is all sound and all color except the ’69 Disneyland show.
  • DVD: “Memories: The Way We Were” – 1955 Rose Bowl Trip, – 1958 “120 To Show”, which shows ’58 band tryouts and practices for the SMU and Indiana shows (Fads Of ’58). – 1963 Homecoming “Football Color” features script Ohio. – 1971 “She’s A Lady” Women’s Lib show, “lost”cymbal player and Script Woody! All sound and color except 1971 show.
  • 1929-1947 “The All-American Band” – Tape of all the oldest footage, with some spectacular formations, including the first Script Ohio, covers the Weigel, Whitcomb and McBride years. Includes the first color film (1941) and the OSU documentary production “Buckeye Ballads”(color and sound), featuring the band and Men’s Glee Club. Captured on vintage film is the spirit and tradition of Ohio State, 1948 scenes of High Street, Long’s, the Armory, Oval, Mirror Lake, Orton Hall, and U Hall as well as the color of the four seasons on campus. Black & White and color, mostly SILENT film.
  • 1948-1950 “California, Here We Come” – 1948 tryouts, Missouri, Southern Cal, Iowa and Michigan. – 1949 tryouts, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern and Illinois. Highlight of the tape is the 1950 Rose Bowl trip in color! 1950 Pittsburgh, Iowa and Michigan (brief shot of famous “Blizzard Bowl”! All SILENT, mostly color video.
  • DVD: 1950-1953 “From Whit To Jack” – 1950 Pittsburgh. – 1951 Indiana. – 1952 Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Washington State, Pittsburgh (first ramp high step) and Michigan. – 1953 (studio recorded sound) Northwestern and Purdue. All SILENT film except 1953. B & W and color.
  • 1946 and 1954 “Chimes” – 1946 (Color, silent) Missouri, Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan. – 1954 Indiana (B&W silent), California (color, sound. The first time sound was actually recorded in the stadium!), Iowa (B & W silent), Wisconsin (Homecoming, color, sound) and the debut of “Chimes”, Pittsburgh (B & W silent) and Michigan (B & W silent).
  • 1955 – All six halftime shows and most of the pre-game shows. Entire 1 hour, 25 minute tape is B & W silent. Jack O. Evans, director, George E.W. Souder, Drum Major.
  • 1956 – All five shows are shown in color and most of the tape is sound! Stanford “Story Of The American Flag”, Penn State pre-game, Wisconsin Homecoming “Jazz At The Stadium”. Indiana and Michigan.. 55 Minutes, all color.
  • 1957 season and 1958 Rose Bowl – Practice for TCU, TCU pre-game and half shows, Illinois, Northwestern (Homecoming) and Rose Bowl – the complete story of the Band’s memorable Rose Bowl trip. Included is the train trip west with stops at Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco, plus practice at Occidental College. The tape culminates with the Tournament Of Roses Parade and the Pre-game and Halftime performances. 91 minutes, all color, mostly sound.
  • 1958-1959-1960 – 1958 Washington “A Trip To The Brussels World’s Fair” (B & W, sound). – 1959 Duke “A Salute To Eugene J. Weigel” (B & W silent, sound) with Script Ohio. 1959 Illinois “Story Of The American Flag” (Color, sound) One of the great spectaculars in Ohio State Band history! Also Story Of The American Flag “Outtakes” (color, silent). – 1960 Southern Methodist “Milestones Of 1960”. Running time: 1 Hour, 20 minutes, Color/B & W, mostly sound.
  • 1961-1962-1963 – 1961 TCU “The Eyes Of Texas” (B & W sound). 1961 Oregon “Strike Up The Band” half show and film on the history of the OSUMB up to ‘Modern Day’ 1961! (Color, sound).. “Strike Up The Band” half show outtakes – see how the Oregon half show really ended! Script Dad’s (color, silent). 1962 North Carolina “Salute to the Columbus Sesquicentennial” (B & W, sound). 1962 Northwestern “Bucks Eye Broadway” half show (color, silent.). 1962 Wisconsin “Men Of Music” Script Ohio (color, sound). 1963 Texas A & M “Sesquicentennial of Perry’s Victory” (B & W silent). Running time: Two hours, 5 minutes, B & W/color, mostly sound.
  • 1964, Part I – Charles L. Spohn’s first year as director (Link Harper, Drum Major). First five games of the season (SMU, Indiana, Southern Cal, Wisconsin and the road trip to Iowa), and Charlie’s first three Script Ohios. Running time: 92-minutes, all B & W sound.
  • 1964, Part II – Penn State “Dad’s Mad World” and Michigan “Here’s Love”. Also included is the documentary color film “One Out Front” featuring Drum Major Link Harper, plus silent color outtakes from the production (Drum Major tryouts, Charlie in the old band room and the thrilling ramp entrance)! Running time: 91 minutes, B & W/color, mostly sound.
  • 1965 “Hang On Sloopy”
  • 1966 season – two DVDs
  • 1967 season
  • 1968 season – two DVDs
  • 1969 season – two DVDs
  • 1970 season
  • 1971 season – two DVDs
  • 1972 season – two DVDs
  • 1973 season – two DVDs
  • 1974 season – two DVDs
  • 1975 season
  • 1966-1975 various recently discovered films
  • 1976 season – two DVDs
  • 1977 season – two DVDs
  • 1978 season – two DVDs
  • 1979 season – two DVDs or two Blu Rays
  • 1980 season – two DVDs or two Blu Rays
  • 1981 season – two DVDs or two Blu Rays
  • 1982 season – two DVDs or two Blu Rays

How to order

You may order from TBDBITL Alumni Club by printing the Merchandise Order Form (PDF format) or order directly from RARE SPORTSFILMS.  If ordering from RARE SPORTSFILMS, each DVD is available for $29.95 (+ $10 for Blu-Ray) plus $4 for shipping and handling.  Order from “RARE SPORTSFILMS INC”, 1126 Tennyson Lane, Naperville, IL, 60540, call (630) 527-8890, email doakewing@raresportsfilms.com. All profits go to TBDBITL! YEA OHIO!!