Grand Roster – 1878 to Present

Last updated:3/22/2024 4:31 PM

Names are alphabetical and are current names. When a person was known by a different last name while in the Band, this name is included in parentheses.Where applicable, nickname(s) appear in quotation marks. Corrections and questions should be directed to the Postmaster.

    * - Deceased
    † - Lost
    ‡ - Lost, believed deceased


Aalaei, Benjamin C; 2013-16; Sousaphone
Abbott, R A*; 1897
Abbott, Ralph B*; 1936; Trumpet
Abel, George A*; 1940
Abel, James R; 1956-61; Trumpet, Alto horn, Baritone
Abel, Kenneth B*; 1951-55; Trumpet
Abel Jr, Roy*; 1939-41; Trumpet
Abele, Jason R; 2001; D-Squad
Abicqet, Richard; 1932
Abrams, Dr Macy L*; 1944; Clarinet (Obit)
Abrams, Micah J; 2003; Trumpet
Achbach, William*; 1942
Acker, David M; 1981-83; Baritone
Ackerman, Lewis K*; 1924
Ackroy, Walter; 1930
Acocks, James R*; 1930-32; Trombone
Acosta, Dennis J; 1999-2003; Trumpet
Acri, Anne M (Clover); 1981-84; Trumpet
Acus, David L; 1961; Baritone
Adair, Brian T; 1996-97; Baritone
Adair, Michelle (Sayers); 1996-99; Snare
Adams, Brian G; 1984-87; Trumpet
Adams, David R; 1965-67; Trombonium
Adams, Dennis E; 1984-88; Manager
Adams, Duane R; 1991-92; Cymbals
Adams, Elmer E*
Adams, Fred J; 1944
Adams, James M*
Adams, Laurence W*; 1912
Adams, Matthew J; 1995-99; Sousaphone
Adams, Roy H*
Adams, Shaylin; 2017-21; Flugel horn
Adamson, Donald E; 1948-49; Efer
Adavasio, Carmen; 1936; Efer
Adcock, Albert V; 1963-66; Baritone
Addison, Bramerd*; 1946
Addison, Tanyce J (Fogle); 1978-80; Trombonium, Trombone
Adkins, Nathan; 2017-22; Trombone
Adler, Dr Donald J*; 1968-70; Baritone (Obit)
Adler, Tim J; 2000-04; Sousaphone
Agle, Robert A; 1976-78; Trombone
Agler, Amanda; 1999-2000; Baritone
Agrawal, Rajat; 1994-98; Trumpet
Agre, Thomas; 2020-23; Snare
Agriesti, Louis K; 1963-67; Snare
Aguilera-Alkire, Joshua; 2016-18; Trumpet
Aguirre, Nickolas P; 2019; Trumpet
Agyekum, Kevin A; 2020-23; Trumpet, Efer
Ahern, William R; 1991-95; Trumpet
Ahmed, Zarek; 2022-23; Tenor Drums
Aho, Davis; 2020-23; Baritone
Aho, Dr Eric W; 1974-78; Baritone
Akins, Gregory P; 1985; Flugel horn
Akins, James M; 1980; Sousaphone
Alban, John C; 1945; Saxophone
Albanese, Frank N; 1933-36; Trumpet
Albaugh, C*; 1882
Albaugh, Clarence M*; 1918
Albert, Edward J*; 1947-51; Trumpet
Alberta, Brian M; 2007-11; Trumpet
Alberta, Melanie (Krepczynski); 2008-11; Mellophone
Alberts, David; 1957; Drum Major
Alberts, Lewis T*; 1933
Alberts, Richard R; 1959-60; Cymbals
Alberts, Thomas L; 1934-36
Albright, Alan R; 1906
Albright, Mark; 2012-14; Snare
Alcaraz, Brandon M; 2013-15; Efer
Alden, Erick R; 1958-65; Baritone, Trombonium
Alden, Errol R; 1959; Alto horn
Aldrich, John S*; 1948-51,53; Baritone
Aldrich, Richard S*; 1948
Alexander, A J; 2022-23; Trumpet
Alexander, Aaron; 1995-97; Baritone
Alexander, David*; 1927
Alexander, Donald J; 1941-43; Snare
Alexander, Earl D
Alexander, Frederick A*; 1943-44; Snare (Obit)
Alexander, George*; 1924
Alexander, J H; 1907
Alford, Catherine C; 2013-15; Trumpet
Alguire, Steve; 2002-07; Mellophone
Allar, Gene R*; 1958
Alleman, Carter L; 2005-07; Baritone
Allen, Bruce M; 2010-13; Efer
Allen, James P*; 1951-55; Sousaphone, Tenor horn, Baritone, Bb Tuba (Obit)
Allen, Jesse H*; 1887
Allen, Leonard*; 1956
Allen, Lisa A; 1985; Trumpet
Allen, Lois H (Height); 1952-54; Librarian
Allen, Thomas A; 1968
Allender, Anna L (Pratt); 1997-99; Trombone
Allender, Dan; 1994-98; Sousaphone
Allender, Penny L (Weiss); 1990-92; Alto horn
Allender, R Brian; 1987-91; Sousaphone
Allison Jr, Marvin H*; 1943-46; Vocalist, Alto horn
Alspach, Clement W*
Alspach, Erle B; 1905
Altan, T Charlene (Dailey); 1995-98; Baritone
Altman, William E; 2019-23; Trumpet
Altschuler, Morton M*
Aman, Celestine H “Cel”*; 1947-48; Bass drum (Obit)
Amazing, Sarah (Pillivant); 2004; Trombone
Ambrose, Charles; 1969; Baritone
Ambrose, Edward J; 1962; Alto horn
Amerman, John D; 1963; Baritone
Ames, Daniel M*; 1977-79; Alto horn (Obit)
Ammons-Rogers, Melanie (Ammons); 2001-05; Baritone
Amos, Charles N
Amrine Jr, James W; 1961-63; Trombone, Tenor horn
Amsbaugh, Jesse L*
Amsel, Bruce C; 1969-70; Manager
Amsler, William E
Amspoker, Harold A*; 1944-45; Bass drum (Obit)
Amundson, David; 2001-04; Efer, Trumpet (Obit)
Andersen, Todd; 2017-19; Cymbals
Anderson, Dr Christine (Schandorsky); 1995-97; Flugel horn
Anderson, Craig; 1991; Baritone
Anderson, Ford R*; 1928
Anderson, Gerald A; 1965-68; Sousaphone
Anderson, Dr Gregory W; 1994-97; Sousaphone
Anderson, Jean A (Baker); 1980-84; Flugel horn
Anderson, Jonathan W; 2002-03; Mellophone
Anderson, Nathaniel A; 2003,05-08; Baritone
Anderson, Paige; 2015-17; Trumpet
Anderson, Dr Raymond C; 1960-63; Trumpet
Anderson, Ronald R; 1980-81; Flugel horn
Anderson, Vernard L*; 1921; Clarinet
Andreson, Paige; 2014; Trumpet
Andrews, Barry D; 1980-84; Trumpet
Angel, Carl F; 1983-86; Bass drum
Angel, Michael W
Angelica, Mary Rose (Gron); 1975-77; Trumpet
Angle, Susan E (Burson); 1988-91; Alto horn
Anglin, Jeffrey; 1974
Angus, David L*; 1953-54; Snare
Ankrom, Patrick; 1970; Snare
Ansley, W Max*; 1950; Trombone
Antenucci, Samantha M; 2010-14; Trombone
Anthony, Matthew; 2014-18; Trombone
Antonelli, Joseph M
Apel, Sidney; 2021-23; Manager, Student Staff
Apostle, Nicholas*; 1950-51; Alto horn, Manager (Obit)
Applegate, Elisabeth S; 1995-97; Trumpet
Appleman, Dean A*; 1965-66; Snare
Archer, Brian P; 1988-92; Sousaphone
Archer, Jackson; 2016,18-20; Snare
Archer, Keith C*; 1974
Archer, Shawn; 1996-99; Trumpet
Ard, Adam L; 2017-19; Bass drum
Arden, Mary C; 1956
Arduini, Derek A; 2014; Efer
Argentine, Justin F; 2003-07; Quad-Tom, Quint-Tom
Argentine, Katie (Brizius); 2004-08; Snare
Argentine, Matthew J; 2011-13; Trumpet
Aring, Amanda K (Simmons); 1996; Flugel horn
Arledge, Beth A; 1990-93; Trumpet
Arlen, Jack B*; 1953-56; Baritone (Obit)
Arms, George L*
Arms, Ray W; 1909
Arnis, G L; 1906
Arnold, Charles L*; 1890
Arnold, Charles H*; 1924
Arnold, Craig S; 1986-87; Trombone
Arnold, Jeffery J*; 1964
Arnold, John E*; 1947
Arnold, Theodore; 1950
Arnold, Thomas M*
Arnold, Travis J; 2010-12; Sousaphone
Arpin, Rachel (Pfefferle); 2001-02; Trumpet
Arreguin, Jodie L (Moffett); 1995; Trumpet
Arrowood, Ray; 1969
Arter, David M; 1966-67; Alto horn
Arthur, James; 2002-04; Baritone
Asbury, James M*; 1972-73; Trombone
Asbury, Nathan; 2023; Trumpet
Aschenbach, Douglas L; 1978-80; Alto horn
Ash, Elliot R; 2000-04; Trumpet
Ashburn, Jennifer S (Carius); 1992-93; Alto horn
Ashburn, Julian S*; 1972-74; Trumpet (Obit)
Ashton, Gerald L; 1960; Alto horn
Ashton, Theodore*; 1944; Alto horn
Ashwill, Elizabeth M (Coulter); 2007-08; A/V Staff
Ashworth, Mark I*; 1960-63; Cymbals (Obit)
Ashworth, Philip C; 1962-63; Alto horn
Asire, J D; 1901
Asp, Alex J; 2006-10; Inst Manager
Assenheimer, Clarence W*; 1929-33; Sousaphone
Atchison, Thomas J*; 1940-41; Trumpet
Ater, Justin*; 1927
Ater, Nickolas S; 2009-13; Sousaphone
Atkeson, Dennis J; 1950-52; Trumpet
Atkeson, Mark R; 1976-77; Trombone
Atkin, Andrew B; 1989-90; Manager
Atkins, Luke; 2019-23; Trumpet
Atkinson, George W
Atkinson, Jon W; 1967-72; Sousaphone
Atriano, Lorenzo; 1989-92; Trumpet
Atriano, Vincent; 1981-84; Trumpet
Atwell, Dr Robert A; 1972-74; Snare
Auck, Donald K*
Auer, Lee P; 2002-06; Trombone
Aukeman, Amanda M (Flory); 2004-05; Manager
Aukeman, Matthew; 2002-03; Manager
Aukerman, Myron L*; 1949-50; Baritone (Obit)
Auman-Seymour, Lori A (Schneider); 1984-88; Trumpet
Austermiller, Hugh H*; 1935-37; Baritone
Austin, Caleb; 2023; Mellophone
Austin, Darrell L; 1971-72; Drum Major
Auxter, Daniel; 1934
Ave, Donald P*; 1953-55; Baritone
Ave, Paul W; 1983-85; Trumpet
Avellone, Benjamin C*; 1921
Avery, L Walter; 1912; Drum Major
Avnaim, Luke T; 2010; Quad-Tom
Avril, Werneth J; 1951-54; Snare
Axel, Scott; 1998-99; Staff
Azallion, Harold T*; 1945-48; Baritone (Obit)
Azallion, James D*; 1939-41; Snare
Azallion, John D*; 1940
Azallion, Thomas A; 1980-84; Baritone
Babatz, Jonathan W; 2012-15; Mellophone
Babcock, Andrew J; 2004-08; Sousaphone, Inst Repair
Babcock, Sarah E (Imboden); 2005-09; Mellophone
Babinec, Regina R (Rog); 1981-82; Alto horn
Bacasa, Michael; 2023; Sousaphone
Bachman, Gerald L; 1956
Bachtel, Ralph T*; 1931-32; French horn
Backstrom, William L; 1989-93; Trumpet
Bacon, William T*; 1940
Baden, Kurt J; 2004-07; Snare
Baesman, Jon F; 1988-89; Bass drum
Bagent, Kenneth L; 1953; Trumpet
Baggs, Jordan W; 2018-19; Baritone
Bailey, Catherine; 2009; Librarian
Bailey, Harold G*; 1928
Bailey, Howard K
Bailey, William W; 1985-89; Trumpet
Bair, Alexander; 1938
Baird, Catherine J; 1990-94; Trumpet
Baird, Geoffrey B; 2011-14; Sousaphone
Baird, Raymond P; 1960-64; Efer
Baird, Robert M; 1977-81; Sousaphone
Baker, Christopher B; 1998-2000; Snare
Baker, Dale R; 1973-74; Trumpet
Baker, Daniel H*; 1942,46-48; Trombonium, Trombone (Obit)
Baker, Dr David D; 1965-68; Trumpet
Baker, David L*; 1952; Drum Major
Baker, Lee K; 1941-42; Trumpet
Baker, Michael A; 1968-69; Trumpet
Baker, Samuel; 2022-23; Flugel horn
Baker, Thomas A
Baldwin, Grant; 1998-2002; Efer
Bale, Adam J; 2005-09; Trumpet
Balinsen, Ernest J; 1934; Picolo
Balkin, Sam T*; 1941
Ball, Allan L “Al”; 1974-78; Trombone
Ball, Donald M; 1947
Ball, Rev John T; 1951-53; Alto horn
Ball, Nick; 2021-22; D-Squad
Ballard, Franklyn; 1944
Ballard, Jeffrey E; 1974
Ballard, Dr Kimberly R (Ramsey); 1985-88; Efer
Ballinger, David W; 1973-77; Trumpet
Ballou, J Guy; 1937-39; Trumpet
Bally, Matthew A; 1997-2000; Drum Major
Balogh, Corey J; 2007-11; Flugel horn
Balsizer, Kenneth W*
Baltzly, S M*; 1900
Balyeat, Forrest S*
Balzer, Emily; 2014-18; Mellophone
Bame, Richard S*; 1942,46-47; Sousaphone
Ban, Bill
Bane, Bethany; 2000; Trumpet
Bane, James W
Bang, Roderick G; 1944; Snare
Banghoff, John R; 2011-15; Efer
Banks, Daniel O; 1997; Mellophone
Banks, Daniel; 1984-87; Sousaphone
Banks, Thomas D; 1904
Banning, George W
Banschback, Donald; 1942
Banta, Henry B
Baptiste, Trent E; 2013-16; Trombone
Barbee, Alan J; 2003-07; Baritone
Barbee, Mark A; 1969-72; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Barber, H E; 1906
Barber, Jerry R
Barbey, Heidi L (Ramseyer); 1989-90; Sousaphone
Barch, John W; 1942-43; Baritone
Barcus, Brendan; 2021-23; Snare
Barger, Harold D*; 1912
Barkdull, Albert W*
Barker, Robert D; 1989-93; Trombone
Barnes, Bethany M; 2007-10; Trumpet
Barnes, Dominic; 2023; Baritone
Barnes, Dwight L*
Barnes, E B; 1905
Barnes, Justin; 2019-22; Trumpet
Barnes, R H; 1913-16; Drum Major
Barnes, Winfield J*; 1942-43; Clarinet
Barnett, David M; 1944; Sousaphone
Barnhart, David B; 1975-78; Baritone
Barnhart, G Michael*; 1971-73,75; Baritone (Obit)
Barnhart, Glenn W*; 1942,46-48; Sousaphone (Obit)
Barnhart, Lowell E*; 1937-40; Efer
Barnhart, Norman O; 1941-42; Sousaphone
Barr, Alexander J*
Barr, Donald A; 1954
Barr, Frank W*; 1942; Baritone
Barr III, H William; 1962-64; Alto horn
Barr, Karen E (Dunlevy); 1985-87; Alto horn
Barr, Konner; 2015-19; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Barraco, Nathan D; 2010-13; Snare
Barragan, Sofia; 2022-23; Trumpet
Barrett, John S*; 1938-39; Sousaphone
Barrett, Matthew C; 2007-11; Manager, Snare
Barrick, H H; 1913
Barrie, Lindsay; 2007-10; Mellophone
Barrington, Walter*; 1944
Barrow, Charles D; 1988; Trumpet
Barstow, E D; 1926
Barta, Ryan S; 2010-14; Trumpet
Bartels, H Jeffery; 1963-67; Baritone, Trombonium
Barth, Drew; 2015; Trumpet
Barthelmas, Ned K; 1945; Clarinet
Bartholomew, Harold C; 1904
Bartholomew, Kristen; 2010-13; Efer
Bartlett, Galen M; 2012-13
Bartlett, Leah P; 2012-13
Bartus, Mark; 2014; Snare
Bartz, James R; 1960-64,66-69; Baritone
Baruch, Zachary H; 2020-22; Baritone
Bassett, Gary N; 1971-74; Baritone
Bassinger, Harley M*; 1925
Bastian, John W; 1963-65; Trumpet
Bates, Charles; 1990-91; Grad Asst Director
Bates, Donald G; 1954-58; Trumpet
Bates, Samuel D; 1963; Asst Drum Major
Batten, Robert*; 1928
Battenberg, Thomas V; 1959-61; Trumpet
Battle, Lynwood L*; 1960-62,64-65; Sousaphone (Obit)
Battles MD, Dr Morris L*; 1934-36; Trumpet (Obit)
Bauchert Sr, Darryll R*; 1974-75,77; Efer (Obit)
Bauer, Carrie (Niekamp); 2003; Baritone
Bauer, Emily S (Bennett); 2006-10; Trombone
Bauer, Joseph*; 1930
Bauer, William I; 1979-80; Baritone
Bauerle, Robert E; 1980-84; Trumpet
Baum, Dr Alfred T; Trumpet
Baum, Dale D; 1950
Baum, Doyle H*; 1950-51; Baritone (Obit)
Bauman, Max A; 1980; Sousaphone
Bauman, Sean; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Baumhardt, Glenn L*; 1934-37; Snare
Baver, A F; 1901
Bayles, Ralph O*; 1922; Bass drum
Bayles, Scott; 1967
Bayless, A Jerd*; 1931-34; Clarinet
Bazell, E E; 1921
Beachy, Rachel E (Wuertz); 1985-89; Trumpet
Beal, Morgan A; 2003-06; Baritone
Beal Jr, Richard H; 1955; Bass drum
Beale, Brian S; 1988-92; Trumpet
Beale, Elmore H; 1956-59; Sousaphone
Beale, Steven D*; 1991-94; Trombone (Obit)
Beales, Wendell L*; 1935-37; Baritone
Beam, Daniel M; 1983-84; Alto horn
Beam, Duane; 1984; Alto horn
Beanblossom, Edward*; 1930
Bear, Charles P*; 1952,54-55; Sousaphone (Obit)
Bear, Herbert S; 1910
Beard, Dr Julie C (Klavins); 1986-88; Alto horn
Beard, Lowell F; 1921
Beard, Robert C*; 1928
Beatty, Albert W; 1917
Beausoleil, Oscar; 2020; Snare
Beaver, James V; 1924
Beaver, Ronald W; 1958-59; Trombone
Beaver, William; 1957
Beavers, John P; 1965-69; Snare
Beavers, Megan; 2006-08; Mellophone
Beavers, Rebecca A; 1982; Alto horn
Bechler, Lawrence E; 1968-72; Trumpet
Bechtel, Alvin L*; 1926-30; Sousaphone
Bechtel, Curtis D*; 1940
Bechtel, Dennis E*; 1971-74
Bechtel, Nicholas R; 2007-11; Trombone
Bechtel, Robert H*
Bechtel, Stephen L; 1968-71; Alto horn
Bechtol, Jordan; 2020-23; Trumpet
Beck, Arthur A*; 1887
Beck, Clarence R*
Beck, Howard C; 1924
Beck, James S*; 1944; Snare
Beck, Roy D*
Beckburger, E H; 1908
Becker, Chris; 2018-21; Efer
Becker, Robert L*; 1939-41; Trumpet (Obit)
Becker, Roy O*
Beckett, Jeffrey; 1971
Beckett, Leroy M
Beckley, Robert A; 1986-90; Alto horn
Beckwit, Theodore R; 1923
Beckwith, Sean J; 2015; D-Squad
Bedner Jr, Edward J; 1983-85; Flugel horn
Bedner, James A; 1986; Alto horn
Beebe, Richard J; 1951-55; Cymbals
Beeler, Gary L*; 1958-61; Baritone, Trombonium (Obit)
Beener, Luther R; 1945
Beer, Richard M*
Beers Jr, Rev John W; 1952-55; Trumpet, Efer
Beers, Mark A; 1989; Sousaphone
Beers, William A*
Beery, Kevin; 2002-06; Flugel horn
Beery, Max Ralph T; 1979; Drum Major
Beery II, Dr Paul R; 1987-91; Trumpet
Beery, Ralph H*
Beeson, Donald A*; 1940
Beeson, J C; 1992; Baritone
Beeson, John D*; 1947-49; Trumpet
Begue, Brian; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Behl, Christopher R; 2006-09; Baritone
Behn, Douglas G; 1997-2000; Baritone
Behn, Nicole A (Woebkenberg); 1994-98; Baritone
Behnke, Douglas A; 1974-76; Trumpet
Beighley, Carl G; 1949-50; Trumpet
Beighley, Clair M*; 1943; Trumpet
Beis, Dennis E; 1966-73; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Beisner, David E; 1973-74; Trumpet
Bejcek, Brett; 2015; Mellophone
Belcheff, Dr Koste A; 1954-58,64-67; Bb Tuba, Staff
Belcher, Patrick D; 1983-85; Baritone
Belding, Clifford E; 1923
Belford, Richard A*
Belgen, Melissa J (Montgomery); 1985-89; Alto horn
Belizaire, DeLacy; 1994; Manager
Belknap, Holly H; 1921
Bell, Aaron L; 2002-06; Snare
Bell III, Alton L; 1998-2002; Mellophone
Bell, Bethany J (Steck); 2001-03; Mellophone
Bell, Kristin V (Good); 2011-15; Cymbals
Bell, Nathaniel; 2022-23; Trumpet, Efer
Bell, Samuel L*; 1938; Secretary
Bell, Stewart M*
Belle, Gregory C; 1983-84; Trumpet
Bellows, George W*; 1901
Bendall, Linda C; 1958; Librarian
Bendall, Robert F; 1959; Trumpet
Bendel, Robert R; 1963-64; Sousaphone
Bender, Richard D; 1955-59; Bass drum
Bendig, Colleen; 2017-19; Trumpet
Bendler, William P; 1966-67; Trombonium
Benedum, Paul G*
Benerth, Adelbert L “A” (Bienerth); 1952; Trumpet
Benjamin, Sanford H*; 1928
Benner, James H; 1945
Bennett, Charles W*; 1933; Sousaphone
Bennett, Charles E; 1945
Bennett, Charles*; 1936; Sousaphone
Bennett, Cynthia A (Frase); 1978-80; Trombonium
Bennett, John*; 1933
Bennett, Judd L; 1953; Bass drum
Bennett, Mark D; 1975-79; Trumpet
Bennett, William; 1967
Benson, Dr Anthony L; 1957-59; Tenor horn
Benson, Matt E; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Bentfeld Axel, Michele (Bentfeld); 1995-96; Flugel horn
Benton, J.C.; 1990-94; Alto horn
Bentz, Chester L; 1911
Berbas, George N*; 1944
Berendts, Brian P; 1990-94; Drum Major, D-Squad, Trainer
Bergandine, Jeffrey M; 1975; Alto horn
Berger, Dana H (Hanudel); 1997-2000; Baritone
Berger, David J; 1971-72; Baritone
Berger, Gary; 1971; Trumpet
Berger, Robert C*; 1937-40; Snare
Bergholz, Brian; 1970
Berkebile, Nicholas A; 2020; Quint-Tom
Berkley, William; 1941
Berman, Albert*; 1932
Bernard, Stowell*; 1888
Berndsen, Matthew; 2007,09-10; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major
Berner, James D*; 1946
Bernhard, James E*; 1960; Snare (Obit)
Bernhard, Lester S*
Bernstein, Frederic A; 1979-81; Sousaphone
Bernstein, Jack W; 1959; Snare
Bero, Jamie L; 1985; Alto horn
Berrier, Lloyd L*; 1954; Percussion
Berringer, John L; 1986-90; Flugel horn
Berry, Edgar A; 1988-91; Trombone
Berry, Dr James R; 1971-74; Trombone
Berry, Rachel F (Fauser); 1973-75; Trombone
Berry, Richard A*; 1966-70; Efer (Obit)
Berry, Stephan E; 1963-67; Trumpet
Berthold, Howard C*; 1938-41; Trumpet
Bertke, Ray; 2021-23; Tenor Drums
Bertram, John C; 2012-15; Trombone
Bertrand, Joseph; 2018-22; Flugel horn
Beshuk, Andrea C (Rawson); 1989-93; Alto horn
Beshuk, Andrew; 1988-92; Trumpet
Best, Dr James L*; 1948-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Beth, Roberta M; 1976-78; Flugel horn
Bethel, Jeffrey T; 1982-85; Baritone
Bethel, Richard W*; 1954; Baritone, Alto horn (Obit)
Betts, Bradley N; 1981-85; Snare
Betts, F Dean; 1956-57; Trumpet
Betts, Melissa R (Swope); 1988-89; Alto horn
BeVier, Lawrence E; 1927
BeVier, Webber H; 1921
Bey, Daniel; 2004-07; Sousaphone
Biales, Albert M “Bugs”*; 1952; Trumpet
Bibler, Brett L; 1987-91; Trio
Bickel, Charles W; 1937
Biddle, Roger; 1958
Biebrick, Melanie J (Smith); 1978-82; Cymbals
Biemel, George D; 1971-74; Baritone
Bierley, John; 1972; Trumpet
Bierly, Phillip E; 1962
Bigelow, William C
Biglow, Crague C; 1910
Bignall, Jamie; 1998-2000; Secretary
Bilfield, Albert E*
Billhardt, Dolph S; 1910
Bingham, Everett; 2009; D-Squad
Bingham, Harold E*; 1951-55; Trumpet (Obit)
Bingham, Richard; 1943
Bingham, Robert W; 1932-34; Saxophone
Bingmer, Katie; 2008-11; Sousaphone
Bird, Edgar S*
Bird, George T; 1921; Trumpet
Bird, Hannah M (Soboslai); 2007-11; Trumpet
Birkhimer, Joshua A; 1989; Snare
Birkhimer, Robert A; 1965-68; Trumpet
Birmingham, R C; 1924
Biros, J David; 1982-85; Trumpet
Birri, Anthony; 2012,14,16; Snare
Bishop, John A; 2017-20; Quint-Tom
Bishop, Roydon E*
Bitar, Lynda B (Brown); 1984-87; Alto horn
Bittence, Grace; 2021-23; Baritone
Bitter, Lawrence J*
Bittle, James*; 1931
Bittler, Dean; 1950
Bivens, Carter; 2016-19,21; Baritone
Bixler, Thomas L; 1978; Baritone
Blachovec, Loren J; 1945
Blackburn Jr, Melvin J “JR”; 1989-93; Trumpet
Blackmon-doForno, Heather L (Blackmon); 1993-97; Trumpet
Blackstone, Roger L; 1954
Blaha, Christopher; 1995-96; Sousaphone
Blair, Jack R*; 1947
Blair, Karen A; 1986-89; Manager
Blair, William A*; 1934-35; Snare
Blakeslee, Donald E*; 1956; Sousaphone
Blakley, Jacob R; 2010,13; Sousaphone
Bland, John; 1954
Bland, Lamar L; 2002-03,05-07; Snare
Blankenship, John R*; 1953
Blankenship, Rachel; 2020; Trombone
Blaser, Bradley; 1996-99; Trumpet
Blatchford, Ashley; 2020; Cymbals
Blatchford, Harold*; 1935
Blatchford, Robert; 2020; Snare
Blatman, Josh; 2002-05; Mellophone
Blaufuss, Lucas; 2018-19; D-Squad
Blausey, Harry W*; 1961-62; Alto horn (Obit)
Blazek, Scott C*; 1988; Snare (Obit)
Blevins, Jacob; 2019-23; Sousaphone
Blevins, William*; 1956; Trombone
Blinick, Abraham*; 1931
Blinn, Ray S*; 1891
Bliss, George*; 1937
Block, S Robert*; 1931-39; Trumpet
Blocker, Denise L; 1981-85; Alto horn
Blohm, Alexander; 2010-12; Flugel horn
Bloom, George W*; 1940
Bloom, John C; 1937-40; Sousaphone
Blowell, Barnhardt; 1941
Blum, Clifford L; 1979-80; Alto horn
Blum, Nicholas; 2023; Mellophone
Bly, Frank H*
Blyn, Douglas; 1949
Bochenek, Emily M; 2010-13; Sousaphone
Bock, James D; 1972-74,77; Sousaphone
Bock, Michael; 1992-95; Baritone
Bockhorst, Dayle F*
Boden, Andrew; 2021-23; Sousaphone
Boden, Olivia M; 2016-19,22; Mellophone
Bodman, Dr James E; 1950-53; Drum Major
Bodner, Alissa; 2014; Mellophone
Boehm, Richard T*; 1935-36; Sousaphone
Boerner, Donald F; 1960; Flugel horn
Boes, Justin; 2021-22; Cymbals
Boesel, S W; 1907
Boezi, Jamey; 2019-21; Mellophone
Bogan, Dr Kyle D; 2000-03; Sousaphone
Bogan, Meredith*; 1938
Bogardus III, Thomas L; 1979-82; Alto horn
Bogardus-Szymaniak, Ellen C (Bogardus); 1976-81; Trombonium, Trombone
Bogen, Jeremy; 2023; Trumpet
Bogen, Jeremy; 2020-22; Trumpet
Boggs, John J
Bohman, Kurt D; 1994-95; Trio
Bohman, Martha S (Schmiesing); 1991-94; Trombone
Bohman, Steven A; 1990-92; Trio
Boldt, Donald M; 1958; Trumpet
Bolen, William W*
Boling, Glen R*
Bollinger, Thomas J; 1980-83; Sousaphone
Bolton, Matthew J; 1987-91; Trombone
Bomeli, Arden*; 1942
Bond, Eric M; 2009-10; Manager, Head Manager
Bond, H Franklin*; 1925-31; Clarinet
Bond, Tyler R; 2014-15; Trombone
Bonen, Joanne; 1953; Secretary
Bonn, George S; 1931
Bonner, J Brian*; 1967-71; Snare, Grad Asst Director (Obit)
Bonnice, Ruth A; 2019-21; Trumpet
Bonowitz, Marvin H*; 1946-48 (Obit)
Bontrager, Brian L; 1991-95; Trombone
Bontrager, Karl H; 1993-95; Manager
Booco, Roger K*; 1943 (Obit)
Booher, Lawrence A*; 1939; Sousaphone
Bookshar, Regis A
Bookwalter, Jeffrey C; 1968-72; Trumpet
Boone, Dr Ernest G; 1950-53; Trumpet
Boone, Timothy J; 1965-66; Tenor horn
Booth, Robert; 1937
Booth Jr, Dr Robert L; 1973-76; Bass drum
Bope, George W*; 1893
Borel, Richard A*; 1926-27; Trumpet
Borgerding, Elaine (Bowman); 1983-87; Trumpet
Boriin, Peter A; 1989; Trombone
Boring, Andrew K; 2009-13; Trumpet
Bork, Pamela; 1996-98,2000; Trainer
Borror, Keith A; 1922
Borror, Rodger O*; 1937; Sousaphone
Borror, Ronald A; 1960-61; Baritone
Borton, Lynn A; 1976-80; Sousaphone
Borton, Samuel B*
Bosco, Susan L (Withers); 1991-95; Trumpet
Bosley, William B; 1993; Trio
Bossenbroek, Jamie; 2018-22; Efer
Boston-Kemple, Thomas E (Kemple); 1977-78; Trumpet
Bostwick, Elmer P; 1913
Bostwick, Wallace L*; 1942; Cymbals (Obit)
Botkin, Wayne T; 1985-89; Trumpet
Bouanna, Quentin; 2020-23; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Boucher, Brandon; 2009-11; Trumpet
Boudouris, Bill A; 1977-80; Baritone
Bourland, Philip C; 2000-04; Flugel horn
Bovenizer, Robert N; 1992,94-96; Sousaphone
Bover, A E; 1902
Bovey, Wesley E; 1921
Bovia, Steven S*; 1965 (Obit)
Bow, Stephen T; 1985-88; Trumpet
Bowen, R W; 1908
Bower, B F; 1921
Bower, Hubert W*
Bower, Lee N; 1945; Trumpet
Bower, Robert W; 1965-69; Trombone
Bowers, Alexander; 2006-10; Efer, Trumpet
Bowers, Brandon; 2019; Baritone
Bowers, David A; 1965-68; Baritone
Bowers, Donald L*; 1948
Bowers, Jacob; 2006-08; Trombone
Bowers, Thomas J*; 1927
Bowers, William H; 1956; Efer
Bowling, Mark J; 2010-14; Trumpet
Bowman, Andrew S; 2000-01; Trumpet
Bowman, Austin L; 2020-22; D-Squad
Bowman, James R; 1964-68; Baritone
Bowman II, Lee J; 1985-87; Efer
Bowman, Paul; 2017-19; D-Squad
Bowman, Thomas; 1965
Bowman, Thomas M; 1974-77; Baritone
Bownocker, John*; 1887
Bownocker, Lewis C*; 1886
Bowser, Andrew R; 2004-08; Trombone
Bowser, Harry; 1921
Boyd, Alexander; 2016-17; Trumpet, Efer
Boyd, James R; 1969; Trombone
Boyd, Kali; 2015-16; Manager
Boyd, Krystal; 2008-09; Snare
Boyd, R C*; 1886
Boyd, Robert B; 1936; Trumpet
Boyer, Clarence S; 1911
Boylan, Gary L*; 1971-73; Alto horn (Obit)
Boyle, Luke A; 2014-15,17-19; Baritone
Boysel, R Mark; 1970-74; Flugel horn
Bradbury, William; 1943
Braden, Paul R*; 1935; Trumpet
Braden, Richard B; 1959
Bradford, Joseph N*; 1878; Drum Major
Bradley, Timothy G; 1990-92; Snare
Bradshaw, Jonathon A; 2004-07; Trombone
Bradshaw, Rachel A (deVries); 2004-07; Trombone
Braen, Dr G Richard; 1962-65; Alto horn
Braeutigam, Sondra; 2001; Cymbals
Brainard, Addison D
Brainard, Nannette S (Harber); 1999-2002; Trumpet
Brake, Jeffrey L; 1977-78,81-82; Trumpet
Branch, Jason; 2004-08; Trumpet
Brand, O A; 1906
Brandenstein, Austin; 2015-16; Bass drum
Brandon, B A; 1901
Brandt, Eric G; 1996-2000; Trumpet
Brandt, James H*; 1893
Brandt, Traci L (Keller); 1988-92; Trumpet
Brannon, Abigail; 2004-06; Bass drum
Brannon, Thomas A; 1953-56; Trumpet
Branson, Edwin A*; 1929-31; Trumpet
Branson, Patrick J; 2002-06; Efer, Trumpet
Brasaemle, Bruce L; 1980-83; Trombone
Brashear, Richard I*
Braughton, Joseph; 2014-17; Snare
Brault, Arthur F; 1938
Brawner III, Thomas W*; 1964-68; Trumpet (Obit)
Breece, Mitchell C; 1964-66; Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Breese, David; 1955
Brehm, John P; 1993-97; Sousaphone
Brehm, Natalie J (Flinders); 1996-99; Mellophone
Brehm, Shawn; 1991-95; Sousaphone
Breidenbach, Carl H; 1921
Breidenbach, Warren C; 1911
Breidenbach, William F*; 1922
Breitigam, Jeffrey W; 1982-86; Trumpet
Breitzman, Paul; 1996; Baritone
Brengman, Keith C*; 1951-53; Baritone (Obit)
Brennan, John M; 2003-07; Mellophone
Brennan, Rachael A (Zimmerman); 2001-04; Trumpet
Brenner, Anton*; 1934
Brenner, Harold S*
Brenner, James H; 1954
Brese, Robert G; 2010-13; Trumpet, Efer
Bressler, James A; 1972; Alto Horn
Brew, Vicki K; 1994-97; Cymbals
Brewer, Gene; 1951
Brewer, Matthew; 2017-21; Trumpet, Efer
Brewer, Melissa L; 2020,22; Mellophone
Bricker, Guy*; 1926
Bricker, Lori P (Plankell); 1980-82; Alto horn
Bricker, Madison; 2022-23; Trumpet
Briggs, Benjamin; 2015; Sousaphone
Briggs, Leigh E; 1975-80; Alto horn
Briggs, Roger W; 1967; Trumpet
Briggs, Thomas W*; 1935
Briggs MD, William E; 1944,46; Saxophone, Alto horn
Bright, Steven D; 1989-93; Baritone
Brightman, H M; 1906
Brightwell, James R*; 1938-42; Manager
Briner, Cletus V; 1907
Brink, Katie; 2015-18; Trumpet
Brinker, Abigail M (Duncan); 2016-19; Trumpet
Brinker, Alan P; 1986-88; Trumpet
Brinker, Daniel; 2015-19; Trumpet
Brinker, Diana E (Kocar); 2001-03; Trumpet
Brinker, Erik P; 2001-04,06; Trumpet
Brinkerhoff, G F; 1908
Brinnon, William*; 1942
Brinovec, Gregory F; 2004; Efer
Britt, Alexander C; 2018-22; Flugel horn
Brizee, Austin; 2015-18; Trumpet
Brndair, John; 1971
Brobeck, Ivan J; 1901
Brock, Dr Richard E*; 1946-48; Efer (Obit)
Broecker, Catie L; 2005-07; Secretary
Brokaw, Douglas E*; 1975-78; Baritone
Brokaw, William C*
Brooke, Anora E (Bentley); 2004-06; Mellophone
Brookhart, Larry L; 1953; Trumpet
Brooks, Chris; 1971-73; Bass drum
Brooks, David C; 1942; Trumpet
Brooks, J Robert; 1975-78; Trumpet
Brooks, Joseph; 1974
Brooks, Ned K; 1958-61; Alto horn
Brooks, Richard E; 1992-96; Trumpet
Brooks, Todd A; 1973-77; Sousaphone
Brostman, James L; 1952; Trumpet
Brotherton, Terrance R; 1968; Trumpet
Brott, Adam; 2016-20; Sousaphone
Brough, Alex; 2006-09; Trombone
Broun, Paul; 1963
Brown, Alexander; 2015-18; Baritone
Brown, Brian L; 1989-90; Trombone
Brown, Candace L; 1996-98; Snare
Brown Jr, Charles W; 1981-84; Sousaphone
Brown, Dwight L; 1917
Brown, Dylan J; 2014-17; Snare
Brown, Eugene M; 1912
Brown, Gerald A; 1959-62; Efer
Brown, Gordon C*; 1931
Brown, Jennifer A (Blubaugh); 1992-94; Trumpet
Brown, John M “Jack”; 1985-89; Baritone
Brown, Jon N; 1967-70; Baritone
Brown, Kent A; 1958; Trumpet
Brown, Leo M*; 1937-38; Sousaphone
Brown, Mark; 1974
Brown, Molly; 2016; Mellophone
Brown, Phillip R; 2019,21-22; Trombone
Brown, Robert R*
Brown, Robert C*
Brown, Roger L; 1959
Brown, Sarah E (Ostrander); 1975-77; Alto horn
Brown, Savannah E; 2015-16; Manager
Brown, Shawn; 2016-19; Cymbals, Snare
Brown, Susan K (Fessler); 1989-90; Trombone
Brown, Willard M*
Browne Jr, Donald K; 1964; Snare
Browne, Seymour K*; 1936-39; Sousaphone
Browning, Dr Christine A (Cheadle); 1976-79,83; Alto horn
Browning, David M; 1974-79; Alto horn
Browning, Drew M; 2009-13; Trumpet
Browning Jr, Jesse W; 1959
Browning, Jon M; 1979; Alto horn
Browning-Shaw, Ann C (Browning); 1974-76; Librarian
Brucoli, Jenna; 2006-08; Mellophone
Brumback, David L; 1979-83; Snare
Brumbaugh, Sherri L (Garner); 1981-85; Cymbals
Brumby, Ray*; 1940
Brun, Ian; 1992; Trumpet
Brundrett, James C*; 1965-69; Efer (Obit)
Bruney, John L*; 1938-40; Cymbals
Brungart, Herbert I*; 1932-34; Snare
Brungart, John W*; 1933-36; Trumpet (Obit)
Brungart, Joseph*; 1934
Brunner, James; 1999; Trumpet
Brunner, Paul C; 1993-94; Trombone
Brunner, Richard V; 1940-41; Eb Trumpet
Bruns, Ian; 2020-23; Trumpet
Bruns, Jane (VanWormer); 1980-83; Sousaphone
Bruns, Dr Nicholas J; 1980-83; Trumpet
Brunswick, Emma N; 2019-23; Mellophone
Brush, Jacob; 2009-10; Manager
Bryan, Audra; 1996-98; Baritone
Bryan, Christopher D; 2010-11,13-14; Trumpet
Bryan, Howard T; 1911
Bryan, Steven G; 2005-07,09-10; Baritone
Bryant, H C*; 1886
Bryant, Kenneth W*; 1935-41; Sousaphone
Bryant, Patricia E (Ewart); 1986-90; Baritone
Bryant, Rachel D (Gangwer); 2004-08; Efer
Bryant, Scott N; 2003-06; Efer
Bryant, Steven L
Brymer-Bashore, Jeffrey B; 1992-96; Trombone
Bryson, William A*; 1882
Buchanan, Floyd D; 1976-80; Trombone
Buchanan, Stephen J*
Bucher, George*; 1934
Buchsieb, W Charles; 1976-78; Trumpet
Buck, Maynard; 1917
Buck, Michael A; 1979-83; Trumpet
Bucy, Leroy E*; 1924-25
Buday, Nicky; 2023; D-Squad
Budd, Raymond H*; 1928-32; Sousaphone
Buehler, James E; 1958
Buehler, Richard A; 1943-46; Cymbals
Buenning, Charles A*; 1945-47; Trombone (Obit)
Buffer, Thomas J; 1979; Trumpet
Buford, James; 1941
Buker, W Robert*; 1961; Alto horn
Bullock Jr, Blaine A; 2003-07; Efer
Bundy, Carole E (Cassell); 1976-80; Cymbals
Bungart, Noah; 2018-23; Flugel horn
Bunkley PhD, Darrell T; 1986-90; Trumpet
Bunn, Judy G; 1960; Librarian
Burch, Orrin*; 1900
Bureau, Jeffrey; 1973
Burek, David M; 1978; Trombonium
Burger, Abigail; 2023; Mellophone
Burgin, Stephen C; 1985-89; Trumpet
Burgos, Isabel; 2023; Baritone
Burian, Barbara K; 1980-81; Trumpet
Burk, Osmen M; 1911
Burke, Jenie L*; 1920-23; Bass drum
Burke, Jerry L
Burke, Joseph D; 1983-87; Trumpet
Burke, Miranda D (Smucker); 1984-88; Trumpet
Burke, Stephen A; 1986-90; Efer
Burke, W Scott; 1984-87; Snare
Burkhart, Dr John A; 1959-62; Trombonium, Tenor horn
Burkhart, Wilbur*; 1940
Burkholder, Dr Ralph H*; 1952-53; Alto horn
Burks, Michael K; 1961; Sousaphone
Burks, Paul E; 1957-60; Baritone
Burley, Robert W; 1963-65; Flugel horn
Burlison, Alexander; 2021-23; Tenor Drums
Burnes, Brian; 1966; Snare
Burns, James S*; 1951-55; Trombone
Burns, Jarett; 2017-19; Sousaphone
Burns, Robert L*; 1953-56; Trombonium (Obit)
Burns, Robert W*; 1936; Efer
Burns, Thomas*; 1934
Burnside, Aaron G; 2011-14; Trumpet
Burr, F H*; 1897
Burr, Ordwell P; 1954
Burr, Warren H; 1953
Burr, William E; Trombonium
Burrell, Arthur B*
Burroughs, Daniel F; 1931-33; Trumpet
Burroughs, Herbert*; 1933
Burroughs, Rodney K*; 1947
Burrows, Brooke E; 2011-15; Trumpet
Burrows, John T; 1956-57; Efer
Burt, C C*; 1898
Burt, Jacob C; 2011-14; Flugel horn
Burt, Willis C*; 1952-56; Flugel horn (Obit)
Burton, Rev Donald P*; 1962-68; Trumpet, Efer
Burton, Garland O*; 1975-78; Snare
Burton, Dr Kristina (Heighton); 1995-98; Mellophone
Burton, Marion E*; 1941-42; Trombone
Burton, Paul C; 1966-67; Trumpet
Burton, Terence E*; 1959-61; Drum Major
Burton, William R*; 1947-49; Sousaphone
Burwell, William J; 1980-81; Trumpet
Bury, William*; 1932
Busch, David W; 1966-70; Baritone
Bush, Stephen M; 1978; Sousaphone
Bushnell, Warner; 1906
Bushrow, Luke; 2015-16; Manager
Bushe, James W; 1954; Baritone
Businger, H M; 1925
Busta, Milan G*; 1944-46; Clarinet (Obit)
Butler, Brooke A; 2019-21; Trumpet
Butler, Jennifer M (Hanratty); 1994-97; Alto horn
Butler, Suzanne J (Andes); 1981; Librarian
Butler, Timothy P; 2012-15; Baritone
Button, Daniel; 1990-92; Cymbals
Bux, Elizabeth M; 2003-04; Baritone
Bux, Robert J; 1968-72; Snare
Buxton, Richard; 1969; Tenor horn
Bynes, Mary M (Martin); 1994,96-99; Baritone
Byrne, Lewis C*; 1944
Byrne, Robert; 1949
Byrom, Stephen E; 1989-93; Sousaphone
Cahill, Kenneth V; 1972-75; Alto horn
Cain, William E*; 1945
Calame, Janeen M; 1984-88; Trumpet
Calderone, Alexander K; 2011-14; Bass drum
Calderone, Claire J (Rigoulot); 2012-14; Manager, Head Manager
Calderone, Nicholas A; 1970-74; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Calderwood, James P; 1904
Caldwell, Daniel W*; 1981-85; Trumpet
Caldwell, H G; 1921
Caldwell, Jerry T; 1968-69; Trumpet
Caldwell, Dr Joseph G; 1957-63; Baritone
Caldwell, Robert M; 1994; Trombone
Caldwell, The Rev Stephen R; 1957-59; Bb Tuba
Caldwell, Steven; 1965; Trumpet
Caley, Joseph; 2018-22; Trumpet
Calkins, Stewart E; 1961-63; Baritone
Call, John E
Calland, Robert S; 1910
Callender, Clayton; 2022-23; D-Squad
Callison, Thomas I; 2004-05; Trumpet
Calpin, Stephanie A (Sawaya); 1986-90; Cymbals
Calvert, Theodore N; 1955-57; Alto horn
Calvillo, Kayla; 2014-16; Manager
Calvin, Mark E; 1924
Camden, Mark; 1972; Trumpet
Cameron, Bruce L; 1961-63; Baritone
Camm, Megan A (Moser); 2008-09; Trumpet
Camp, David D*; 1950; Trumpet
Camp, David W; 1961-62; Efer
Campbell, A C; 1924
Campbell, David; 2007
Campbell, David B*; 1936
Campbell, Donald J; 1978; Trumpet
Campbell, Heather; 2006; Mellophone
Campbell, J Wiley*; 1938
Campbell, Jack E*; 1958
Campbell, J Patrick; 1958-59; Trumpet
Campbell, Richard M; 1949-53; Snare
Campbell, Taylor E; 1995-97; Sousaphone
Campbell, W E*; 1899
Canaday, Craig A; 1980-84; Trombone
Canaday, Susan M; 1993-97; Efer
Canavan, Patrick T; 1979-82; Trumpet
Cannon, Elizabeth A; 2001-05; Trumpet
Cannon, Stephen; 1996-98; Sousaphone
Canterbury, Bryan S; 1989-93; Bass drum
Canterbury, Dr Jerry L; 1981-85; Baritone
Capaldini, Louis A; 1944; Saxophone
Capell, Christopher S; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Capella, Robert*; 1952; Trumpet (Obit)
Caple, Joseph G; 1976-78; Trumpet
Cararo, Dalton S; 2019-22; D-Squad
Cardozo, Michael; 2014-18; Flugel horn
Carey, Charles E*; 1948; Baritone
Carey, David*; 1926
Carey, Milton W*; 1927
Carle, Donald E*; 1981; Sousaphone (Obit)
Carle, Ross G; 1953-54; Tenor Horn
Carlo, Debra L “Deb”; 1991-93,95; Efer
Carlo, Maurice F; 1957-60; Trumpet
Carlson, Bruce A; 1984-89; Baritone
Carlson, Glenn C; 1941
Carlson, Jacob G; 2020-23; Baritone
Carlson, Mark; 1990; Alto horn
Carlson, Philip; 1968; Baritone
Carlson, Robert W; 1970-74; Trumpet
Carlson, William; 2015-17; Trumpet
Carlton, Don P; 1952
Carlton, Jacob M; 2011-14; Snare
Carlton, Michael D; 1993-96; Alto horn, Mellophone
Carman, Brian A*; 1986-90; Sousaphone
Carmel, Megan; 2011-12; Baritone
Carnell, Kevin R; 1998; Trumpet
Carnes, Philip H; 1957-58; Alto horn
Caro, Frank R
Carpenter, Dellian; 1944
Carpenter, Robert I; 1969; Trumpet
Carpenter, Robert A; 1974
Carpenter Sr, William K*; 1944-48; Trumpet (Obit)
Carpenter Jr, William K; 1973,75-79; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Carr, David H*; 1930-34; Clarinet
Carr, Dr Don W; 1952-58; Baritone
Carr, Donald L (Podobnikar); 1964-67; Trumpet
Carr, Earl A; 1912
Carr, Geoffrey; 2004-06; Trumpet
Carr, George H; 1990-93; Trombone
Carr, John-Paul; 2000-04; Trombone
Carr, Richard S; 1964-67; Efer
Carreker, Moses L; 1972-76; Sousaphone
Carringer, Andrew R; 2014-17,19; Mellophone
Carruthers, Olivia; 2019-23; Trombone
Carter, Alexandra M; 2003-06; Baritone
Carter, Charles E*
Carter, Charles; 2000; Trumpet
Carter, Clare A*; 1928
Carter, DeLafayette; 1926
Carter, Harry H*; 1937-39; Tenor horn, Bb Tuba
Carter, Marion A*
Carter, R W*
Carter, Randall E
Cartmell, Amy; 2004
Cartwright, Charles; 1997-2001; Sousaphone
Carvey, Craig; 1973-76; Sousaphone
Carwile, David B; 1975-79; Cymbals, Staff
Carwile, James; 2006-10; Cymbals
Casa, Ayden; 2022-23; Baritone
Case, John P; 1927
Casey, Warren V*; 1936-38; Sousaphone
Casey, William S*; 1931-35; Flute, Drum Major
Cash, Ethan; 2017-20; Trumpet
Cash, Ryan M; 2015; Manager
Cassady, C B; 1900
Cassidy, John J; 2007; Trumpet
Castanien, Roger A; 1962-66; Trombonium, Tenor horn
Castle, Justin A; 2011-15; Snare
Castle, Raymond L*; 1950-52; Trumpet (Obit)
Castleberry, Javone; 1992-93; Manager
Castner, David A; 1990-92; Trumpet
Catalfina, Kaity; 2018; Trumpet
Caveney, Margaret Frances “Peggy” (Blake); 1999-2003; Efer
Caviness, Connor; 2023; Trumpet
Caygill, David L; 1965
Cech, Robert A; 1945
Celek, Mike; 1974; Trombone
Cencebaugh, Gerald E; 1947
Cerino, Jacob; 2018; Snare
Chadwell, T Craig; 1990; Alto horn
Chalk, Matthew; 2018-22; Snare
Chamberlain, Harold G; 1922
Chamberlain, Jackson; 2007-09; Baritone
Chamberlin, Reed; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Chambers, Cecil W*; 1929-30; Clarinet
Chambers, Orville; 1934
Chambers, Yolanda (Vines); 1985; Cymbals
Champion, Seth; 2016-19; Baritone
Chance, Jenna; 2019-23; Trumpet
Chandler, Cameron W; 2012-16; Baritone
Chandler, Steven; 2010; Trumpet
Chapman, Christopher C; 1988-92; Trumpet
Chapman, Jackson M; 2019-23; Flugel horn
Chapman, Rachel; 2016-20; Trumpet
Chapman, Rebecca L (Magill); 2005; Trombone
Chapman, Richard F; 2002-05; Trombone
Chapman, Robbie; 2020-22; Mellophone
Chapmon, Judy L; 1982-86; Trumpet
Charlesworth, David L*; 1925
Charpiot, Leon F*
Chase, Carl E*
Chase, Leland J; 1921
Chase, Lowell J; 1922
Chatfield, Jerry N*; 1953-54
Chen, R Lynn (Swonger); 1996-2000; Mellophone
Chenderlin, Michael; 2008; Trumpet
Cheney, Azro M; 1924
Cheney, David E*; 1950; Baritone
Cheney, Donald M*; 1945-46,50-51; Trombone
Chenoweth, Earl; 1964
Chenoweth, John S; 1956-57; Trumpet
Chenoweth, Max A; 1910
Cherok, Lucia; 2023; Trombone
Cheron, Robert A*
Chervenak, Courtney C; 2015-18; Mellophone
Chessin, Louis L*; 1933
Chevallard, Carl; 1968-72; Trombone, Baritone
Cheyney, Erica; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Chipman, George P*; 1943-51; Trumpet
Chittum, Kristen N (Baker); 1996-98; Seamstress
Chou, Michael; 1998-2000; Trumpet
Christiansen, Niels E
Christie, Alice L (Platte)*; 1959; Librarian (Obit)
Christopaulos, Paul; 1957
Chrysler, Freeman C; 1911
Chung, Jennifer M; 1997-2000; Mellophone
Chupka, Mark T; 1979-82; Snare
Churchward, Ross I*; 1930
Cibulskas, Peter P; 1987-91; Trumpet
Ciccone, Nicholas A; 1972
Cichocki, Leopold E*; 1941,44-45; Alto horn (Obit)
Cichy, Rebecca; 2011; Baritone
Cichy, Roger D; 1975-78,83-84; Alto horn, Grad Asst Director
Ciminello, Mark S; 1979-80; Trumpet
Ciminello, Robert L*; 1945 (Obit)
Ciotta, Dr Christopher; 1985-89; Trombone
Clanin, Bailey; 2015-19; Mellophone
Clapp, E T; 1900
Clark, Alexandra; 2009-11; Flugel horn
Clark, Brian M; 1997-2001; Mellophone
Clark, Britany; 2015; Trumpet
Clark, Casey; 2015-17; Snare
Clark, Dan O; 1962-63; Sousaphone
Clark, David T; 1980-84; Trombone
Clark Jr, Douglas S; 1997-2001; Sousaphone
Clark, Earl S; 1911
Clark, Erin B (Barr); 1996-99; Secretary
Clark, H B; 1908
Clark, Jean E (Starr); 1982-84; Trumpet
Clark, Jerald C; 1952; Baritone
Clark, Dr John L; 1972-75; Trombone
Clark, Kyle L; 1995-99; Manager, Head Manager
Clark, Paul C*
Clark, Richard; 1967; Baritone
Clark, Richard L; 1967; Baritone
Clark, Stephen A*; 1955
Clark, Theresa L (Fife); 2006-10; Mellophone
Clark, Todd R; 1991-95; Baritone
Clark, Wesley T; 1999-2000,03-05; Baritone
Clark, William; 1966-67; Trombone
Clasen, Joshua C; 2009-13; Trumpet
Clayton, H D; 1907
Clear, Kevin M; 1997-2000; Quad-Tom
Clear, Krista D (Ribble); 1998-2000; Mellophone
Clegg, Ronald A; 1987-90; Trumpet
Clemens, Craig T; 1984-85; Baritone
Clemens, Daniel J; 2015-19; Trumpet
Clement, Brad; 1994-97; Trumpet
Clement, Cheridy (Ryan); 2001-04; Trumpet
Clement, Matt; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Click, Conner; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Clifford, Calmer T*; 1951-54; Tenor horn, Bb Tuba
Clifford, James; 1921
Cline, Judge Guy G*; 1934-36; Trumpet
Cline, Jacob; 2023; D-Squad
Cline, Valerie Y (Younker); 1982-84; Librarian, Head Secretary
Cline, Wilbur J; 1947-51; Trumpet, Efer
Clingerman, Jerry L; 1966; Tenor horn
Clipson, Addison H*; 1922-24; Baritone
Close, Dean P*; 1926; Trumpet
Cloyes, Andrew G; 2003-06; Sousaphone
Cloyes, Rebecca R (Rosenstein); 2004-07; Trombone
Clune, Nicole A (Feser); 1990-91,93; Alto horn
Clymer, Bradley D; 1979; Sousaphone
Clymer, Merrill J*
Cochran, Aaron; 2016-17; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Cochran, Darren; 1988; Trumpet
Cochran Jr, James A*; 1942,46; Trombonium (Obit)
Cochran, Paul B*
Cockrel, Damon A; 1980-81; D-Squad
Cody, M Andrew; 1985-89; Trumpet
Coffey, Joshua T “Josh”; 2018-21; Efer
Coffey, Nancy L; 1976
Coffing, Larry D; 1972-75; Baritone
Coffman, Joe A*; 1934
Coffman, Thomas W*; 1955-58; Trombone (Obit)
Coggins, Dr Diana M (Milheim); 1984-86; Trumpet
Coggins, J Michael; 1981-85; Baritone
Coghan, Benjamin J; 2010-13; Baritone
Cogswell, Max; 2020-23; Sousaphone
Cohen, Lawrence H; 1986-90; Sousaphone
Cohen, Lori D (Dill); 1986-90; Baritone
Cohen, Ralph*; 1931
Cohen, Theodore*; 1943-44; Clarinet
Colburn, David L; 1968,73; Baritone
Colburn Jr, Joseph L; 1966-69; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Coldren, Carson; 2017-18; Trumpet
Cole, Brian D; 1984-88; Snare
Cole, David; 2016-18; Cymbals
Cole, James L*; 1952-54; Bass drum
Cole, Patrick R; 1997-2001; Efer
Cole, Richard J; 1969-72; Trumpet
Cole, Timothy H; 1985-89; Trumpet
Coleman, Alyssa; 2016; Mellophone
Coleman, Glenn W; 1946
Coleman, William E*
Collette, Daniel M*
Collette, William R*
Collier, Michael; 1976
Collins,; 1913
Collins, David C (Stein); 1937-38; Alto horn
Collins, Wilbur L; 1948-51; Baritone
Colloredo, Robert E*; 1945-46; Trumpet (Obit)
Colloredo, William T*; 1940-41; Snare
Columbare, Ryan M; 2007-11; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Combs Jr, Charles T; 2011-12; Baritone
Cominsky, Mark R; 2003-05,10-11; Flugel horn
Conard, Colleen; 2019-22; Trombone
Coning, William A*; 1986-87,90-91; Trumpet
Conkel, Lindsay R; 2010-14; Trumpet
Conley, Hayden; 2014-16; Snare
Conlin, Carl K*; 1956-60; Baritone (Obit)
Conn, Michael W; 1983-84; Trumpet
Conn, Robert A; 1971-75; Cymbals
Connell, C C*; 1891
Connelly, Christopher L; 1993-97; Cymbals
Conner, Jerry A; 1969; Manager
Connin, Charles W*; 1942; Baritone (Obit)
Connolly, Raymond P; 1969-74; Alto horn
Connor, J S*; 1899
Connors, John L; 1900
Connover, Dwight Y; 1928
Conover, Russell*; 1936; Trumpet
Conrad, Matthew J; 2013-17; Flugel horn
Conrad, Richard C; 1944-46; Alto horn
Conrad, Wilfred E; 1943; Trumpet
Conte, Anthony; 1963; Trombonium
Conte, Marni (Levine); 1992; Alto horn
Conte, Michael A; 1991-93; Trombone
Conte, Nicole; 2018-19; Mellophone
Conwell, John W; 1911
Cooey, Jared; 1997-99; Trumpet
Cook, Jeff; 1963; Trombone
Cook, Malcolm J; 1923
Cook, Michael L; 1976-80; Sousaphone
Cook, Ronald L; 1971-73; Trumpet
Cook, Thomas H; 1970-71; Sousaphone
Cooke, David B; 1983-85; Trombone
Cooke, Kenneth H; 1912
Cool, Shawn; 2001-02; Flugel horn
Cooley, Mark K; 1998; Trombone
Coons, Erin (Klingbeil); 1994-98; Secretary
Coons, James D; 1987,93-96; Trumpet
Cooper, Alan H; 1990-92; Sousaphone
Cooper, Eleanor R; 2010-13; Mellophone
Cooper, Gilbert*; 1930
Cooper, James; 1943
Cooper, Mallory; 2017-21; Flugel horn
Cooper, Marcella E (Sander); 1996-2000; Mellophone
Cooper, Mark E; 1976-79; Sousaphone
Cooper, R M; 1901
Cooper, Randy; 1971; Snare
Cooper, Richard K*; 1971-74; Trombonium (Obit)
Cooper, Rodney L; 1971-75; Trumpet
Cooper-Wasserstrom, Julie M (Cooper); 1997; Mellophone
Cooperider, Karen E; 1986-88,90; Alto horn
Cope Jr, Gary D; 1993,95-98; Trombone
Cope, Jon M; 1960-61; Trombone
Cope, Kevin L; 1996; Mellophone
Copp, J E; 1903
Copp, James E; 1955-58; Sousaphone
Copp, Paul T*
Copp, Warren F*; Trombone
Coppess, Lee P
Corbin, Alice R; 1954-55; Librarian
Corcoran, Patrick C; 1988; Manager
Corcoran, Willis F*; 1916-17,19-21; Clarinet
Cordea, Steven J; 1979-83; Trombone
Cordea, Thomas; 1985-88; Trombone
Corder, George W*; 1960; Bass Drum
Cordle, James T; 2010-12; Baritone
Core, Tony; 1983-87; Sousaphone
Corfman, Charles W*; 1951; Sousaphone (Obit)
Corfman, Dr David C; 1980-84; Baritone
Corkhill, Kenneth*; 1941
Corn, Orville S*; 1930-34; Trombone
Cornell, Anita; 1990-91; Trumpet
Cornell, Kenneth G*; 1954-55; Snare
Corotis, Maxwell E; 1905
Corpuz, Scott; 1999; Snare
Corrin, Donald*; 1952
Cortese, Christopher; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Corwin, Linda*; 1958; Librarian
Cory, Beverly J (West)
Cory, Larry L*; 1956-58; Drum Major
Cory, Reed*
Cory, Stephen; 2006; A/V Staff
Cosenza, Frank T; 2006-10; Sousaphone
Cosenza, Maria L; 2004-08; Mellophone
Costoff, Cyril J*; 1944; Drum Major (Obit)
Cotsamire, Dr Douglas L; 1977-81; Flugel horn
Cotter, Kay A (Sherrets); 1977-78; Librarian
Cottinger, Paul; 1911
Cottingham, Robert E*
Cotton, Christopher G; 1990-92; Baritone
Cotton, Emily; 2014-18; Trumpet
Cottrill, Darrell L*; 1954-57; Bass drum (Obit)
Couling, Marie E (Hereda); 2002-04; Baritone
Couling, Matthew D; 2001-05; Baritone
Counts, John F*
Court, R B; 1907
Courtright, J L*; 1897
Cover, John H; 1911
Cowdrey, Charles; 1950
Cowee, Robert E; 1972-75; Trombone
Cowen, Robert S*; 1934
Cowherd, Lee P; 1979-82; Sousaphone
Cox, Amanda J (Tumblin); 1996; Baritone
Cox, Barry W; 1972-75; Alto horn
Cox Esq, Jeffrey R; 1989-93; Flugel horn
Cox Jr, John H; 1953-56; Baritone
Cox, Roger W; 1981-85; Trombone
Cox, Shelby O*
Coy, Franklin A*; 1940; Trumpet (Obit)
Coyle, Jeffrey A; 1978-81; Efer
Coyle, Richard*; 1943
Coyle, William R*; 1944-45; Trumpet (Obit)
Crabbs, Gordon E*
Crabtree, Eric T; 2012-16; Trumpet
Craggs, Glendon A; 1921
Craig, Carlton W; 1985-89; Efer
Craig, John C*; 1935-37; Trombone
Craigo, Mia; 2019-23; Flugel horn
Crain, Steven L; 1973-74; Trumpet
Cramer, Rodney W*; 1950
Cramer, Roger W
Cramer, Stanley L*
Cramer, William F*; 1936-38; Baritone
Cramton, Alfred J*
Cramton, James H; 1950
Crandall, Mark E*; 1971-72; Alto horn (Obit)
Crandell, Benjamin P; 1995-98; Snare
Crandell, David T; 1969-72; Alto horn
Crane, Floyd H*
Crano, Nicholas J; 1987-90; Snare
Crawford, Claude C; 1910
Crawford Jr, David E; 1980-82; Trombonium, Baritone
Crawford, Harry A; 1943; Saxophone
Crawford, Justin M; 2007-10; Trumpet
Crawford, Kelsey; 2014-17; Mellophone
Crawford, Thomas E
Creadon, Michael W; 1986-89; Trumpet
Creager, B Timothy; 1972-75; Snare, Duo
Creager, Colin M; 2004-06; Quad-Tom
Crebs, Frederick W*; 1931-33; French horn
Cremean, Tim; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Crider, William R*; 1941-42; Sousaphone
Crippen, Carl E*; 1937; Trumpet
Criss, John E*; 1947-50; Drum Major (Obit)
Criss, Michael N; 2010-14; Trombone
Criss, Nathaniel; 2020-23; Snare
Crissinger, Donn R; 1956-57; Sousaphone
Crist, Alan L; 2012-16; Baritone
Crist, Daniel R; 1977-81; Bass drum
Crist, Stanley D*; 1938-39; Trumpet
Crites, Col Harold F; 1964-68; Baritone
Crites, Joseph R; 1969-73; Sousaphone
Crockett, Karen W (Wiles); 1972-77; Secretary
Crockett, W Edward; 1968-70,72-74; Sousaphone
Crofts III, William J; 1979-81; Snare
Croley, Connor; 2023; Sousaphone
Cronenweth, Elizabeth A (Nuzum); 1979-81; Alto horn
Crooks, Dr W Gene; 1958-61,85; Trumpet
Cross, Camuel L*; 1979-81; Trumpet
Cross, Kirk A; 1955-57; Cymbals
Cross, Walter E*; 1952-56; Alto horn
Crossmock, John R; 1975-77; Alto horn
Crouch, Ernest S*; 1936
Crouch, Scott T; 1981-85; Trumpet
Croutwater, Kyle L; 1985-88; Efer
Crowder, Benjamin M; 2010-14; Trombone
Crowl, Kenneth G; 1924
Crumley, George D*
Cruser, Pete; 1991-92; Trombone
Crusey, Adam A; 2013-17; Trombone
Crutch, Kenneth D*; 1955-58; Tenor horn (Obit)
Cruz, Nicolas M; 2015-19; Trumpet
Csizmadia, Jeramiah; 2017; D-Squad
Cufr, Carie A (Hoodlebrink); 1995-98; Efer
Culbertson, Albert L; 1912
Culbertson, I C; 1912
Culbertson, Katie M; 1996; Mellophone
Culhan, Robert H*; 1943; Alto horn
Cullen, Ralph*; 1936; Trumpet
Culler, Carl R*; 1936; Trumpet
Culler, Donald E; 1958-61; Trumpet
Culler, James F
Culp, Fred E*
Culver, Brandon; 1993-95; Manager
Culver, David L; 1976-79; Trumpet
Culver, Floyd A; 1959-62; Trumpet (Obit)
Culver, Stephanie L (Johnson); 1993-94; Baritone
Cummins, Vernon M*; 1910
Cundiff, Chris P; 2001-05; Flugel horn
Cunningham, Edward W*; 1890
Cunningham Jr, Robert H*; 1901
Cunningham, Todd M; 1989-93; Trombone
Curie, Matthew; 2020-23; Trumpet
Curl, Henry MacDonald “Don”*; 1934-38; Trumpet (Obit)
Curran, William E; 1914; Drum Major
Currier, Herbert B*
Curry, Augustus*; 1930
Curry, Robert B*; 1936; Baritone
Curry, Timothy L; 2003-07; Trumpet
Curtis, Earl C; 1921
Curtis, Jaclyn D (Ferguson); 2006-08; Librarian
Curtis, Lydia R (Schlegel); 1996-2000; Trumpet
Curtis, Nicholas A; 2006-08; Manager
Curtis, R E; 1901
Custer, Christopher M; 2004-06; Trombone
Custer, Dennis J; 1973-77; Alto horn
Cuthbert, Bret A; 1990-94; Trumpet
Cutler, Robert M; 1945
D’Alessandro, Stephen A; 1996-98; Snare
D’Amico, Robert N*
D’Angelo Jr, Eugene C*; 1944,49,51; Sousaphone (Obit)
Dachsteiner, H F; 1924
Dachsteiner, Raymond W*
Daerr, Louis A; 1904
Dages, Robert F*; 1943
Dahlinghaus, Rebecca; 1996; Baritone
Dailey, Matthew J; 1940
Daily, Preston A*; 1939-41; Trumpet
Dale, Thomas W*; 1946; Trombonium (Obit)
Dalison, A H; 1903
Dalton, Robert; 1965
Daly, James G*; 1932
Damron, W Drew; 1978-82; Bass drum
Dan, Aaron*; 1944-47; Efer
Danhoff, Lindsey; 2006-10; Mellophone
Daniel, F Toby*; 1960-61,65; Trumpet
Daniel, Gregory A; 1971-74; Trumpet
Danilovic, Jeffrey; 1991-92; Trumpet
Danker, Jill C; 2011-14; Trumpet
Dankowski, Daniel M; 1986-90; Trumpet
Dankworth, Jonathan R; 1987-90; Trombone
Danley, Mark S; 1974-78; Trumpet
Dann, Walter M; 1900
Dannley, John A; 1917
Dannon, Lewis H; 1940
Darby, Ralph L*; 1938-40; Sousaphone
Dare, L A; 1903
Darling, Michael K; 1989-92; Trombone
Darnell, Grant A; 2020,23; Mellophone
Darnell, Walter L; 1912
Daron, Adam R; 1995-99; Baritone
Daron, Emily (Schlegel); 1999-2000; Mellophone
Daron, Jason C; 1988-89; Baritone
Daron, Ronald L; 1962-63,65-66; Trumpet
Darrow, David E; 1980-85; Trombone
Darrow, Douglas E; 1977-81; Snare
Darst, William E*; 1953-57; Trumpet (Obit)
Daubenmire, Andrew J; 2001-04; Bass drum
Daugherty, Dylan; 2020-23; Flugel horn
Daugherty, William A*; 1886
Daulbaugh, Richard M; 1957; Trumpet
Daulton, James H; 1936; Baritone
Davenport, Adrian E*; 1893
Davenport, Daniel W; 1944; Trumpet
Davenport, Robert E; 1986-90; Baritone
Davenport, William C*
Davidson, Norris; 1962; Baritone
Davies, Edward B*; 1943
Davis, C L*; 1898
Davis, David; 1971; D-Squad
Davis, David L; 1985-89; Trumpet
Davis, Eric; 1971; Trumpet
Davis, G A*; 1897
Davis, Howard A*; 1934; Picolo
Davis, James E; 1951-53; Trumpet
Davis, James E; 1983-87; Trumpet
Davis II, Julian; 2006-09; Trumpet
Davis, Karel K (King); 1966-68; Librarian
Davis, Kenneth E*; 1961-63; Trombonium (Obit)
Davis, Lee V; 2015-17; Trumpet
Davis, Leo C; 1909
Davis, Lewis W; 1924
Davis, Lewis E; 1955
Davis, Morgan; 2016-19; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major
Davis, N Michael; 1972-73; Trombonium, Baritone
Davis, Raymond L; 1922
Davis, Richard A; 1949-52,54-55; Alto horn
Davis, Richard L*; 1947-50; Alto Horn
Davis, Ron; 1969; Trumpet
Davis, Sandra G; 1982-86; Alto horn
Davis, Thomas E*; 1954
Davis, Wilbur J
Davis, William S*
Davis, William D*; 1944; Bass drum (Obit)
Davison, Walter*; 1910
Dawson, James E*; 1954-59; Trombone
Day, Adam E; 2010-13; Baritone
Day, Bryan L; 1985-88; Snare
Day, Colin; 2005-06; Trombone
Day, Jack; 1923
Day, Lewis I*; 1931-33; Sousaphone
Day, Robert B; 1971-75; Efer, Trumpet
Day, Robert E; 1975-79; Sousaphone
Day, Terence W*; 1954
Day, Verne; 1944
Dayson, Robert L; 1965; Efer
Dayton, Wilbur*; 1938
Dean, C A; 1907
Dean, Clifford L; 1922
Dean, Emily; 2016-18; Cymbals
Dean, James N “Nate”; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Dean, Marcia K; 2002-03; Mellophone
DeArmon, Steven E; 2006-09; Quad-Tom, Quint-Tom
Deatherage, Robert; 1964
Decker, Megan (Culler); 1999-2003; Trombone
Decker, Nicholas; 2006-08; Trombone
Decker, Patrick R; 1998-2001; Trombone
Decker, Tina V (Bayles); 1986-87; Snare
Decker, W Bernie*; 1946-49; Sousaphone
Deckman, Frederic H*
Deemer, Brayden A; 2018-20; D-Squad, Drum Major
Deems, Ray*; 1944
Deeters, Don; 1934
Deffenbaugh, William G*; 1934
Deforest, Elisabeth A (Allinikov); Librarian
DeFrancesco, James; 2001; Mellophone
DeFrancesco, Jennifer (Green); 2000-03; Baritone
Dehner, Albert H*; 1932-34; Clarinet
Deiderich III, F Christian; 2013-17; Baritone
Deishley, Charles J*
DeKay, Eric C; 1990-94; Trumpet
DeKay, Kim A (Bernthold); 1993-97; Efer
DeLashmutt, Floyd S*
DeLong, Sean M; 2009-13; Trombone
DeMaio, Julia; 2008; Trumpet
DeMent, Marvin M; 1943-45; Baritone
deMesa, Zachary; 2019-23; Sousaphone
Deming, Howard M; 1925
Demos, Nicholas L; 1954
Dempsey, Gene; 1949
Dengel, Kevin; 2003-05; Sousaphone
DeNicholas, Thomas J; 1969; Sousaphone
Denino, Nicholas; 2019-23; Flugel horn
Denison, Jonathan W; 2005-08; Trumpet
Denmeade, Bradley J; 1985; Librarian
Dennis, H E*; 1934
Denovchek, Stephen M; 1970-72; Baritone
Derenberger, Jeremy D; 1995-99; Mellophone
DeRing, John R*; 1966-69; Flugel horn
Dern, David W; 1976-80; Baritone
Dernberger II, David S; 1990-91; Sousaphone
DeRosa, Anthony; 2020-22; Mellophone
Derosette, Autumn; 2021-23; Trumpet
Desai, Havovi; 2016-18; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Desmond, Andrew; 2011-13; Baritone
DeTray, Donald E*; 1935; Trumpet (Obit)
Detray, Doug; 1993; Sousaphone
Dettorre, Gregory T; 1977-80; Snare
Dettorre, Jay; 1980-84; Snare
DeVelin, Katherine “Katie”; 2009-12; Trumpet
Devine, Robert D*; 1968-72; Efer (Obit)
deVries, Alan C; 2002-04,06; Trombone
DeWitt, Cody S; 2009-13; Sousaphone
DeWitt, Hunter; 2018-19; Trumpet
DeWitt, Raymond T*
DeWolfe, Gregory S; 1966-67; Trombone
Dhume, Cameron; 2020-23; Snare
Diangelo, Dr Lauren E; 2008-12; Mellophone
DiBlasio, Leo F*
DiCicco, Madison; 2021,23; Manager, Student Staff
Dick, David R
Dick, W F*; 1891
Dickason, Russell B*; 1934-35; Baritone
Dicke, David P; 1961-62; Sousaphone
Dickerson, Scott; 1988; Trumpet
Dickes, Robert K; 1994-98; Trumpet
Dickes, Sarah L (Jackson); 1995-99; Trumpet
Dickey, Albert W*
Dickey, Carson; 2023; Trombone
Dickey Jr, Dr Thomas O*; 1940-41; Trombone (Obit)
Dickinson, Jeffrey A; 1971
Dickman, Abigail; 2020-23; Cymbals
Dickman, John E; 1992-95; Baritone
Dickson, Dale L; 1978-82; Sousaphone
Dickson, Robert L*; 1943; Baritone
Dickson, Timothy A; 1980-85; Trumpet, Bass drum
DiCocco, Anthony J; 2013-16; Trombone
Didelius, Frederick R*; Sousaphone
Didelius, William E*; 1927-30; Trombone
Diehl, Kenneth E*; 1946
Diemand, Robert B; 2000-02; Trombone
Diemand, Sarah (Hook); 2001-03; Trombone
Dieterich, David A; 1958-60; Baritone
Dietrich, Andrew; 1995; Staff
Dietrick, Donald*; 1932
Dietzel, Neville C*; 1951-55; Baritone
Dill, Dr Richard H; 1944; Trumpet
Dillahunt, Jack A*; 1933-36; Sousaphone
Dillon, Ralph M; 1921
Dillon, Zachary J; 2012-16; Trumpet
Dils, Reed K; 1966
Dilver, Bryan J; 1998-2001; Sousaphone
Dilyard, David A; 1989-91; Snare
DiNatale, Jana K (Clevenger)*; 1984; Alto horn (Obit)
Dingledine, H E; 1909
Distelhorst, Richard N
Ditrick, Rev Howard W*; 1941-43; Efer (Obit)
Diurba, Donald A; 1983-87; Trombone
Dix, Gary A*; 1959-61; Trumpet
Dixon, Brian L*; 1982-85; Bass drum (Obit)
Dixon, Brooke N; 2018-19; Cymbals
Dixon, Emma; 2018-22; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Dixon, George L*
Dixon, Jeffrey; 1985; Trumpet
Dixon, John; 2005-06; Snare
Dixon, Joseph R; 2010-14; Baritone
Doane, Dr Christopher P; 1970-73,79; Baritone
Dobbs, W E; 1907
Dobie, M E; 1903
Dodd, David R; 1947; Alto horn
Dodd, Timothy; 1964
Dodds, Ellamae N (Nightingale)*; 1954; Librarian
Dodridge, John A; 1923
Dodson, Cynthia L; 1982; Librarian
Doelker, William J*; 1934-37; Baritone
Doench, Robert C*; 1944; Trumpet
Doerschuck, Ernest A; 1913
Doherty, Kent W; 1979-82; Trumpet
Dolby, Paul; 1935
Dole, Thomas; 2002-04; Baritone
Doleh, Emily; 2017-21; Trumpet
Doll, Herman*; 1930
Dollenmayer, Benjamin P; 2019-23; Trumpet
Dollison, Arthur H*
Dolve, M E; 1905
Domachowski, Jon S; 1982-86; Trumpet
Domby, George; 1987-90; Baritone
Domer, David A; 1959
Donahue Jr, John W; 1968-70; Trumpet
Donahue, Todd D; 2000-04; Baritone
Donaldson, Scott A; 1976-80; Baritone
Donaldson, Wayne*; 1928
Donnell, Ron D; 1968-70; Trombone
Donofrio, Gary; 1984; Trumpet
Dooley, Peyton Y; 1911
Dorand, Charles*; 1933
Doster, D Howard*; 1951-52; Baritone (Obit)
Dougherty, Megan; 2009-11; Baritone
Doughty, Christopher C; 1988
Doughty, Megan E; 2018-19; Seamstress
Douglas, John F*; 1933
Douglas, Scott A; 1995-98; Baritone
Dove, Dennis E; 1978-79; Trumpet
Dove, Emily (Bromagem); 2000; Mellophone
Dove, Michael; 1999-2001; Mellophone
Dover, Jeremy T; 2013-16; Snare
Downerd, Edward C*; 1879
Downes, Grant E; 2000-04; Quad-Tom
Downey, Jesse; 2006-09; Cymbals
Downs, James M; 1923
Downs, Richard S*; 1936; Sousaphone
Downs, Robert K; 1938; Secretary
Doyle, Michael; 1969; Sousaphone
Drake, Dalton F; 1939-42,47; Efer
Drake, Delbert*; 1920-21; Trumpet
Drake, George H*
Draper, John D; 2003-07; Trombone
Draper, Robert M*
Dreager, Robert L*; 1945
Drees, Kenneth O; 1965-68; Trumpet
Dreher, John E*; 1944
Drennen, J N*; 1886
Dressell, Lester; 1930
Dreyer, Russell P*; 1936; Efer
Driggs, Ashley; 2018-19; Trumpet
Driggs, Kenneth E*
Drill, Winton; 1942
Driscoll, Stuart W; 1970-74; Trombonium
Droll, Peter J; 2007-11; Sousaphone
Droste, Douglas P; 1991-95; Trumpet
Droste, Paul E; 1954-57,61; Baritone, Grad Asst Director, Asst Director, Director
Drouillard, Josh; 2017-21; Snare
Druckenmiller, Alan R; 1970-72; Sousaphone
Druckenmiller, Lovell L; 1946-50; Sousaphone
Drum, Sharon; 1990; Alto horn
Drum, Tonia L; 1993; Alto horn
Drury, Andrew; 1997-2000; Sousaphone
Dudley, Cecil O*; 1925-27; Trumpet
Dudley, Stowell B*; 1886
Duffee, Floyd W*
Duffy, Jason S; 1998-2002; Trombone
Duffy, Robert Y; 1957; Sousaphone
Duffy, Terry W; 1957-62; Efer
Duga, Jan Z; 1976-79; Sousaphone
Duga, Dr Jules J*; 1949-53; Sousaphone (Obit)
Dugan, D Matthew; 1989-93; Trombone
Dugan, Jessica R (Reichard); 1991-95; Baritone
Dukes, Bradley A; 1997-2001; Snare
Dull, Stacey R (Phillips); 1983-87; Trombone
Dum, John L*; 1932-33; Trombone
Dumbauld, John K*; 1924; Bass drum
Dumbauld, Kiser E*; 1919-23; Flute
Dummermuth, Rajani G; 2012-14; Inst Manager
Dunbar, John W*
Duncan, John B; 1981-85; Trumpet
Duncan, Julie (Bresnahan); 1997-98; Sousaphone
Duncan, Kathy J (Gess); 1983-87; Flugel horn
Duncan, Kayla B; 2013-16; Trumpet
Dunford, Ralph E*
Dungan, Kenneth; 2015-19; Trumpet
Dunham, Douglas J; 1988-91; Alto horn
Dunkerson, Joshua; 2023; Trumpet
Dunlap, Charles D*; 1922
Dunlap, Dillon L; 1962-63; Trumpet
Dunlap, Jan B*; 1959-61; Snare (Obit)
Dunn, F E; 1900
Dunn, John L*; 1931
Dunn, McKenzie; 2019-20; Snare
Dunson, Ryan P; 2016-19; Snare
Dupler, William T*; 1950-52; Tenor Horn
Durban, Irvin W
Durbin, Harold P*; 1945
Durbin, William A; 1910
Durea, Mervin A*; 1947-49; Sousaphone (Obit)
Durham, Dan H; 1996-98; Trombone
Durig, Kathleen E; 1978; Librarian
Durkop, Mitchell A; 1997-2001; Mellophone
Durr, Kenneth; 1948
Dury, Jeffrey R; 1999-2003; Flugel horn
Dury, Joanne L (Boos); 2000,02-03; Trumpet
Dusseau II, Nathaniel B; 2015-17; Baritone
Dutenhaver, Paul W*; 1948-51; Bb Tuba
Dutt, Herbert V*; 1961-65; Sousaphone (Obit)
Dutt, Dr Kenneth F*; 1947-48,50; Baritone (Obit)
Dutt, Ronald F; 1965-67; Sousaphone
Dutton, Joseph C; 1942; Trumpet
Duvall, John N; 1974-77; Flugel horn
DuVall, Dr Lloyd A; 1951-54; Sousaphone, Manager
Dyarmett, Eric M; 1998-2001; Trumpet
Dycke, Howard F; 1902
Dye, Franze W*; 1940
Dye, Wayne*; 1950
Dyer, Harry C*; 1936; Tenor horn
Dyer, R L*; 1897
Dyer, Simone E; 1937-39; Trombone
Dzotsi, Emmanuel A; 2013-14; Mellophone
Eaddy, James; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Eagle, Dr Lee S*; 1948-50,52; Efer (Obit)
Earhart, Matthew P; 1991; Sousaphone
Early, Edward M*; 1928
Easterday, Donald E*; 1945
Easton, Leonard J; 1910
Eaton, David; 1967; Trombonium
Eaton, James H*; 1957-60; Sousaphone
Ebel, Benjamin G; 2007-08; A/V Staff
Eberhart, Robert L; 1957-60; Baritone
Eberhart, Robert C; 1961
Ebert, Dr Janet B (Bez)*; 1954-56; Secretary, Librarian (Obit)
Ebey, Jason P; 1995-99; Sousaphone
Ebright, G B; 1904
Eby, Gary L
Echard, Ben A; 1980; Trombone
Echols, Margaret S; 2012-15; Sousaphone
Eck, Daniel J; 1990-94; Snare
Eck, Sherry L (Barr); 1993-97; Trio
Eckelson, Dr Robert A; 1967-70; Efer
Ecker, Richard*; 1941
Ecker, William R*
Eckert, Ernest M*; 1938
Eckert, Phil S*
Eckstein, Jerry D*; 1984-88; Flugel horn
Edgar, Rosanne M; 1980-84; Cymbals
Edgington, Kenen M; 1963; Trumpet
Edwards, Alan G; 1956; Trumpet
Edwards, David; 1965; Alto horn
Edwards, Douglas R; 2004-07; Snare
Edwards, James E; 1912
Edwards, John B; 1965-67; Trumpet
Edwards, Lynn L (Wenger); 1964
Edwards, Nick; 2002-03,05; Trombone
Edwards, Todd; 2009-11; Trombone
Edwards, William S*; 1934-37; Sousaphone
Edwards, W Randall; 1967-71; Sousaphone
Egan, Michael A; 1967-71; Baritone
Egan, Patrick J; 1972; Trombone
Egan, Scott E*; 1957
Eger, Louis; 1934
Egert, Keith; 1997-2001; Mellophone
Eggan, Dori A (Taylor); 1997-98,2000; Mellophone
Eggan, Nathan; 2000-01; Baritone
Eggenschwiler, Hannah; 2023; Student Staff
Eggert, Matthew J*; 1929-31; Clarinet
Eggleston, Scott W; 1983-87; Sousaphone
Egnew, A Thomas; 1944; Trombone
Ehret, Kayla N (Krocker); 2010-14; Secretary
Ehret, Samuel D; 2012-14; A/V Staff
Ehret, William; 2008-12; Baritone
Ehrman, Fred*; 1931
Eichel, Dan R; 2005-09; Efer
Eichel, Jeanette T (Town); 2009-11; Flugel horn
Eicher, Larry C; 1963-64; Baritone
Eikenberry, James P*; 1950-54; Trumpet (Obit)
Eilert, Kelly; 1988; Trumpet
Eing, Katelin; 2015-16; Bass drum
Eiring, Anna (Hummel); 1998-2001; Trombone
Eiring, Chad D; 1996-98; Baritone
Eisenlohr, Berthold A*; 1882
Eldridge, Dayton A*; 1932-35; Saxophone
Elftman, Timothy; 2008-12; Baritone
Elgin, John; 2006-08; Snare
Elhardt, Walter P; 1912
Elias, Bert F*; 1933; Clarinet
Elizondo, Alexa; 2020; Mellophone
Elleman, Dr Michael N; 1987-89; Trio
Elleman, William H*
Elleman, William H*; 1924
Ellenwood, Wendell W*; 1941-42; Tenor horn (Obit)
Eller, Walter M*
Ellerman, Wayne K*
Ellinger Jr, DDS, Dr Harley A; 1958-59; Trumpet
Elliot, Daniel M (Ain); 1977-80; Baritone
Elliot, James L*; 1936; Alto Horn
Elliot, William H; 1912
Elliott, Bradley E; 2004-08; Sousaphone
Elliott, Bryan; 1990-91; Trumpet
Elliott, Donald R (Ain); 1977; Baritone
Elliott, James F; 1936-40; Trumpet
Elliott, John W; 1962-66; Alto horn
Elliott, Theodore; 2012
Elliott, William M; 1935
Ellis, Charles*; 1886
Ellis, James R; 1974-78; Snare
Ellis, Jerry L*; 1971; Alto horn
Ellis, Sarah (Wood); 2017-19,21-22; Bass drum
Ellis, Warren C*; 1963
Ellis VIII, William; 1977-78; Trumpet
Elsass, David G
Elshoff, Jay E; 1960-62; Tenor horn, Trombonium
Elson II, Dr John L; 1967-71; Trumpet
Ely, Dwight P; 1913
Ely, Rick G*; 1974-79; Trumpet
Emery, Gerald A; 1954-57; Trumpet
Emig, Jack W; 1943,46-47; Trombone, Baritone
Emig, Sandra J
Emmer, Crystal E (Randolph); 2001; Mellophone
Emmerling, Frank C; 1921
Emrick, Lamar B; 1921
Endicott, Richard; 1971; Trumpet
Engel, Ruth S (Shipley)*; 1951-52; Librarian
Engelbret, Gordon L*; 1944-45; Trumpet
Engelman, Gerald; 1985-88; Sousaphone
Engelman, Michael; 2014-17; Baritone
Engen, Kari L; 1985-88; Trombone
England, M Daniel; 1983-86; Duo
Englander, Harold J*; 1924-28; Trumpet
Engle, Andrea W (Hong); 2011-15; Mellophone
Engle, Brian C; 2009-13; Trombone
Engle, Crystal A (Woestendiek); 1975-76,78-79; Baritone
Engle, Matthew S; 2009-13; Mellophone
Engle, Michael; 1970
Engle, Robert T; 1959; Efer
Englehart, Matthew K; 1989-93; Trumpet
Engler, Walter N*
English, Jacob; 2020-23; Baritone
English, Philip H*; 1940
English, Wayne G; 1940-41; Trumpet
Enoch, Robert*; 1931; Clarinet
Enochs, Jon M; 1960-62; Alto horn
Enochs, Mark B; 1987-91; Sousaphone
Enrick, H D; 1921
Ensminger, Lee R; 1971-74; Sousaphone
Enxy, Jack; 1946
Epperly, John B; 1974-78; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Eppich, Jeanne (Conte); 1996; Mellophone
Eppley, Arthur B*; 1936; Trumpet
Erby, William J; 2010-13; Efer
Erdrich, Arno G; 1923
Ergosoz, John; 1942
Erhardt, William V; 1972
Erickson, Oliver L
Erickson, Walter M*; 1944; Saxophone
Erwin, Joseph O; 1911
Erwin, William W; 1910
Escalera, Angel; 2017; Manager
Eskay, Mark C; 1990-92; Snare
Esmond, David C; 1982-84; Trombone
Essex, Malinda (Wiard); 1988-90; Trumpet
Essington, Edwin G*; 1920-22; Drum Major
Essman, James K; 1958-61; Trumpet, Baritone
Essman, Stephen J “Steve”; 1993-97; Sousaphone
Esswein, James R; 1964-68; Sousaphone
Estey, Amy J; 1984-87; Baritone
Etzler, Jamie M (Sever); 1991-95; Secretary, D-Squad, Head Secretary
Eubanks, Ray L; 1959-61; Trumpet
Eubanks, Richard N
Eubel, Johnny; 1953; Alto Horn
Eucker, David T; 1980; Trombone
Evans, Bernard B*
Evans, David T; 2005,07; Cymbals
Evans, Eric; 1988-90; Manager
Evans, Howard D*
Evans, Jacob N; 2009-13; Trumpet
Evans, Jason; 1995-99; Sousaphone
Evans, Jena M (Jones); 1988-92; Alto horn
Evans, John R; 1983-85; Snare
Evans, Julie H (Hearson); 1984-85; Alto Horn
Evans, Taylor M; 2013; Baritone
Evarts, William D; 2008-09; Mellophone
Everhart, Garrett; 2017-18,20-21; Sousaphone
Everhart, Robert E “Bob”; 1964-66; Efer
Everitt, Howard S; 1962; Trumpet
Everitt, Paul; 1962; Sousaphone
Everly, Barry E*; Sousaphone
Evers, Fritz R*; 1934-37; Snare
Everson, Terry W; 1961-62; Cymbals
Ewaska, Mitchell; 2023; Sousaphone
Ewell Jr, Donald S; 1981-82; Trumpet
Ewell, Eugene R “Barney”; 1951-54; Sousaphone
Ewing Jr, Clare O*; 1933; Woodwind
Ewing, Doak M; 1967,69-72; Sousaphone
Ewing, Harry E; 1903
Ewing Jr, P Doak*; 1941-42,45; Sousaphone (Obit)
Ewing Sr, Paul D*; 1912-13; Trumpet
Ewing, Robert A*; 1934-35; Trombone
Exline, Ryan; 2018-20; Baritone
Eyer, Gregory R; 1982-83,85-86; Drum Major
Eylar, Albert S*; 1888
Eynon, Andrew; 2022-23; Baritone
Eyster, John R; 1979-81; Alto horn
Fabiano, Anthony H; 1960
Facht, George P; 1903
Factor, Benjamin; 2003-04; Trombone
Fadley, Gary L; 1971-73; Trumpet, Alto horn
Fahncke, Amy; 1988; Librarian
Fair, Heather L; 1986-89,91; Alto horn
Fairman Jr, Jonathan G; 2003-05; Trumpet
Faist, Cody W; 2015-19; Sousaphone
Faist, Cory D; 2012-16; Sousaphone
Farber, Harold I; 1940
Farber, Harry S; 1908
Farley, Kristin S (Boyer); 2000-04; Trumpet
Farley, Michael R; 2000-04; Sousaphone
Farmer, Anna; 1994-95; Alto Horn
Farmer, Steven J; 1983-87; Baritone
Farrar, Donald L*; 1940-41; Efer
Farris, George; 2008-12; Flugel horn
Farver, Lester E; 1937
Fast, Robert E*
Faucet, John*; 1936; Trumpet
Faulkner, Herbert W; 1911
Fauss, Greg; 1967-70; Cymbals
Faust, Roger C; 1963; Manager
Fawcett, William C*; 1881
Fay, Andrew M; 2008-10; Cymbals
Fearon, Christopher M; 1994-98; Snare
Fearon, Matthew M; 1996; Flugel horn
Febo, Lawrence A; 1995-99; Snare
Febo, Paul R; 1962; Manager
Feds, Jack; 2020,22-23; Trombone
Feeser, Ryan P; 1992-95; Flugel horn
Fekete, Norman A*; 1968; Trumpet (Obit)
Felder, Harry*; 1948-50; Saxophone
Feldheimer, Jack E*; 1952-56; Bass drum (Obit)
Feldman, Joseph I*; 1926; Snare
Feldmeyer, Ben H; 1997-2000; Baritone
Feldmeyer, Carrie L (Funk); 1997-2000; Baritone
Feldmeyer, Darryl J; 1980; Baritone
Feldwisch, Henry W; 1910
Felix, Richard R; 1965-66; Baritone
Felsted, Leo F; 1911
Fenn, Richard W*; 1944
Ference, Kevin J; 1999-2000; Trumpet
Ference, Paulette C (Zavacky); 1999-2001; Trumpet
Ferguson, Michael; 1985-87; Alto horn
Ferko, Zachary; 2020-23; Baritone
Fern, Edward F; 1955; Trombone
Ferrara, Jacob; 2014-17; Trumpet
Ferree, Ray W; 1910
Ferrell, Jason; 1992-95; Trumpet
Fessler, Todd M; 2009-13; Trumpet
Fetter, Joshua; 2014-17; Baritone
Feustel, Stephen M; 1971-76; Baritone
Fey, David J
Fickell III, Robert; 1984-88; Sousaphone
Coleman, Claudia A (Dome) (Coleman, Dome); 2009; D-Squad
Fife, Sean; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Fifer, Keith A; 1971-73; Baritone
Fill, Mary-Margaret; 2003-06; Trumpet
Fillmore, Robert C; 1924
Finan, James E; 1981; Flugel horn
Findlay, Wellington; 1930
Findsen, Jessica; 2017-20; Trumpet
Fine, Thomas A; 1986-90; Sousaphone
Finer, Benjamin*; 1929-33; Snare
Fink, Debra J (Block); 1994-96; Trumpet
Fink, Jeff; 1993-96; Trumpet
Fink, Steven Krieger; 2000-04; Sousaphone
Finken, Clayton F; 2008-11; Trombone
Finkes, Jack*; 1934
Finlay, Pat; 1946,49; Trumpet
Finley, Mitchell “Pepe”; 2009-12; Sousaphone
Finley, Verner L; 1911
Finn, Patrick J; 1986-88; Trumpet
Finn, Sara J (Frankart); 1992-96; Alto horn
Finnegan, Mark A; 1982,85-87,90; Efer, Flugel horn
Finnegan, Tyler; 2015-18; Trombone
Finney, Cassaundra (Wood); 2007-11; Trombone
Finney, Matthew; 2023; Trumpet
Finsterwald, Verne H*
Fiorenzo, Joseph A*; 1958-59; Baritone
Fischer, James R; 1934-37; Efer
Fischer, Paul M
Fishbein, Rachel C; 2012-14; Baritone
Fisher, Ashlynn M; 2013-15; Manager
Fisher, Brent; 1999-2003; Head Manager
Fisher, Calvin K; 1905
Fisher, Dudley T*; 1878
Fisher, George P; 1908
Fisher, Lawrence W; 1908
Fisher, Ralph; 1924
Fisher, Stephen A; 1980; Trumpet
Fisher, Will; 2022-23; Trumpet
Fitzgerald,*; 1886
Fitzpatrick, Clarence C*
Fitzpatrick, Megan; 1998; Mellophone
Fitzpatrick-Harnish, Dr Kate R (Fitzpatrick); 1996-98; Trumpet
Flaherty, David B; 1959-62; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Flaherty, Timothy S
Flegge, Mark T; 1979; Sousaphone
Fleming, Dean; 1931
Fleming, John H*; 1976-78; Efer
Flesch, Arthur L
Flesher, John A; 2012-15; Baritone
Fletcher, Dylan E; 2012-15; Manager
Fletcher, Thomas L; 1976-79; Efer
Florence, Dwight E; 1954-57; Trumpet
Florkey, John E; 1992-96; Trumpet
Flowers, Casey A; 2013-16; Sousaphone
Flowers, M Shawn; 1985-88; Trumpet
Floyd, Herbert D; 1947-49; Efer
Flynn, James H; 1963-67; Manager
Fogerty, Devin; 2019-22; Trombone
Fogt, Dr Jeffrey C; 1980-84; Trumpet
Foley, Dr Terence B (Rotunno)*; 1958; Sousaphone, Baritone (Obit)
Foley, W J*; 1893
Folio, Michael M; 1979-80; Drum Major
Follrath, Jack K*; 1944-45; Snare
Forbes, J Donald*; 1927-31; Saxophone
Ford, Charles B; 1983; Alto horn
Ford, Joshua; 2022-23; D-Squad
Ford, Mathew P; 2000-01; Snare
Forney, Claudius L
Forquer, Carson; 2023; Trumpet
Forrest, Kevin L; 1984-87; Sousaphone
Forsythe, J Scott; 1979-82; Sousaphone
Fortman, Benjamin T; 2000-04; Efer
Fosnaugh, David; 2006-10; Baritone
Foss, C M; 1904
Foster, Chester G*; 1898; Drum Major
Foster, Dean R*; 1945-49; Alto horn
Foster, Gerald E*; 1965; Sousaphone (Obit)
Foster, Jill; 1990; Baritone
Foster, J Michael*; 1964-66; Trombone
Foster, Judson*; 1927
Foster, R G*; 1887
Foulk Esq, Vincent L; 1971-75; Trombone
Fouse, Donald M*; 1946
Foutz, Thomas K; 1969-70,72; Trumpet
Fowler, Carl E*
Fowler, Jacqueline M (Burke); 1992-95; Alto horn
Fowler, Jennifer C (Craig); 1984-86; Librarian
Fowler PhD, Nancy C; 1948-51; Librarian
Fowler, Paul J; 1978; Trombone
Fowler, Richard W*; 1952; Trombonium (Obit)
Fowler, Richard P*; 1922; Trombone
Fowler, W Jared; 1992-95; Snare
Fox, J Edward; 1967-70; Manager
Fox, James W; 1960; Trumpet
Fox, Peter M; 2010-14; Baritone
Fox, Dr Richard C; 1953; Efer
Fraizer, Anna R (Jordan); 1994-95; Seamstress
Frame, Cornelius A*; 1882
Frame, Rollo S*; 1897
Francis, Nanci A (Lutzweit); 1987-90; Trumpet
Francis, Richard; 1927
Francis, Terry S; 1979-81; Bass Drum
Francisco, Matthew M; 2003-07; Baritone
Franck, James A*
Franck, Kenneth M*; 1937-38; Trumpet
Franey, Shawna (Hill); 2002-03; Flugel horn
Frank, Charles M*; 1934-36; Cymbals
Frank, Frederick S; 1978-81; Sousaphone
Franke, A Maris; 1963; Baritone
Franklin, Harry; 1914
Franklin, Tanya M; 1988-92; Alto horn
Franks, Allan D; 1961-63; Flugel horn
Franks, Edward W; 1968-74; Sousaphone, Head Manager
Franks, Susan C S (Spalding); 1974,76; Baritone, Trombonium
Frantz, David H*; 1945; Alto Horn
Frantz, Roger L*; 1940; Baritone
Fraser, S R*; 1932-35; Sousaphone
Frasure, A J; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Fravel, Traci L; 2004
Frazer, Kathleen K (Kemper)*; 1956; Librarian
Frazier, Forrest F*
Frazier, Howard*; 1951
Frazier, James A; 1974-78; Trumpet
Frazier, James A; 1964-65; Trumpet
Frazier, Kenneth A; 1978-82; Trombone
Frazier, Mark E; 1987-89; Trombone
Frazier, Randal E; 1995-99; Baritone
Frazier, Robert L*; 1941-42; Baritone
Frederick, James H
Frederick, Meredith; 2007; Manager
Fredrich, Ralph; 1930
Fredricks, Roger; 1932
Freed, Barbara J (Hendricks); 1981-82; Trumpet
Freed, Charles E*; 1936; Tenor horn
Freed, Clarke S; 1979-82; Flugel horn
Freeman, David G; 1956-57; Snare
Freeman, John R; 1965-67; Alto horn, Cymbals
Freeman, Jon C*; 1971-73; Baritone
Freese, J H*; 1893
Freiman, Mark R; 1991-94; Trumpet
Freisthler, Andrew; 1997; Trombone
French, Ralph*; 1930
French, Thomas E*; 1891; Drum Major
Freriks, Roger D*; 1932-33,44; Trumpet
Freshour, Cody; 2014-17; Baritone
Frew, Linda (Mason); 1964; Librarian
Frey, Kurt E; 2003; Trombone
Friedberg, Kirk; 1988-91; Baritone
Friediard, William; 1946
Friedman, Benno S*; 1945; Efer (Obit)
Friedman, Edgar H*
Friedman, Matthew D; 2018-21; Mellophone
Friedrich, Eitel; 1917
Friel, Jordan C; 2005-08; Bass drum
Friel, Olivia; 2007-11; Cymbals
Friend, Michael J; 1963
Frim, Christopher J; 1985-88; Baritone
Frires, Harold*; 1936; Trumpet
Frische, Carl G*; 1926-30; Clarinet
Frische, John; 1929-30; Flute
Fritz, Dwight J*
Fronk, Robert A; 1953-56; Snare
Frost, Robert E; 1950; Trumpet
Frulla, Penelope A (Blansett); 1979-81; Seamstress
Fry, Harry; 1944
Frye, Nicholas T; 2007; D-Squad
Fryman, Christopher; 2003-06; Baritone
Fudge, Francis*; 1935
Fugitt, David S; 1974
Fuhrman, Nathan P; 2004-08; Trumpet
Fulgham, Beverly J (Stoltz); 1978; Alto horn
Fulgham, Jeffrey J; 1977-82; Trumpet
Fulk, Bram; 2000-04; Trumpet
Fulks, Glenna L; 1991; Trumpet
Fulks, Lyall O; 1970-72; Trumpet
Fullam, Christopher; 2008-10; Bass drum
Fullam, Jeremy; 2004-08; Sousaphone
Fuller, Dr John A; 1982-86,92-95; Sousaphone, Grad Asst Director, Asst Director
Fulmer, Robert S; 1956-58; Percussion
Fultz, Brian; 2001-05; Snare
Furgason, John C*
Furrer, William W*; 1925
Furst, Michael A; 2013,15; Trumpet
Fusco, John N
Fust, Raymond J; 1944; French horn
Gaal, Matthew J; 2010-14; Baritone
Gabalski, Michael A; 1988-92; Trio
Gable, Thomas A; 1979-81; Trombone
Gableman, Charles H*; 1933-36; Trumpet
Gableman, George M; 1933-35; Trombone
Gabriel, James H; 1946-50; Baritone
Gabriel, John R; 1947-50; Sousaphone
Gac, Stephanie K; 2007-11; Baritone
Gadek, Andrew; 1994-95; Alto horn
Gaerke, Ryan C; 2012-16; Flugel horn
Gaffney, Rebecca (Kashary); 2001-04; Cymbals
Gahris, Raymond F*
Gaines, Norman J*; 1953-55; Alto horn (Obit)
Gaiser, Stephanie; 1976-79; Trombone
Gale, Marvin J; 1952-55; Sousaphone
Galilei, Zachary; 1999-2002; Baritone
Gallagher, Roger W; 1968-72; Flugel horn
Gallaher IV, John L; 1998-2000; Trumpet
Gallucci, Sophie R; 2019-22; Cymbals
Galuska, Katie; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Galvin, Lisa A (Cozad); 1979-83,2005; Alto horn, Grad Asst Director, Asst Director
Gambill, Nate; 2017-21; Quint-Tom
Gamble, W W; 1907
Gammage, Richard K*; 1972-75; Drum Major (Obit)
Gandert, William F*; 1944-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Gang, Donald T; 1986-89; Sousaphone
Ganger, Robert M*; 1921-24; Trombone
Gangidine-Daley, Kyle J; 2012-13
Gannon, Diane L (Oehlenschlager); 1977-79; Baritone
Gannon, Russell R*; 1920-24; Trombone
Gano, Scott A; 1989-93; Efer
Ganos, Alexis (Krenitsky); 2005-08; Mellophone
Garber, Dwight L*; 1934-37; Tenor Horn
Garber, H S; 1909
Gardner, Dean; 1994-95; Trumpet
Gardner, Heidi; 2002-03; Mellophone
Garee, James F; 1975-79; Trumpet
Garik, Michael; 2007,09-10; Efer
Garland, Wilbur L*; 1954
Garman, Cora-Leigh; 2004-07; Trumpet
Garmhausen, E J; 1907
Garner, Andrew; 2007; Mellophone
Garner, Barbara E (Bishop); 1956-57; Librarian
Garner, Harry M*; 1944
Garner, Jennifer (Gehres); 2003-06; Flugel horn
Garnett, Rodney*; 1950
Garr, David F; 1977-80; Flugel horn, Efer
Garrett, Clay; 2010-12; Efer
Garrett, Jack W*; 1946 (Obit)
Garrett, Sharon M (Murphy); 1959-62; Librarian
Garstick, Larry A; 1976-78; Trombone
Garver, Charles F*
Garver, Lee W*
Garver, Lester W*
Garvey, William; 2023; Trumpet
Garwig, John E; 1979-80; Baritone
Garwig, Dr Robert A; 1973-76; Baritone
Gary, Carlos; 1988; Trombone
Gaskell, Sarah A (Steffen); 1994-97; Trumpet
Gasson, Charles E; 1924
Gasson, Vernon J*
Gast III, Robert H; 1998-2002; Baritone
Gastier, John L*; 1936; Alto Horn
Gates, H M*; 1882
Gates, M E; 1904
Gates, Robert B*; 1939-41; Alto horn (Obit)
Gates, Tracey L (Karhoff); 1988-91; Alto horn
Gates, U P*; 1896
Gatewood, Harold; 1950
Gatrell, Robert M*
Gauer, Julia L; 2013-15; Baritone
Gawdyda, Robert; 2023; Sousaphone
Gay, Geoffrey; 1999-2002; A/V Staff
Gay, Sarah; 2001-05; Trumpet
Gaylord, L E; 1922
Gearhart, George H*
Gebhardt, Elwood F; 1960
Geckler, Charles E*; 1935-37; Efer
Geese, R J; 1964; Baritone
Geesey, J Robert*; 1948-50; Bass Drum
Gegenheimer, Charles M*
Gehres, Joseph A*; 1882
Gehres, Wilmer S; 1907
Gehring, Louis W*
Gehrisch, Philip A; 1971-72; Trumpet
Geib, Matthew; 1996-2000; Baritone
Geiger, Andrew S; 2000-04; Sousaphone
Geiger, Harold L*; 1938-40; Trumpet
Geil, Elizabeth; 2018-22; Mellophone
Geisinger, Archie L*; 1911
Geist, Norman J; 1958-59; Alto horn
Gelsinger, Shawn E; 2001-05; Baritone
Gendrich, Daniel T; 1972-73; Sousaphone
Gentile, Allison; 1995-99; Efer
Gentile, Raymond V*; 1950-52; Baritone (Obit)
Gentry, Richard R; 1963
Georgas, Sotiris G “Sam”; 1990-92,94-95; Alto horn
George, Alan R; 2012-14; Trombone
George, Esther M (Achtner); 1978-79,81-83; Alto horn
George, Jack M; 1953-54; Trumpet
George, Rev Malvin L*; 1945-48; Tenor horn (Obit)
George, Samuel; 2018,20-23; Baritone, Sousaphone
Gerardi, Joseph A; 1986-90; Trumpet
Gerber, Christopher; 2016-17; Mellophone
Gerber, Dr Mary C; 1997-99; Bass drum
Gerber, Patience (Presutti); 1999-2001; Trumpet
Gerhard, Alexander D; 2009; Trumpet
Gerkin, Adam H; 1990-94; Baritone
Gerlach, Gary T*; 1958-59; Baritone, Tenor horn (Obit)
Gerlak, Frank S; 1960-62; Trombone
Germain, Herbert L*
Gerstner, Eric L; 1982-86; Manager
Gerstner, Matthew; 2022-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Gerstner, Stephen; 2021-23; Trumpet
Geruntino, Jennifer K (Boyee); 2004-08; Baritone
Geruntino, Nicholas J; 2002-06; Cymbals
Gerwit, Grant; 2017-20; Trumpet
Getson, Daniel C; 2003-07; Flugel horn
Gettinger, Larry G*; 1961; Alto horn
Ghadiali, Neil N; 1994-98; Trumpet
Giampetro, Frank L; 1954; Alto horn
Gibbons Jr, Thomas H; 1964-65; Sousaphone
Gibbs, Alvin E*; 1918-22; Clarinet
Gibbs, Jason; 2010; Trumpet
Gibbs, Keaton; 2020; D-Squad
Gibbs, Norman S*; 1937-38; Sousaphone
Gibbs, Thomas P; 1924
Gibson, Ethan; 1996-99; Manager
Gibson, James*; 1943
Gibson, Roger M*; 1950-52; Trombone (Obit)
Gibson, Sarah; 2016-19; Baritone
Gibson, Stacy M; 2014-18; Flugel horn
Gibson, Walter S; 1925
Gieser, Gary A; 1961-63; Flugel horn
Giffin, David; 2014-18; Manager, Trombone
Giffin, Elizabeth J (Heath); 1984-87; Trombone
Giffin, Kathleen; 2018-21; Trombone
Giffin, Rachel; 2020-22; Manager, Student Staff
Giffin, William H; 2014-18; Trombone
Giffin, William Y; 1982-86; Trombone
Gilbert, Donald H*; 1935-39; Baritone
Gilbert, Edgar A*; 1893
Gilbert, Gary M; 1967,69-70; Trumpet
Gilbert, John C; 1971-74; Snare
Gilbert, Maurice C*; 1928
Gilbert, Rexford W; 1907; Snare
Gilbert, Richard M; 1945,47-48; Trumpet
Gilbert, Stephen P; 1980-84; Trumpet, Efer
Gilcrest, John H*; 1956; Sousaphone (Obit)
Giles, Carl D; 1974-76,79,83; Trombone, Baritone
Giles, Thomas; 2023; Bass drum
Gilhousen, Klein C*; 1936; Trumpet
Gilicinski, Nicholas W; 2020-23; Baritone
Gilicinski, William; 2022-23; Trumpet
Giljahn, Andrew W; 2010-13; Flugel horn
Gill, Adelbert D*; Sousaphone
Gill, Brian C; 2005-09; Bass drum
Gill, Ernest L*; 1964
Gill, Joseph W*; Trumpet
Gill II, Sterling E; 1967-70; Trumpet
Gillaspie, Alan D*; 1991-94; Sousaphone (Obit)
Gilles, Michael L; 1984; Trumpet
Gillespie, William H*; 1944-47; Cymbals (Obit)
Gillette, Audrey; 2009-11; Mellophone
Gilliland, Erin E; 1988-90; Trumpet
Gilliland, Remington J; 2014-18; Trumpet
Gilliland, Stanton C*; 1955-59; Trumpet (Obit)
Gillom, Dennis; 1966
Gilmore, Bruce C; 1977-78; Trombone
Gilmore, Chrystal D; 1993-95; Baritone
Gilson, Richard*; 1933
Ginn, Wesley D*; 1932
Ginnan, Rev Andrew R; 2008-11; Manager, Head Manager
Ginsberg, Michael I; 1972-73; Manager
Ginter, Mack J; 1917
Ginther, Nelson R*; Trombone
Ginther, Robert F*; 1949-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Giordan, J Henry*; 1934
Gittinger, Delbert M*; 1968-69; Alto Horn (Obit)
Given, K J; 1906
Gladman, Herman; 1936; Sousaphone
Glass, John; 1949
Glass, Robert R*; 1939-40; Trumpet
Gleason, John Q*; 1890
Gleckler, Hannah M; 2010-14; Mellophone
Gleich, Daniel; 1997; Mellophone
Glessner, Robert F*; 1960-61; Baritone
Glett, Debra E; 1980-82; Alto horn
Gliatas, John T; 1988-92; Trumpet
Glick OD, David D; 1953-57; Efer
Glick, Karl E*
Glickman, Marshall L*; 1953-55; Baritone
Glorioso, Jacob; 2018-22; Manager, Student Staff
Glorioso, Joshua; 2001-05; Quad-Tom
Glover, J Brent; 2010-14; Trumpet
Glover, J Clinton; 1980-84; Trumpet
Glover, Mindy S (Burke); 1982-85; Alto horn
Gluhm, Frank N; Snare
Gmetro, Samuel; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Goben, Leland L; 1922
Goda, Ernest A; 1934
Goeke, Clarence R*
Goettemoeller, Andrew S; 2009-10; Sousaphone
Goettemoeller, Michael V; 1990-94; Trombone
Goetz, Matthew A; 2002; Sousaphone
Goetz, Richard E*
Goetzman, Jerry W; Baritone
Goins, Harry*; 1937
Goins, Robert A; 1983; Sousaphone
Gold, Jennifer A; 1996-99; Trumpet
Goldberg, Irving P; 1973-76; Sousaphone
Golde, Daniel; 2000-02; Trombone
Golden, Bethany N (Ritchie); 1998-2001; Cymbals
Golden, Brian J; 1995-99; Bass drum
Golden, Sol*; 1932
Golden, Suzanne; 2002-03; Secretary
Goldman, Samuel R; 1924
Goldrich, James S; 1948-51; Trumpet
Goldsbury, Dr Joseph W*; 1946-49; Trombonium (Obit)
Goltz, Glenn E*; 1934-36,56; Trombone
Goltz, Glenn H*; 1956
Goltzene, Collin; 2017-19; Baritone
Gonya, Stephanie M (Scherger); 2005; Cymbals
Good, James D; 1979-81; Sousaphone
Goodenow, Patricia S (Storch); 1967-69; Librarian
Goodhew, Edward R; 1911
Goodman, Lawrence A; 1982-84; Trumpet
Goodman, Thomas A; 1976-80; Sousaphone
Goodrich, Arianna; 2019-22; Trumpet
Goodsite, Jeffrey P*; 1969-70; Manager
Gordon, Craig A; 1977-81; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Gordon, Daniel W; 1976-79; Trumpet
Gordon, David; 1995-97; Trumpet
Gordon, Eugene H; 1912
Gordon, Jack W*; 1945; Trumpet
Gordon, James A*; 1949-50; Trumpet
Gordon, Marcia (Boyd); 1983; Trumpet
Gordon, Nathan I; 1956-57; Trumpet
Gordon, Robert E; 1921
Gore, George*; 1941
Gorsuch, Dr Arthur B; 1925-27; Saxophone
Gortner, Ed; 1989-93; Sousaphone
Gorzynski, Edward*; 1930
Gough, James N*; 1961; Baritone
Gow, David T*; 1935
Graber, C C; 1907
Graber, James M; 1964-67; Trumpet
Graber, Raymond C*; 1928-31; French horn
Grabo, Timothy; 1987-90; Trombone
Grad, Jules B*; 1932-36; Bass Drum
Graf, Michelle R; 1978-82; Drum Major
Graff, Hart F*; 1940; Efer
Graham, F W; 1901
Graham, Joseph W*; 1934
Grant, David W; 1981; Alto horn
Grants, Larisa I; 2013-14; Trumpet
Granville, Kenneth R; 1958; Baritone (Obit)
Grashel, Dr John W; 1965-69; Trumpet
Grauer, John A; 1944; Clarinet
Gray, Emily M; 2002-06; Flugel horn
Gray, Frank; 1962
Gray, Genevive N; 2015-16,18-21; Mellophone
Gray, John C; 1959-62; Snare
Gray, Mark A; 1982; Duo
Gray, Stephen B*; 1974
Green, Charles E; 1981-82; Drum Major
Green, David C*; 1953
Green, Harlin F*
Green, Dr James L; 1966-68; Snare
Green, John G*; 1921-24; Alto Horn
Green, Kerry R (Renker); 1992-94; Trio
Green, Mark A; 1979-82; Trombone
Green, Robert; 1968; Alto horn
Greenberg, Nathan; 2022-23; Trombone
Greenburg, Nick; 2017-19; Snare
Greene, Cyrus T*; 1945-46; Trumpet
Greene, Evan M; 2008-12; Trumpet, Efer
Greene, Nathan W; 2000-04; Bass drum
Greener, Ted S*; 1952
Greenfield, Andrew; 2010-12; Flugel horn
Greenlees, Carter; 2021-23; Baritone
Greenspun, Harry E*
Greenwood, Mark*; 1968; Baritone
Greggerson, Charles S; 2003-06; Baritone
Gregory, Charlene (Johnston); 2000-02; Seamstress
Gregory, Kristi; 1998-2001; Staff
Gregory, Matthew; 2015-19; Trombone
Gregory, Dr Ronald D*; 1935-40; Efer
Gregory, Thomas B (Grigorowicz); 1959-61; Cymbals
Greiner, Frederick J*; 1942; Trumpet
Gretchko, Darren T; 2002-04; Snare
Greulich, Pamela S; 1989-91; Trumpet
Greulich, Payton; 2021-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Griebel, Brian R; 1977; Trombone
Griesemer, Richard A*; 1947-49,51-53,55; Efer
Griffin, Fred S*
Griffin, T; 1906
Griffin, William H; 1959,61; Bass drum
Griffith, George A; 1921
Griffith, Karen L; 1973-74; Efer
Griffith, Thomas E; 1987-91; Trumpet
Griffith, Wendell T*; 1934-35; Trumpet
Griffiths, Brian J; 2015-19; Baritone
Griggs, Donald E*; 1928
Grigsby, Dr John R; 1949,52; Trumpet
Grimes, H Philip; 1978-81; Bass Drum
Grimm, David F; 1969-72; Bass drum
Grimm, Rebecca M; 2006; Mellophone
Grimmer, Jennifer E; 2012-14; Trumpet
Grimmer, Lone E*; 1923
Grinch, Dean S; 1974; Sousaphone
Griner, Gary M; 1956; Alto horn
Griner, Ned B*; 1933
Groff, Floyd C*; 1938-42
Groff, Jeffrey L; 1976-79; Trombonium
Groff, Karen H (Heber); 1976-79; Alto horn
Groom, David W; 1956-58; Snare
Grooms, Connor W; 2014-18; Trombone
Grosse, Sarah (Schneider); 1996-97; Trumpet
Grossman, James A*; 1936; Trumpet
Grossman, Justin; 1997-2001; Baritone
Grossman, Kyle B; 2009-13; Sousaphone
Grossman, Richard W*; 1938
Grossman, Robert E; 1968-71; Trombonium
Grosvenor, Theodore P*
Grove, James D; 1993-96; Baritone
Grove, Lisa M (Traugh); 1991-94; Trumpet
Grovenor, Fred B; 1905
Groves, Matthew; 2003-07; Flugel horn
Grubbe, Douglas; 2000-01; Trumpet
Grubs, Harold D; 1964-67; Baritone
Gruebmeyer Jr, Orville W; 1957-58; Trumpet
Grugin, Stephen D; 1975-78; Trombone
Grulke, Bruce; 1972
Grunden, John B*; 1964-67; Trumpet (Obit)
Grundman, Clare E*
Grunewald, Bradley K; 1975-80; Duo
Guard, Charles L
Gudde, Paul; 1990-93; Manager
Gudde-Herman, Carolyn M (Gudde); 1989-91; Librarian
Gue, G E; 1907
Guendelsberger, Chad; 1998-99; Trombone
Guertal, Elizabeth A; 1981-84; Alto Horn
Guertal, William R; 1979-83; Trumpet
Guesman, Joshua; 2016-18; D-Squad, Baritone
Guess, Curtis*; 1951
Guest, Hayley; 2015-16; Bass drum
Guilford, Conley*; 1930
Guilford, Frank R; 1901
Guirreri, Matthew S; 1997-2001; Baritone
Guisinger, Ronald G; 1965-69; Trumpet
Guittard, Claude B*; 1893
Guittard, Virgil D*; 1893
Gulcher, Robert H*; 1943; Drum Major (Obit)
Gulick, Jeffrey V; 1981-85; Sousaphone
Gulick, Max; 2008-10; Efer
Gump, Don M*; 1934-37; Trumpet
Gunderman, Paul W; 1924
Gundy, John T*; 1944
Gurlaskie, Emilie D (Weiler); 1984-88; Cymbals
Guth, Eric A; 1976-77; Trombone
Gutheil, Otto F; 1917
Guy, Paul W*; 1943-44; Sousaphone
Guy, Richard S*; 1944
Guzay, David A*; 1962; Percussion
Gyde, Andrew; 2009-12; Trombone
Haack, Lauren; 2015-18; Mellophone
Haas, Jennifer; 1988-91; Efer
Haas, Dr Kevin A; 1991-95; Snare
Haas, M Eugene*; 1934,36; Alto horn
Haas, Maurice E*; 1934,36; Alto horn (Obit)
Haas, Dr Stephen J; 1982-86; Baritone
Haase, William E*; 1950-54; Trumpet (Obit)
Haban, Joseph C*
Haban, Thomas A*; 1948-49; Trumpet, Manager (Obit)
Hablitzel, Corwin D*; 1930-34; Clarinet
Hack, Makenna P; 2019-23; Mellophone
Hacker, Sandra H (Hartman); 1983-84; Trombone
Hackney, William W*
Hadden, Ray C; 1957
Hadley, Dr Herbert H*; 1939; Alto horn
Hadley, Robert J*; 1956-59; Alto horn (Obit)
Haehn, Jacob A; 2018-22; Trumpet
Haemmerlein, Donald V; 1943,45-46; Baritone
Hague, Harry W; 1962; Baritone
Hahn, Charles L*; 1947-50; Baritone, Tenor horn (Obit)
Hahn, Forrest W*
Hainen, Nicholas O; 1959-62; Sousaphone
Hainen MD, Dr Ronald L; 1965-66; Baritone
Hainen, Stephen N; 1982-86; Sousaphone
Haines, Andrew W; 2021-23; Bass drum
Haines, Christopher L; 1980-84; Trumpet
Haines, Howard F; 1922
Haines, Jacob; 2020-22; Trumpet
Haines, William L; 1940
Hainline, Carri; 1997-2001; Mellophone
Haldeman, David J; 1963-66; Trombonium, Baritone
Haldeman, Robert*; 1936; Alto horn
Hale, Harold H*; 1945-48; Clarinet
Hale, Robert C*; 1926
Haley, William; 1968; Trumpet
Half, Shayna J; 2010-14; D-Squad, Flugel horn
Hall, Alexander H; 2009-13; Trombone
Hall, Andrew W; 2009-13; Trombone
Hall, Augustus A*; 1923-25; Drum Major
Hall, Cardiff; 1988-90; Sousaphone
Hall, Charles R; 1904
Hall, Douglas A; 1982-86; Trombone
Hall, Glenn; 1988-90; Trombone
Hall, Gregory F; 2012-16; Trombone
Hall, Harold L; 1947-50; Sousaphone
Hall, John J; 1945
Hall, Katie (Herbert); 1998-2000; Trumpet
Hall, Leland S*; 1922-27; Saxophone
Hall, Luman B; 1921
Hall, Robert Christopher; 1965-69; Trumpet
Hall, Robert S; 1936; Efer
Hall, Roger A; 1971
Hall, Dr Thomas C; 1967-71; Trombone
Hall, William R*; 1964-66,68; Baritone (Obit)
Hallas, A Jon*; 1971-73; Baritone (Obit)
Haller, Alton P; 1945
Haller, Chris; 2003-04; Mellophone
Halliday, Robert W*; 1937-38; Snare
Halsey, James W*; 1928
Halter, Joshua P; 2006-09; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Ham, Charles M*; 1936; Trombone
Hamilton, Henry H; 1904
Hamilton, John W*; 1934-35; Trumpet
Hamilton, Kristoffer; 2015-16; D-Squad
Hamilton, Morton H*; 1976-80; Trumpet
Hamilton, Paul I; 1909
Hamilton, Dr Richard L; 1957-58; Baritone
Hamilton, Ronald; 1966
Hamilton, Ronald C; 1944; Clarinet
Hamilton, Dr Ted H*; 1969-70; Baritone
Hamlin, Robert H*; 1940
Hamm, Craig M; 1994-97; Trombone
Hammel, Lee A; 1959
Hammel, S Kelley; 1986-88; Baritone
Hammerle, David; 1995-99; Trumpet
Hammerschmidt, Andrew L; 1932-33; Clarinet
Hammerschmidt, William W*; 1975-79; Trumpet
Hammersmith, Robert E; 1990-94; Sousaphone
Hammitt Jr, C Clark*; 1935-39; Snare
Hammitt, John K; 1950-51; Snare
Hammon, Craig
Hammond, Benjamin J; 2000-04; Mellophone
Hammond, Francis*; 1934
Hammond, John R; 1950-54; Trumpet
Hammond, William J; 1959
Hampel, Thomas A; 1971-72; Flugel horn
Hampton, Terry L; 1971-74; Baritone, Trombonium
Hanan, Douglas B*; 1968; Sousaphone
Hancet, John; 1936
Hand Jr, Ronald; 1969; Trumpet
Hand, Walter A; 1923
Hanely, Jason; 2004-06; Manager
Haner, J L*; 1886
Hanes, C Ramond*; 1920-24; Trombone
Hanes, Timothy A; 1981-82; Baritone
Haning, Robert K; 1947-50; Tenor horn
Hanlin, J Geary; 1940-41; Trumpet
Hann, Michelle A (Smith); 1995-98; Trumpet
Hann, Randy A; 1995-98; Sousaphone
Hanna, George R; 1911
Hanna, Harley A*; 1934
Hanna, Jeffrey B; 1992-95; Alto horn
Hanna, R; 1912
Hanna, Robert D*; 1979-83; Trombone
Hannan, Blake; 1938
Hannan, Ronald J; 1975-79; Flugel horn
Hannes, Frederick M; 1959
Hansberger, Richard B*; 1941; Sousaphone
Hansen, Dwight D; 1963-67; Trombonium, Tenor horn
Hanson, Cameron; 2017-18; Manager
Hanson, Ola B*; 1949-52; Trombone
Hanson, Ryan P; 1988-92; Baritone
Hanson, Stephanie; 2015; Baritone
Hanson, Stephen M; 1992-96; Efer
Haraway, Charles M; 1955-59; Trumpet
Harbison, Emily; 2022-23; Cymbals
Harbrecht, Phil J*
Harcha Jr, Howard H; 1944; Saxophone (Obit)
Harcha, Russell; 1975
Harden, Stephen D; 1957
Hardenbrook Jr, James M; 1971-75; Efer
Hardgrove, Ralph M*
Harding, David L; 1973-77; Trumpet
Harding, Dianne K (Hossler); 1977-78; Alto horn
Hardy, Franklin P; 1925
Hardy, Kim L; 1973-77; Trombone
Hare, Austin; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Hare, Bryan; 2015-19; Quint-Tom
Harfmann, Dr Katya L; 2002-05; Flugel horn
Harman, Frank K; 1929-31; Baritone
Harman, Kristen; 2007-08; Trombone
Harman, Dr Thomas F; 1970-71; Sousaphone
Harmon, Ashley M “Ash”; 2021-22; D-Squad
Harned, Kenneth A; 1985-89; Trumpet
Harned, Roger D; 1969-71; Baritone
Harner, John H; 1967-70; Trumpet
Harner, Megan; 2016; Sousaphone
Harper, Adeline; 2022-23; Mellophone
Harper, Gregory T*; 1964-67; Baritone
Harper, Larry W*; 1951; Baritone, Trombone (Obit)
Harper, Robert B “Link”; 1962-64; Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Harper, William M; 1950
Harriman, Glenn K*; 1940-43,45; Trombone (Obit)
Harriman, Jeffrey G; 1971-75; Trumpet
Harriman, Matthew; 2000-04; Trumpet
Harrington, Emily J (Sharrock); 1997-98; Mellophone
Harris, Charles W; 1937-39; Trumpet, Efer
Harris, Cheryl S; 1982; Trumpet
Harris, Cody A; 2016-21; Flugel horn
Harris, David; 2016-17; Bass drum
Harris, Eugene M*; 1941-43; Alto Horn
Harris, Gordon K*; 1932-34; French Horn (Obit)
Harris, John; 1983; Drum Major
Harris, Lydel*; 1950
Harris, Nathan D; 2004-08; Mellophone
Harris, Richard L*
Harris, Ryan; 2018-23; Snare
Harris, Sevy R; 2011-13; Mellophone
Harris, Walter C*; 1891
Harrison, Grace (Geisman); 1986; Alto horn
Harrison, Leland L*; 1945
Harrison, Martha J (Woebkenberg); 1983-87; Manager
Harstine, Emmet L*; 1941-42,47; Sousaphone
Harstine, Richard F; 1959; Trumpet
Hart, Bruce T; 1979-83; Drum Major, D-Squad
Hart, Charles S; 1904
Hart, Edward W*; 1953-58; Trumpet
Hart, Ira L*; 1956-60; Cymbals, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major (Obit)
Hart, James A; 1971
Hart, Lori; 2006-07; Trombone
Hartenstein, A L; 1921
Harter, David A; 1977-80; Snare
Harter, J H*; 1893
Harter, Kevin; 2005-09; Trumpet
Harting, Kristen N (McFeely); 1995-96,98-99; Sousaphone
Hartley, Robert W*; Trombone
Hartman, Dennis R; 1967-73; Trombonium
Hartman, Elmer C; 1930-35; Trumpet
Hartman, Eric W
Hartman, Gregory P; 1984-86; Trombone
Hartman, Mark T; 2010-13; Snare
Hartman, Robert C; 1947-49,53; Trumpet
Hartman, Stanley E; 1967-71; Baritone
Hartman, Thomas M; 1981-85; Baritone
Hartpence, Craig; 1968-69; Trombone
Hartrum, Thomas C; 1963-70; Trumpet
Hartstein, Andrew; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Hartwig, Lawrence L*; 1968-72; Alto horn
Harvey, George; 1952
Harvey, Sherman L*; 1893
Hasan, Adel N; 2011-14; Mellophone
Haseltine, William E*; 1889
Haskell, Wendy K (Kraft); 1977-79; Alto horn
Hassan, Erik; 2008-10; Sousaphone
Hassay, Blake; 2020-23; Trumpet
Hasson, Paul L; 1923
Hasty, John*; 1943
Hatfield, Chris; 1992; Trumpet
Hatfield, Herschel*; 1936; Trombone
Hatfield, Dr John A; 1982-84; Trumpet, Efer
Hathaway, Brian M; 2010-14; Trumpet
Hathaway, J Scott; 1989-93; Trumpet
Hathaway, Maxwell; 2020,22-23; Trumpet
Hathaway, Stacy J (Stalter); 1990-93; Librarian
Hathhorn, Thomas G; 1957-60; Alto horn
Hauck, Chester; 1921
Haught, Jared; 2020; Trumpet
Hauke, A G; 1903
Haunty, John J*; 1954-56; Snare (Obit)
Haupt, Jack
Haupt, Natassisa; 2010; Mellophone
Hauptmann, Dr Gerhard A; 1960; Efer
Hauser, Kristin L (Oberdier); 1988; Baritone
Havens, Daniel; 2018-22; Mellophone
Havens, Walter*; 1933
Havenstein, Roger; 1944
Haverfield, Harold H; 1921
Havrilla, Judith L (Aldrich); 1991-93; Efer
Hawk, Kyle D; 2019; Manager
Hawkins, Cody; 2014-18; Trumpet
Hawkins, Kevin L; 1981; Manager
Hawkins, Michael B*; 1960-63; Sousaphone (Obit)
Hawley, Andy; 2002-04; A/V Staff
Hawley, Matthew R; 1997-98; Trumpet
Hawley, Melanie (Johnson); 2008-09; Trumpet
Hawley, William D; 1995-97; Baritone
Haworth, D Richard; 1970; Alto horn
Hawthorne, Frances C (Foote); 1963-64; Librarian
Hawthorne, Roy J; 1962-65; Baritone
Haxton, Donald J*; 1941-42 (Obit)
Hay, Earl E*
Hay, Emily A (Keller); 1992-96; Manager
Hay, John M*; 1936; Trumpet
Hayden, Dr Charles E*; 1950-52; Sousaphone (Obit)
Hayduk, George*; 1930
Hayes, Diana R (Reddick); 2008-09; Trumpet
Hayes, Erick; 1991-93,95; Trombone
Hayes, Larry D; 1971-73; Baritone
Hayman, Jeffrey T; 1979-81; Trombone
Haynes, John M*
Haynes-Henry, Lisa K (Haynes); 1978-81; Sousaphone
Haynie, F S; 1907
Hays, Daniel J; 2013-15; Bass drum
Headley, Erin M (Horton); 1999-2003; Baritone
Headley, Paul R; 1999-2002; Snare
Headley, Randall P; 1965-69; Snare
Headley, Ross S; 1997-2001; Trombone
Headline, T H; 1921
Heard, Matthew J; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Hearing, Rodney E*; 1938-41; Sousaphone
Hearst III, James L; 1964-71; Manager
Heath, Brianna; 2020,23; Trombone
Heath, Scott A; 1986-90; Baritone
Heath, Stephen P; 1989-93; Trumpet
Heck, J Jeffrey; 1978-81; Sousaphone
Heck, Dr Walter W*; 1944; Trumpet (Obit)
Hecker, Harold O*; 1930-34; Woodwind
Heckethorn, Joel; 1994; Sousaphone
Heddleston, Russell A*; 1927-32; Saxophone
Hedges Jr, C David; 1955
Hedges, Chester; 1935
Hedges, Robert E*; 1932-33; Woodwind
Hedrick, Niccole; 2006-07; Trumpet
Heffner, Zachary; 2021-23; Trumpet, Efer
Heflin, Robert A; 1962; Trumpet
Hegele, August J; 1904
Hehr, Dr Milton G*; 1946; Bass drum (Obit)
Heiberger, Ken; 1968-71; Alto horn
Heichel, Robert M*
Heigley, Rebecca L; 1991-92; Seamstress
Heilshorn, Sawyer; 2017-21; Baritone
Heiman, Leonard L
Heimlich, Edwin J*; 1941; Trumpet
Heimlich, Fred*; 1941
Heine, James D; 1993-96; Sousaphone
Heine, Richard W*; 1935-39; Clarinet, Tenor horn, Arranger (Obit)
Heinhold, Christopher J; 1987-90; Trombone
Heinlen, Brad; 2008-10; Manager
Heinlen, Calvin X*; 1925-29; Trumpet
Heinlen, Glenn F*
Heinold, Sam; 2006-08; Asst Drum Major
Heintz, Griffin; 2020-23; Trombone
Heiss, Eric J; 1977-80; Baritone
Helbing, Rachel R; 2016-18; Manager
Held, Harold A; 1937
Helfrich, Robert; 1985; Manager
Helfrich, Susan G (Rencehausen); 1982-86; Cymbals
Heller, Matthew B; 2005-09; Sousaphone
Heller, William A*; 1944
Hellstrom, Charles E; 2005-09; Trombone
Hellwig, Robert E; 1944; Trombonium
Helm, Rohe F*; 1950-54; Tenor horn
Hemeyer, Terry; 1956-60; Trombonium
Hempstead, C Addison*; 1929-31; Clarinet
Hendershott, Maurice C; 1921
Henderson, George E*; 1926-29; Trombone
Henderson, Harold L*
Henderson, Harold A*; 1927
Henderson, Robert R*; 1924-29; Snare
Hengen, Robert J; 1965-66; Sousaphone
Henkel, Lana J (Jolley)*; 1987-88; A/V Staff (Obit)
Henkel, Russell W; 1985-89; Snare
Hennessey, Owen; 2019-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Hennig, Justin R; 2008-11; Trombone
Henning, Brian J; 1971-72; Baritone
Henry, Andy F*; 1940
Henry, I Wayne; 1992-96; Trumpet
Henry, Jack R*; 1936; Baritone
Henry, Jacob; 2014-17; Trumpet
Henry, Larry O; 1963-66; Sousaphone
Henry, Logan; 2023; Trumpet
Henry, Michael A “Buck”; 1972-74; Flugel horn
Henry, Scott W; 1988; D-Squad
Henschen, John H*; 1945
Hensley, Carolyn; 2022-23; Trumpet
Hepke, G A; 1910
Heppner, Erich E
Herak, Diana D (Droste); 1988-92; Baritone
Herak, Patrick J; 1991-95; Baritone
Herald, Everett; 2023; Trumpet
Herbert, Paul M; 1979-82; Snare
Herd, Lloyd O*; 1929-31; Trombone
Herder, Mark A; 1984-88; Trombone
Herderick, Terry L; 1977; Trumpet
Hering, Keith; 1967; Baritone
Hering, Stephen D; 2002; Baritone
Herl, Oren E*
Herman, Gary C; 1988; Trumpet
Herman, Norman A; 1955-56; Snare
Herman, Steven R; 2005-09; Trumpet
Hernandez, Matt; 2008-10; Baritone
Hernes, Robert C; 1906
Herold, John F*; 1932-34; Clarinet
Herold, Paul G*
Herrick, John H*; 1925-28; Clarinet
Herring, Michael; 2022-23; Trombone
Herrman, George W; 1963-64; Trombonium
Herrmann, Richard; 1943
Herron Jr, Dr Gail C; 1962-66; Baritone
Herron, Roger D; 1962-67; Trumpet
Hersch, Jerome B*; 1943
Hersch, Thomas J “TJ”; 1994-97; Baritone
Hersh, Ray E; 1917
Hershberger, Andreas; 2002-03; Trumpet
Heselton, Craig A; 1969-74; Trumpet
Heslet, Todd; 1985-87; Drum Major
Hess, Charlene R
Hess, Charles R*
Hetzel, Dr William A*; 1967; Efer (Obit)
Heussner, Ralph C
Hewitt, Robert A*; 1951
Heydinger, Mark A; 1981-84; Manager
Heyman, Isaiah; 2022; D-Squad
Hickey, George L*; 1943
Hickey, Gregory A; 2013-16; Flugel horn
Hicks, Benjamin L; 1967-70; Cymbals
Hicks, Ernest L*; 1936; Alto Horn
Hicks, Kylie; 2021-23; Trumpet
Hicks DDS, MS, M Lamar; 1957-58; Trumpet
Hicks, Robert W*; 1936-39; Trumpet
Hicks, Robert L*; 1964-68; Trumpet (Obit)
Hiehle, Gregory J; 1980-84; Trombone
Hiestand, Brian C; 1990,92-93,95; Manager
Hiffner, Barry A; 1988-91; Trumpet
Higbee, Charles E*; 1878
Higgins, Carol E (Evans)*; 1981-84; Sousaphone (Obit)
Higgins, Laura S; 1986-89; Alto horn
Higgs, David K; 1980; Baritone
Higgs, Robert V; 1977-81; Sousaphone
High, C W*; 1893
Highman, Richard C; 1963; Alto horn
Highman, Robert E; 1952-55; Alto horn
Hightower, John; 1964
Hightshoe, Robert B*; 1939-41; Trumpet (Obit)
Higley, Bernard R*
Higley, Charles W*; 1935-37; Sousaphone
Hildreth, Dale L; 1974-76; Inst Manager, Snare
Hildreth, Douglas L; 2006-07; Snare
Hildreth, Robert D; 1979-83; Trombone
Hildreth, Roe W*; 1949-52; Sousaphone (Obit)
Hildreth, Stephen L; 1981-82; Sousaphone
Hill, F E*; 1882
Hill, Jeffrey E; 2009-13; Trumpet
Hill, Jimmie L*; 1949-51; Trumpet (Obit)
Hill, John V; 1981-84; Trumpet
Hill, Joseph F; 1961
Hill, Robert J*; 1943
Hill, Russell H; 1948-51; Trumpet
Hill, Thomas W*; 1967; Trumpet
Hill, Warren D; 1950-51; Baritone
Hill, Dr Wm Joseph; 1956-62; Trumpet
Hillenbrand, John; 2007-09; Trumpet
Hiller Freund, Reese; 2023; Trombone
Himes, Charles A*; 1944; Trombonium (Obit)
Himes, Hannah L; 2016-18; Trumpet
Hindmarch, Stanley E*; 1955-61; Trumpet (Obit)
Hine, James*; 1946
Hine, Louis A*; 1878
Hiner, Harold L*; 1941-42; Snare (Obit)
Hinerman, Lloyd*; 1927
Hines, Howard; 1922
Hines, Robert C*; 1924-27; Drum Major
Hinkle, Heather; 1993-94; Alto horn
Hinkle, Henry L; 1910
Hinkle, Robert T; 1989-93; Efer
Hinman, Harold F; 1900
Hinson, Joshua; 2000-02,04; Trombone
Hipp, G A; 1902; Drum Major
Hirn, Karl D; 1910
Hirsch, Emil G; 1913
Hiskey, George R*; 1928
Hiskey, Ralph E*; 1921
Hissong, Dr Samuel L; 1959-67; Trombone
Hissong, Thomas R; 1972-75; Trombone
Hissong, Timothy J*; 1969-72; Sousaphone (Obit)
Hitch, James F*; 1899
Hite, Clifford L*; 1935-38; Sousaphone
Hite, Earl E*; 1936-37; Alto horn
Hite, Everett C*; 1932
Hite, Howard E*; 1933; Trombone (Obit)
Hite, William A; 1971-73; Manager
Hlasten, Thomas G; 1955-58; Trumpet
Hoban, Kristin L (Rollit); 1985-88; Trumpet
Hobbs, Heather M; 2013-16; Trumpet
Hobson Jr, Bryan; 2022-23; Trumpet
Hoch, Dr Christopher D; 1995-99; Trombone, Grad Asst Director, Asst Director, Director
Hochstetler, Nathan G; 2019-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Hockin, Orlin C*; 1945-49; Snare
Hockman, Geoffrey L; 1960-63; Tenor horn
Hodges, Edwin A; 1921
Hodges, Gary H; 1970; Trumpet, Asst Director
Hoeferlin, George; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Hoefler, Ronald; 1969; Trumpet
Hoeltzel, Dr Kenneth E; 1955-59,78; Trumpet, Alto horn, Staff
Hoelzel, Gregory R; 1995-99; Snare
Hoening, Lisa M (Miller); 1997-2001; Mellophone
Hoerger, William G; 1961-63; Sousaphone, Tuba
Hoerner, Allen F*; 1953-56; Baritone
Hoerr, Harry R; 1970-75; Trumpet
Hofer, Jacob; 2020-23; Trumpet
Hofferber, Matthew; 2006-08; Trombone
Hoffman, Harvey A; 1945
Hoffman, Joe A*; 1937-38; Bass Drum
Hoffman, Murray; 1904
Hoffman, Robert H*; 1921-23; Trombone
Hoffman, William M*; 1934-38; Alto horn
Hoffmaster, Raymond G*; Baritone
Hofmann, Douglas A*; 1972-77; Baritone (Obit)
Hofstetter, Gerald W; 1925
Hogan, Albert L; 1984-88; Trumpet
Hogan, James L; 1985-89; Trumpet
Hoge, Dean R*; 1955
Hoglen, J J*; 1895; Drum Major
Hogue, Timothy; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Hoke Jr, Edward L*; 1938
Holbrook, Herman H*; 1926
Holcomb, Brandon; 2019-21; Manager
Holcomb, David; 1973
Holden, Howard*; 1927
Holden, John T; 1954-58; Trombonium
Holden, Michael D; 1960-64; Tenor horn, Trombonium
Holderbaum, Paul*; 1950-51; Snare
Holdren, Lisa M (Ricci); 2002-03; Secretary
Holdren, Mitchell A; 1999-2003; Efer
Holland, Harold L; 1924
Holleran, William E*; 1943; Flute
Holliday, Thomas G; 1980-81; Alto horn
Holliger IV, Edward Henry “Hank”; 1982-85; Trumpet
Hollinger, Chris E; 1985-88; Snare
Hollinger, J Marion; 1975-79; Trumpet, Efer
Hollinger, Kristen S (Staas); 1986-90; Trumpet
Hollingshead, James D; 1976-79; Trumpet
Holloway, Dr Julie A; 1979-82; Trombonium, Alto horn
Holmes, Charles H; 1931-34; Baritone
Holmes, James; 1966-67,69-70; Tenor horn
Holmes, Linda S; 1978-80; Trumpet
Holmes, Richard E; 1933; Picolo
Holmes, William E; 1962-66; Alto horn
Holsinger, John P; 1974-77; Sousaphone
Holt, Mariah; 2012
Holtkamp, William F
Holycross, Carl*; 1931
Holycross, Lowell B; 1923
Honigford, Katherine M; 2015; Trumpet
Hooe, W Clifford; 1956-57; Trumpet
Hook CMB, James L; 1955-58; Alto horn
Hook, Jessica L; 1987-88; Trumpet
Hook, Robert M*; 1961-65; Efer (Obit)
Hook, Thomas W*; 1953-57; Trombonium
Hooper, Ryan; 2017-20; Snare
Hoover, Douglas K; 1960-63; Trombone
Hoover, Ellis A*; 1881
Hoover, Phillip E; 1983-85; Bass drum
Hoover, Reuben B*
Hoover, Richard L; 1941-42; Sousaphone
Hoover-Fong, Dr Julie E (Hoover); 1987-90; Baritone
Hope Cunningham, Catherine M (Hope); 1995; Mellophone
Hopkins, Archie L*
Hopkins, Cornell; 1960-61; Sousaphone
Hopkins, George H*
Hopkins II, Dr Gregory R; 2003-05; Snare
Hopkins, Phil; 1960
Hopkins, Roy*; 1896; Drum Major
Hopkins, William A*; 1936; Sousaphone
Hoppel, Charles; 1930
Hopwood, Arthur*; 1934
Horch, Phillip A; 1957-61; Trumpet
Horchler, Donn H; 1943; Woodwind
Horgan, Jeffrey D; 1983-84; Trumpet
Horing, J Y; 1903
Horn, Christopher P; 1972-75; Trombonium
Hornak, Mark A; 1973-76; Bass drum
Horne, Phillip; 1998-2000; Quad-Tom
Horton, Patrick W; 1999-2003; Trombone
Horvath, Kellen; 2022-23; Mellophone
Horvath, Michael K; 1980-83; Trumpet
Horvath, Pamela R; 1982-84; Alto horn
Hosbach II, Dr Edward E; 1978-81; Trumpet, Efer
Hosey, Clarence R; 1925
Hosler, Dr Daniel H; 1944-47; Alto horn
Hosler, Katie; 2015-17; Cymbals
Hosler, Merle L; 1925
Hosler, Ned Mark; 1972-75,89-91; Trumpet, Grad Asst Director
Hosler, Tom; 1941
Hosmer, Rowland F*
Hostetler, Gregory J “Greg”; 1990-94; Sousaphone
Hostetler, Hayden; 2020-23; Trombone
Hostetler, Jay K; 1977-78; Trumpet
Hostetler, Jeffrey K; 1973-77; Baritone
Hostetler, Joanna (Monter); 1993; Seamstress
Hostettler, Christopher E; 1974-78; Trombone
Hothem, Robert K*; 1943
Houk, Clifford N; 1950; Trombonium (Obit)
Houk, George W; 1973-74; Trombone
Houser, Darci L (Koontz); 1994-95; Sousaphone
Houser, Robert S; 1988-91; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Houston-Hermes, Robin C (Houston); 1982-85; Manager
Houth, Allan; 1967; Trombonium
Hoverman, Ryan P; 2000-02; Trumpet
Hoverman, Timothy P; 2009-13; Efer, Trumpet
Hoverman, Trent T; 2002-05; Trumpet
Howard, Claude R*; 1935-36; Baritone
Howard, Edwin T; 1979-82; Baritone
Howard, J W*; 1887
Howard, James E*; 1973-77; Baritone (Obit)
Howard, John J; 1971-72,74-75; Sousaphone
Howard, Samuel; 2017-21; Trumpet
Howard, Thomas C; 1976-80; Baritone
Howard, Vernon R*; 1936-39; Trumpet
Howe, Harold W; 1932-33; Alto horn
Howe, Nathan; 2023; Baritone
Howell, Brooklynn; 2016-19; Efer
Howell, Edward A*
Howell, F L; 1905
Howell, Robert T*; 1950
Howenstine, Amanda J; 1997-2001; Snare
Hower, Donald E; 1963; Grad Asst Director
Hoying, Christopher E; 2008-09; Baritone
Hoying, Steven D; 2006-08; Trumpet
Hromalik, Larry R; 1971; Sousaphone
Hubbard, Donald*; 1930
Hubbard, Frederick W*; 1878
Hubbard, J R*
Huber, Raymond H*; 1961; Trumpet
Huck, William C; 1962,64-65; Tenor horn, Baritone
Huddleston, John; 1973
Hudson, Dwight M; 1977-79; Drum Major
Hudson, Gerald P; 1962-66; Flugel horn, Alto horn
Hudson, John W*; 1922-24; Manager
Huether, Dr Carl A; 1955; Baritone, Trombonium
Huff, David E; 1954-57; Snare
Huff, Jeffrey T; 1976-78; Trumpet
Huffer, Earl W; 1912
Huffman, Dr George J; 1972-75; Trombone
Huffman, James W; 1960-64; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Huffman Jr, John M; 1978-81; Sousaphone
Huffman Sr, John M*; 1949; Alto horn
Huffman III, John M; 2002-06; Trumpet
Hufford, Jack E; 1954
Hufford, Kenneth C*; 1968-70; Trombonium (Obit)
Huggins Jr, James E; 1947
Huggins, John D*; 1940-42; Sousaphone
Hughes, David R; 1976-79,81; Trombone
Hughes, Donald L*; 1949-51; Snare
Hughes, Evan M*
Hughes, Kenneth J (Obit)
Hughes, Martin E; 1979-80; Trombone
Hughes, Ronald L*; 1965; Trumpet
Hughes, Thomas; 1946
Hughes, Walter M; 1921
Hughson, Robert E; 1924
Huhta, George J; 1925
Huhta, Toivo*
Hulbert, Harper; 1911
Hulbert, W R; 1900
Hulett, Guy S; 1945-46; Trumpet
Hull, Brice S; 1910
Huls, Charles H*; 1922; Baritone
Hulsey, James A; 1984; Trumpet
Hulsman, Richard A; 1963-66; Trombone
Humitsch, Lloyd*; 1938
Hummell, John D*; 1942; Trumpet (Obit)
Humphrey, Don D*; 1926
Humphrey, Dwight E; 1906
Humphrey, Ralph*; 1927
Hunnicutt, Suzanne W (Wenning); 1995-97; Trio
Hunt, Brent; 1996; Trumpet
Hunt, Brian M; 1977-80; Bass drum
Hunt, Charles W; 1924
Hunt, Mark; 1990-92; Trombone
Hunt, William T*; 1947; Trumpet
Hunt, William A; 1961-65; Sousaphone
Hunter,; 1937
Hunter, Steven D; 1988-92; Sousaphone
Hupp, Nicholas; 2000-01; Trumpet
Hur, Kathleen G (Watkins); 1984-87; Alto horn
Hura, Christine E; 1995-98; Trumpet
Hurd, Dr Jon R; 1963; Trumpet
Hurd, Walter L; 1949-50; Trombonium
Hurd, Wilbur L*; 1949-50; Tenor horn (Obit)
Hurdle, Charles*; 1930
Hurless, Eric T; 2004-06; Trombone
Hurley, Daniel R
Hurley, Erin L; 2007-09; Baritone
Hurley, Mark F; 1981-85; Baritone
Hurst, Dr Glenn F; 1956-57; Baritone
Hurst, Robert N*; 1930
Hurt, Jeffrey W; 1995-96; Trombone
Hurt, Marie E (Hoffman); 1998-2001; Trombone
Hurt, Spencer; 2021-23; Trumpet
Huske, William L; 1921
Hussey, Jeff A; 1983-84; Baritone
Hustek, Kyle; 2018-20; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major
Huston, Kyle A; 2004-08; Trumpet
Hutchens, Warren A; 1988-91; Efer, Trumpet
Hutcheson, Elizabeth P; 2011-14; Mellophone
Hutchings, William A; 1936-37; Trumpet
Hutchins, Hanna; 2018-22; Baritone
Hutchins, Michelle A (Cundari); 2003-04; D-Squad
Hutchinson, C Kent; 1985-88; Trombone
Hutchinson, Colleen; 2023; Trumpet
Hutchinson, Rhett M; 1993-97; Flugel horn
Hutchison, David; 1976-77
Hutchison, Sheryl L*; 1974-75; Cymbals (Obit)
Hutson, Lawrence A; 1988-89; Baritone
Hutson, Robert A; 1952-55; Alto horn
Hwang, Christine; 2010; Mellophone
Hyatt, Edward; 1908
Hyatt, Harry*; 1878
Hyatt, Harry C; 1908
Hyatt, Larry; 1968-70; Trumpet
Hyatt, Robert R*
Hyde, John M; 1978; Bass drum
Hyde, Robert; 1932
Hyde, T James*; 1952; Sousaphone
Hyder, Brayden; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Hyer, Leah J (Hankle); 1977-80; Manager
Hyer, Stephen D; 1994,96-98; Trumpet
Hyland, Cindy L; 1976; Duo
Hynick, Jeremy R; 2001-04; Baritone
Hyre, Brody; 2020-23; Sousaphone
Hyun, Oyun Ben; 2008-12; Trumpet
Iben, Kurt; 2001; Manager
Ignatz, Kerry J (Brockman); 1994-97; Alto horn, Mellophone
Ignatz, Tad W; 1993-97; Trumpet
Iimura, Sayaka; 2023; Baritone
Ike, William S*
Imes, Loren*; 1942; Trombone
Ingle, Dana A; 1978-82; Baritone
Inglis, Arthur W; 1923
Inskeep II, Daniel C*; 1969-73; Sousaphone (Obit)
Inskeep, David*; 1943; Percussion
Intorcio, Ralph L*; 1944 (Obit)
Irick, David; 2004-08; Trumpet
Irvin, Arthur J*
Irwin, Forrest; 1939
Irwin, Paul A; 1978-81; Alto horn, Trombonium
Irwin, Zach; 2017-21,23; Trombone, Sousaphone
Isaacson, Toivo*; 1936; Baritone
Isler, Luke M; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Jaberg, Kathleen A (Devine); 1984-85; Alto horn
Jackson, Aaron Cicero; 1972-77; Sousaphone
Jackson, Archer; 2017; Snare
Jackson, Douglas V; 1995-97; Snare
Jackson, James H*; 1941
Jackson, Joseph C; 1973-74; Alto horn
Jackson, Mark A; 1976-79; Trombone
Jackson, Michelle P (Ruess); 1980-84; Efer
Jackson, Nicholas A; 2012-16; Sousaphone
Jackson, Robert J; 1973-74; Trombonium
Jackson, Stacey D (Kurfiss); 1993-96; Flugel horn
Jackson, Willis E*; 1936; Baritone
Jacobs, Aaron W; 2005-08; Trumpet
Jacobs, Anthony; 2017-18; D-Squad
Jacobs, Marvin S*; 1943
Jacobs, Norman L*; 1922; Trumpet
Jacobs, R*; 1897
Jacobs, Richard G; 1973; Trombone
Jacobson, Brian C; 1993-95; Flugel horn
Jacoby, Arthur B; 1910
Jacoby, Stephen D; 1960-62; Baritone
James, Clifford L*; 1921-23; Woodwind
James, J N*; 1891
James, Kevin W; 1990-94; Baritone
Jameson, Timothy J; 1976-79; Trumpet
Jamison, Ernest*; 1932-33; French Horn
Jarzen, Joseph M; 1996; Trumpet
Jay, Charles E*; 1941-46; Efer
Jedrey, Richard; 2006,08-09; Trumpet
Jefferis, William*; 1944
Jefferson, Charles E; 1914
Jefferson, Eugene B*; 1960-62; Alto Horn
Jender, Matthew; 2009-12; Baritone
Jender, Michael R; 2004-08; Baritone
Jender, Robert W; 1979-81; Baritone
Jenkins, Brent A; 1982-86; Trombone
Jenkins, Douglas; 1969; Manager
Jenkins, Glenn D; 2019-21; Bass drum, Quint-Tom
Jenkins, Julia; 2022-23; Mellophone
Jenkins, Lesley S; 1910
Jenkins, Martin D; 1983-87; Snare
Jenkins, Richard D*; 1947
Jenkins, R Brian; 1979-83; Trumpet
Jenkins, Zachary; 2011; Trumpet
Jenkinson, Dr Edwin O; 1952; Trumpet
Jennings, C E; 1907
Jennings, Darlene M (Quigley)
Jennings, Harold E; 1956-61; Efer
Jennings, Irwin G*; 1898
Jennings, Lee B
Jennings, Mark D; 1975-77; Snare
Jennings, Otto E*; 1899
Jennings, William A*
Jerew, Bradley J; 2003-04; Trumpet
Jess, Frank; 1956
Jewell, Paul E*
Jewett, John R*; 1946; Trumpet (Obit)
Jewett, John H; 1966-67,72-74; Efer
Jiang, Brandon; 2021-23; Trumpet
Job DDS, Dr Burton W; 1967-72; Baritone
Jockett, Noah W; 2018,20-22; Sousaphone
Johanssen, John R; 1964-67; Trombone
Johanssen, Dr R Eric; 1969-73; Baritone
Johns, Adam C; 2001-05; Trombone
Johnson, Alan D*; 1952-55; Tenor horn (Obit)
Johnson, Bassel L*
Johnson, Brian H; 1984-86; Trumpet
Johnson, Bryan; 1993-94; Sousaphone
Johnson, Dale L; 1923
Johnson, David A; 1948-52; Trumpet
Johnson, David B; 1992; Sousaphone
Johnson MD, Dr Dean H*; 1941-42; Alto horn (Obit)
Johnson, Dustin R; 2002-06; Trumpet
Johnson, Earle R*; 1924-26; Woodwind
Johnson, Elton H*; 1938
Johnson, Glen R*; 1936-40; Sousaphone
Johnson, Glenn C*; 1942-46; Trumpet
Johnson, Heather; 2016-19; Trumpet
Johnson, Henry A*; 1930
Johnson, Howard; 1936; Trombone
Johnson, Jared; 2010-11; D-Squad
Johnson, Julie M (Traugh); 1989-92; Flugel horn
Johnson, Dr Katrina F (Feustel); 2000; Trumpet
Johnson, Kelly A; 2000-04; Inst Manager
Johnson, Kenneth E; 1978-81; Sousaphone
Johnson, Kevin; 2006-08; Trombone
Johnson, Laurie A (Febo); 1991-92,94; Trumpet
Johnson, Lisa M; 2003-05; Manager
Johnson, Louie; 1975-78; Snare
Johnson, Dr Lowell L; 1955; Baritone
Johnson, Mark R; 1987-90,92; Baritone
Johnson, Mike; 2008-12; Sousaphone
Johnson, Dr Ramon E*; 1952; Alto horn (Obit)
Johnson, Ray; 2020-23; Mellophone
Johnson, Raymond R; 1910
Johnson, Richard I; 1971-73; Trombonium
Johnson, Robert A
Johnson, Robert C; 1956-57; Alto horn
Johnson, Robert G*; 1950-55; Efer, Trumpet (Obit)
Johnson, Roger L; 1953; Trombone
Johnson, Russell P; 1997-2000; Trombone
Johnson, Sandra R; 1981-85; Alto horn
Johnson, Susan K; 1973-77; Snare
Johnson, Terry L; 1989-92; Snare
Johnson, Theodore C*; 1897
Johnson, Thomas L; 1973-77; Baritone
Johnson, Tom; 1991; Manager
Johnson, Tyler D; 2009-13; Trombone
Johnson, Yolanda M; 2002-04; Baritone, Trombone
Johnston, Allan; 1949
Johnston, Andrea R; 1989-91; Trumpet
Johnston, Charles E*; 1937-39; Efer
Johnston, Christy; 1995; Trombone
Johnston, Ellen M; 2013-17; Baritone
Johnston, Gerald M*; 1942; Drum Major
Johnston, John A*
Jonard, Dale; 1974
Jonard, Paul; 1973
Jonas, Christine; 1997; Mellophone
Jonas, Edwin R*; 1936; Snare
Jonas, Robert P*; 1939,46-47; Snare
Jonas, Thomas; 1994-95; Manager
Jones, Alexander S; 2009-13; Trumpet
Jones, Arthur T*
Jones II, Dr Beryl K; 1962-66; Trombone
Jones, Beth; 1995; Trombone
Jones, Burk*; 1930
Jones, Clifford E*
Jones, Donald M; 1924
Jones, Gilbert*; 1944
Jones, Joseph N*
Jones, Keith R*; 1962-66; Baritone (Obit)
Jones, Mark S; 1980-82; Trumpet
Jones, Mathew; 1994-95; Trumpet
Jones, Melissa A (Duncan); 1993,95; Trumpet
Jones, Ora R; 1921
Jones, Paul S; 1911
Jones, Ralph*; 1942
Jones, Richard L; 1939-42; Drum Major
Jones, Robert G*; 1930-36; Bass Drum
Jones, Robert M; 1964-67; Trumpet, Efer
Jones, Robert G; 1955-56; Sousaphone
Jones, Robert D; 1944; Manager
Jones, Sarah; 2021-23; Mellophone
Jones, Scott A; 1984-85; Trumpet
Jones, Dr Stephen G*; 1968; Trumpet (Obit)
Jones, T R*; 1893
Jones, T A; 1907
Jones, Tim; 1998-2000; Trombone
Jones, Vaughn R; 1936
Jones, Wendell R*; 1951-53; Snare (Obit)
Jones, Wilbur K*; 1936; Trumpet
Jordan Jr, Darrell K; 1995; Baritone
Jordan, G E*; 1893
Jordan, Jeffrey M; 1990-94; Trumpet, Efer
Jordan, Matthew S; 1956-57; Trumpet
Jordan, Stephen*; 1962; Trumpet
Jordon, Paul T; 1922
Joseph, Andrew N; 2006-09; Trombone
Joseph, Miriam; 2023; D-Squad
Joseph, William D*; 1937-41; Snare
Joseph, Zachary G; 2014-18; Baritone
Joy, Daniel K; 2005; Baritone
Joyce, David B; 1974-77; Trombonium
Joyce Jr, John P; 2010-14; Mellophone
Joyce, Robert P*
Judy, William E*; 1936-40; Baritone
Julia, Stoffiere; 2019; Baritone
Jung, Tommy; 2015-16; Trumpet
Jungbluth, Aaron G; 1990-94; Trumpet
Junkerman, Edgar B; 1910
Justice, Seth M; 2011-15; Sousaphone
Justus, Douglas J; 1982-86; Manager
Juzenas, Christopher P; 1992-96; Bass drum
Kaase, Dr Paul S*; 1943; Trombone (Obit)
Kackley, D D*
Kaenzig, Fritz A; 1970; Sousaphone
Kahler, H A*; 1882
Kahn, Mitchell; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Kahn, Robert*; 1941
Kain, Scott; 1992; Trombone
Kaiser, Samuel A; 2012-16; Flugel horn
Kalfas, Kimberly M; 1994; Alto horn
Kalgreen, Timothy; 2002-05; Mellophone
Kall, Bradley A; 1968-70; Baritone
Kallaher, Brian; 1985-88; Sousaphone
Kalmerton, Rex; 1924
Kaltenbach, Wayne F; 1917
Kancir, Phyllis M (Mattern); 1948-52; Librarian, Clarinet
Kane, Richard; 2018-21; Trombone
Kantola, Robert J; 1941
Kantz, H W; 1921
Kaplansky, Burton D; 1954
Kapp, William; 1943
Karhoff, Amanda P (Hayes); 1988-92; Flugel horn
Karhoff, Eric A; 1985-89; Trumpet
Karlo, Andrew*; 1944
Karrer, Robert C*; 1932-34; Trumpet
Kasarcik, Tommy; 2020-23; Trumpet
Kaspar, Frederick R; 1960-63; Sousaphone
Kasper, Raymond H; 1921
Katz, Edward*; 1933
Katz, Philip*; Snare
Kauffman, Gia; 1999-2001; Secretary
Kauffman, J Michael; 1988-89; Trumpet
Kautz, Hershel W; 1923
Kavanaugh, Lee H (Hill); 1978-79; Trombonium
Kaye, Barry S; 1970; Trumpet
Kaye, S Jerry*; 1942,45,47; Trumpet
Kazin, MacKenzie C; 2019-22; Mellophone
Kazsmer, Amanda; 2023; Trombone
Kearney, Kevin A; 1984-88; Trombone
Kearney, Sharon T; 1976-78; Cymbals
Kearns, William K; 1945; Trumpet
Keathley, David C; 1968; Trumpet
Keck, William W*
Keebaugh, Edward C; 1980,82-84; Trumpet
Keegan, Ryan; 2006-09; Mellophone, Trumpet
Keenan, Fred H; 1925
Keenan, Joe*; 1951
Keener, Cecil E*; 1944
Keep, Otto A; 1921
Keffler, Joseph W; 1940-41; Trumpet
Kegerreis, Richard I*
Kehrer, George E*; 1927
Kehrer, Harry*; 1928
Keiser, D Lamar; 1960-66; Trumpet
Keiser, Ernest*; 1934
Keiser, Forrest L; 1900
Keiser, Jay G; 1903
Keister, Steve E; 1940-41,44; Efer
Keiter, Stephen D; 1983,86-87; Baritone
Keith, Iris M; 1991-92; Trainer
Kelawala, Arianna; 2022-23; Student Staff
Kelch, Riley; 2017-19; Trumpet
Kellar, Joel; 2023; Trumpet
Keller, Carrie A (Mustard); 1994-98; Trumpet
Keller, David C; 1994-98; Trumpet
Keller, Earl D*
Keller, Gerald S*
Keller, Dr Jeffrey C; 1968-71; Trombone
Keller, Jesse B; 1912
Keller, Jon; 1978-81; Trumpet
Keller, Richard W; 1960-64; Snare
Keller, Richard H; Snare
Keller, William*; 1899
Kelley, Albert W; 1903
Kelley, James; 1967; Baritone
Kellogg, Tom R*; 1954
Kells, LeRoy; 1910
Kelly, Ethan; 2020-23; D-Squad, Trumpet, Flugel horn
Kelly, Dr Kathleen A; 1980-84; Trumpet
Kelly, Richard P; 2021-23; Snare
Kelly, Robert P*; 1928
Kelly, Terence P; 1974-78; Alto horn
Kelm, Brian R; 1973-74; Manager
Kelm, James S*; 1967-70; Trumpet
Kelm, Warren E; 1971-74; Trumpet
Kelsey, Anna S (Hurley); 2015-19; Sousaphone
Kelso, Steven; 1968; Trumpet
Kemmerer, Ralph H*; 1938-41; Baritone
Kemp, Eugene; 1960
Kemp, Richard; 1944
Kemp, William W*; 1941
Kemper, Richard; 1963
Kemper, Thomas M; 1962-64; Sousaphone
Kemple, Thomas E*; 1977; Trumpet
Kempton, Kermit*; 1931
Kempton, Ralph C*
Kendall, Amy B; 1986-88; Alto horn
Kendall, B J*; 1897
Kendall, Gordon A; 1974-78; Baritone
Kennedy, Alan R; 1961-64; Snare
Kennedy, Matthew O; 2004-08; Trumpet
Kennedy, Max D*; 1940-42; Trombone
Kennedy, Thomas; 1975-76; Trombonium
Kenney, Paul J; 2010-13; Baritone
Kenney, Trisha L (Ryerson); 1986-89; Baritone
Kenreich, Robert W*; 1936; Trumpet
Kent, Alan H; 1958-61; Trombone
Kent, Colleen T (Nutter); 1983-87; Baritone
Kent, James R; 1979-82; Trumpet
Kent, Michael D; 1998-2002; Snare
Kent, Philip E; 1984-86; Baritone
Kentner, Donald C; 1957
Kentner, Matthew J; 1983-85; Duo
Kenton, Jordan B; 2012-13; Mellophone
Kenyon, Robert G*
Kerchmar, Steven C; 2009,11-13; D-Squad, Inst Manager, A/V Staff
Kerley, Kyle P; 2009-13; Flugel horn
Kerns, Alex; 2021; Trumpet
Kerns, Jeffrey; 2020; Trumpet
Kerr, James W; 1965-68; Trombone, Baritone
Kerr, William S*
Kerry, Eugene
Kerscher Sr, Dr Duane J; 1948-52; Alto horn
Kersjes, Aaron T; 2011-15; Sousaphone
Kesling, Devon E*; 1943,46-49; Drum Major (Obit)
Kesling, Paul W; 1951; Snare
Ketcham, Christy M (Canaday); 1976-78; Trombone
Ketcham, Katherine L “Katie” (Radway); 1998-2000; Flugel horn
Ketcham, Matthew W; 1996-2000; Trumpet
Ketcham, Noah W; 2022-23; Trumpet, Efer
Ketcham, William H*
Kettering, Charles F*; 1898; Clarinet
Keverline, Jacob M; 2013-16; Snare
Keyser, Isaac N*; 1878
Khorshidi, Kamran; 2019-21; Baritone
Kibby, James L; 1966-67; Trumpet
Kickey, Thomas; 1941
Kididis, Philip A; 2011-15; Mellophone
Kidner, Keith A; 1965-69; Tenor horn, Baritone
Kilbane, John M; 2011-14,16; Sousaphone
Kilgore, Harold H*; 1943-44; Trumpet
Killian, Anthony L; 2005-09; Mellophone
Killian, Scott; 2005-08; Flugel horn
Killion, Pearl E*
Kim, James J; 2010-13; Baritone
Kim, Suzie A; 2007-11; Baritone
Kimball, Charles E; 1904
Kimball, Philip J*
Kimbro, Brandon T; 2008-12; Snare
Kimes, Dana R; 1966-69; Baritone
Kimes, Kevin P; 1994-97; Alto horn
Kimmel, Stanley F; 1911
Kindle, Joseph H; 1903
Kindred, Ben; 2001-05; Trumpet
King, Allison M; 2015-16; Snare, Manager
King, Charles; 2008-12; Trumpet
King DVM, Dana C; 1971-74; Trumpet
King, Dr David L; 1979-83; Trombone
King, Robert J*; 1949-50; Trumpet
King, Russell T*; 1943; Saxophone
King, Dr Sterling W; 1953-54; Alto horn
King, Tyler C; 2002-03,05-06; Trumpet
Kingsbury, Joseph A; 1924
Kinkade, Richard D; 1945,48-50; Trumpet
Kinnan, Henry W*; 1937-40; Efer
Kinney, Bradley W; 1955; Baritone
Kinney, James M; 1986-89; Sousaphone
Kinney, William B; 2009-11,13-14; Trombone
Kinsey, Theodore P; 1953-56; Efer
Kintner, Vernon E; 1935; Alto Horn
Kinzer, Adah; 2016-19; Trumpet
Kiplinger, Kevin P; 1980-83; Trumpet
Kiracofe, Daniel R; 2001-02; Snare
Kirchner, Christopher M; 1998; Trumpet
Kirchner, Susan; 1995-99; Sousaphone
Kirgan, Rebecca T
Kirk, Earl C*
Kirk, Karl*; 1928
Kirk, Lysle R*; 1954
Kirk Sr, Lysle R*; 1926
Kirk, Robert A; 1956-60; Trumpet
Kirkbride, Robert G; 1960-62; Trumpet
Kirkendall, Kenneth*; 1933
Kirkendall, Megan J (Maurer); 2012-13; Librarian
Kirkendall, Philip J; 2008-12; Efer
Kirkendall, Richard W; 1952; Snare
Kirker, Fred; 1907
Kirkpatrick, Bryon; 1949
Kirstein, Jack*; 1938
Kiser, Charles*; 1893
Kiser, David L; 1955
Kisling, Adrian B*
Kist-Kline, Ally; 2008-11; Mellophone
Kistler, Judson C*; 1933; Clarinet
Kistler, Victor N*
Kistler, Wallace R; 1910
Kitchen, Brenna S; 2019-23; Efer
Kitchen, C Stewart; 2005-07; D-Squad, Drum Major
Kitchen, Erin; 2015-17; Mellophone
Kitchen, Joseph C; 2012-14; Efer
Kittle, Kim A; 1969-70; Trumpet
Klabunde, Lawrence E; 1983-84; Baritone, Grad Asst Director
Klaus Sr, Bernard A*; 1942,46; Trombone (Obit)
Klaus, John W; 1945-48; Baritone, Bb Tuba
Klein, Arthur*; 1927
Klein, C H*; 1893
Klein, Leonard*; 1930
Kleine, Herbert D; 1979-83; Sousaphone
Kleinhen, R S; 1906
Klepinger, Raymon O; 1957-58; Snare
Klier, Frank*; 1926
Klimek, Jennifer; 2009-11; Efer
Kline, Benjamin H*; 1959-62; Trombonium, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Klinefelter, C F; 1910
Kling, E Ralph*; 1954-55; Trombonium (Obit)
Klingman, Rodney F*
Klink Jr, Henry F; 1946
Klinker, Cody J; 2015-16; Mellophone
Klonowski, Leonard J*
Kloosterman, David; 2008-10; Trombone
Kloss, Baird C; 1944-46; Trumpet
Kloss, Robert E*; 1943-44,47-49; Trumpet
Klunk, Taylor; 2018-22; Trumpet
Kluter, Robert A*; 1954-56; Tenor horn
Knaplund, Tyler J; 2014-16; Flugel horn
Knapp, Curtis R; 1965; Bass drum
Knapp, Howard*; 1930
Knapp, Jennifer L; 1990-94; Trumpet
Knauer, Arthur T*; 1932
Knauer, Arthur R; 1925
Knaup, J Douglas; 1983-85; Trumpet
Knecht, Lewis W*; 1928
Knepper, William E*; 1926-30; Drum Major
Knickerbocker, Bret; 2009-12; Trumpet
Knight, William; 1991-95; Sousaphone
Knipe, Emily; 2014-16; Trombone
Knoch, Gene E; 1955-59; Alto horn
Knopf, George W*; 1878
Knowles, Alison B (Williams); 2000-03; Mellophone
Knowles, Jeffrey; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Knox, H S; 1903
Knox, John J*; 1954
Knox, John J; 1979-80; Trumpet
Knudsen, Michael; 1974; Asst Drum Major
Knuth, F Reid; 2012
Koch, Aaron; 2004-08; Trumpet
Koch, Richard L*; 1982-83; Efer
Kochendorfer, Donald P*; 1942,46-48; Trumpet (Obit)
Kochensparger, Henry L; 2022-23; Trumpet
Koehler, David F; 1962-67; Bass drum
Koehne, Joseph A; 1991-93; Sousaphone
Koenig, Charles J*
Koenig, John W*; 1927
Koenig, Mark J; 1972-76; Trumpet
Koenig, Matthew S; 2011-14; Trumpet, Efer
Koepf, George F*; 1931
Koflowitch, Andrea K (Wachtmann); 1989-93; Trumpet
Kohl, John R; 1939-41; Trombone
Koile, Kevin; 1993; Trombone
Kolda, Brian J; 1982-86; Efer, Trumpet
Kole, Kerry; 2016-19; Mellophone
Kolich, Kathy J; 1976-80; Efer
Kolke, Matthew; 2015,17; D-Squad
Kominko, John M; 2013-15; Trumpet
Komisarik, Daniel; 2014-15; Trumpet
Konicek, David S; 1984; Trumpet
Konicek, John M; 1991-95; Trumpet
Konicek, Kenneth G; 1957-60; Trumpet
Konopka, Kris; 2002-05; Bass drum
Koogler, William*; 1932
Kooperstein, Harry*; 1959-65; Trumpet (Obit)
Koors, Zachary M; 2013; Quint-Tom
Kopetz, Barry E; 1969-73; Drum Major, Asst Drum Major, Baritone
Koppleman, Edward N; 1921
Kortier, David R*; 1963; Sousaphone (Obit)
Kossuth, Craig L; 1976-78; Trumpet
Kostyack, Mark; 2019-22; Baritone
Kotaka, Takuma P*; 1980-84; Flugel horn (Obit)
Kotaka, Tyler; 2018-22; Flugel horn
Koteff, Carl; 1949-52; Efer
Kovach, John G*; 1947-52; Cymbals
Kovach, Owen; 2021-23; Trombone
Koval, Nicholas A; 1998; Sousaphone
Kovar, Norman*; 1934
Kovinchick, Colin; 2022-23; Mellophone
Kovinchick, Lisa G (Gates); 1990; Trumpet
Kowalski, Benjamin J; 2011; Quad-Tom
Kowalski, Ethan; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Koyle, Erin; 2016-19; Trumpet
Koza, Leslie J (Williams); 1993-95; Trombone
Kozar, Brian E; 1976
Kozar, Dr David J; 1971-72; Trumpet, Efer
Kozman, Jeremy; 1991-95; Trumpet
Krajci, Stephen*; 1930
Krak, J Bradley; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Krak, Stephen J; 1987-88; Baritone
Krallman, Charles W*; 1975-76; Trombone
Kramb, Richard*; 1931
Krame, Paul H*
Kramer, David; 1951
Kraner, Andrew D; 2011-14; Bass drum
Kranth, Seymour; 1940
Kraup, Douglas; 1983; Flugel horn
Kraus, Dale G
Krause, William O*
Krauth, Seymour*; 1940; Trumpet
Kreager, James S*; 1946
Kreager, Robert L*; 1945-46; Woodwind, Alto horn
Krebs, G A*
Kreiter, Tim J; 1954-57; Trumpet
Kremer, Austin; 2015-16,18; Sousaphone
Kremer, Jennifer C (Buckshaw); 1998-99; Cymbals
Kremer, Randall P; 1987-91; Bass drum
Krenitsky, Gabriel; 1991-93; Baritone
Kress, Orden*; 1932
Kress, Ralph*; 1941; Efer
Kretschmer, William J*; 1933-34; Alto Horn
Kridler, Thomas P*
Krieger, Timothy C; 1981-82; Trumpet
Krill, Winton W*; 1940-42; Bass Drum
Krock, Russell B; 1984-87; Trombone
Krock, Timothy J; 2005-06; Manager
Krupa, Noah; 2020-23; Mellophone
Kruse, Jeanna; 2011-12; Inst Manager
Kucera, Donald W*; 1954-55; Alto horn (Obit)
Kuebler, Emily R (Valentino); 2015; Flugel horn
Kuebler, Kyle S; 2014-16; Trombone
Kuebler, Ryan H; 2014-16; Cymbals
Kuehn III, Charles A; 2003-04; Mellophone
Kuenning, Douglas W; 1971
Kuhlman, George R; 1960-63; Baritone
Kuhn, Alexander T; 2007-11; Snare
Kuhn, Christopher A; 1993-97; Sousaphone
Kuhn, Jordan A; 2012-15; Trio
Kuivinen, Dr Ned A; 1954-57; Alto horn
Kuklinski, Dr Debra L; 1985-89; Efer
Kulick, Allan A; 1955-57; Baritone, Tenor horn
Kullenberg, Cary; 2023; Mellophone
Kumfer, Jillian; 2023; Cymbals
Kumler, Ralph C; 1910
Kumler, Willard A; 1911
Kunkel, Thomas W; 1953-54
Kunz, Jessica L; 2004-06; Flugel horn
Kunz, Stephanie J; 2005-07,09; Baritone
Kunze, Gary A; 1974-77; Trumpet
Kupfner II, Garry S; 2011-14; Sousaphone
Kurrent, James J; 1966-67; Snare
Kurth, Scott; 1993; Baritone
Kurtz, Richard A; 1987-90; Trumpet, Alto horn
Kurzen, Paul*; 1930
Kurzen, Ronald E; 1968; Alto horn
Kusse, I J*
Kvach, Evan; 2023; Sousaphone
Kyle, Lawrence E*
Kyser, Francis P; 1924
Lab, David A; 1975-78; Trumpet
LaBorde, Douglas P; 1978-82; Duo
Lacefield, Alexander; 2009; Mellophone
Lackey, Robert B*; 1949-51; Tenor horn (Obit)
Ladd, Adam R; 2003-07; Trumpet
Ladd, Richard N*; 1927
Lafferty, Peter Wood; 2010-13; Trumpet
LaFrance, Charles H; 1954; Trumpet
Lahman, Daniel A; 1978-82; Trombone
Lahman, David A; 1976-80; Baritone
Lahman, Linda R; 1979-81; Alto horn
Laib, Ethan; 2020-21; Snare
Lair, Samantha; 2016; Trombone
Laisy, James E*; 1947-49; Sousaphone
Lake, Martin M*; 1929-33; Trumpet
LaLonde, Gilbert; 1969; Manager
LaMacchia, Daniel R; 1978; Snare
LaMacchia, John V; 1977-81; Trombone
Lambert, Ronald; 1943
Lammon, C S*; 1893
Lampley, Jonathan; 2008-11; Sousaphone
Lance, Robert; 1947
Landeck, Albert; 1984; Sousaphone
Landis, Lyle M*; 1934-36; Trombone
Landis, Milford L*; 1921; Manager
Landthorn, Jeffrey R; 1996-2000; Bass Drum
Landy, Maurice*; 1933-34; Clarinet
Lane, Charles L*; 1881
Lane, Daniel P; 1904
Lane, R Stacy; 1976-80; Trumpet
Lane, Dr Sanford A*; 1943,46-48; Efer
Lane, Timothy R; 1976-78; Trumpet, Efer
Lane, Willard E; 1942
Lanese, Robert M; 1959-61,63-64; Trumpet
Lang, Amy E (Saunders); 1998-99; Mellophone
Lang, Dr Charles L*; 1950-54; Trumpet
Lang, G C; 1907
Lang, Gary; 1966
Lang, James B; 1996-2000; Snare
Lang, Ronald O; 1963-65; Trumpet
Langenderfer, Kurt; 2006-08; Trumpet
Lannutti, Ryan; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Lantis, Michael D; 1971-74; Trombone
Lantz, Robert B; 1944-47; Alto horn
Lantz, Ryan M; 2000,02; Manager
Lape, Douglas E; 1994-96; Efer
LaPrad, Melissa (Lehew); 2002-04; Trumpet
Larimer, John T; 1953-55; Trumpet
Larmee, Kent D; 1976-77; Trumpet
Larrick, Dr Geary H; 1961-64; Cymbals, Snare, Flugel horn
Larsen, Michelle; 1993-95; D-Squad
Larson, Erin; 2000-03; Flugel horn
Larson, Leland C; 1948
Lascio, Joseph F*; 1961-64; Trumpet (Obit)
Lash, Orrin R*
Lashley, William V; 1921
Lasko, Richard T*; 1944-45; Trumpet
Latimer, Melvin M; 1924
Lauer, Thomas; 2008-10; Mellophone
Laufer, Carl L*; 1931-35; Trumpet
Laughlin, Hugh D; 1932; Clarinet
Lausin, B Joseph; 2019; Sousaphone
Lauster, Frederick L*; 1930-32; Snare
Lautzenheiser, Robert L
Laux, Joshua D; 2006-10; Baritone
LaVange, John; 2014-17; D-Squad, Drum Major
Lavender, Thomas M; 2009-10; Flugel horn
LaVoo, William F; Trumpet
Lawhon, Sara J; 1991-95; Efer
Lawhon, Seth; 2018-19,21-23; Trombone
Lawlis, Clarissa; 2006-09; Mellophone
Lawlis, Lyndsey; 2008-12; Trombone
Lawlis, Peggy K (Mitchell); 1982-84; Alto horn
Lawlis, Timothy L; 1980-84; Alto horn
Lawrence,; 1914
Lawrence, Cloyd*; 1935
Lawrence, Jeffrey A; 2010; Bass drum
Lawrence, Richard E; 1952; Baritone
Lawrence, Steven C; 1968-72; Snare
Lawson, Hugh*; 1932
Lawson, Jerry W; 1965-68; Sousaphone
Laybourne, William H*; 1936-38; Tenor Horn
Laycock, Patrick R; 2011-14; Quad-Tom
Layfield, Betsy L (Hart); 1985; Baritone
Layfield, J David; 1982-86; Sousaphone
Laylin, Clarence D; 1901
Laylin, David T*; 1901
Layne, Lindsey; 1999-2000; Secretary
Lazure, Richard P*; 1954
Leach, Corby R; 1991-94; Trumpet
Leach, Kermit J*
Leach, Matthew; 1995-99; Trumpet
Lear, Robert S; 1921
Leas, J Wesley*; 1934-37; Drum Major
Lease, Dr Thomas C; 1959-67; Trombone
Leasure, David L; 1983-86; Trumpet
Leasure, David L; 1987; Alto horn
Leavitt, William C; 1945; Saxophone
Leckrone, David E; 1980-83; Trombone
Lecurgo, Kody B; 2013-16; Flugel horn
Lee, David G; 2008-12; Trumpet
Lee, Donald R*; 1944
Lee, Henry G; 1999-2003; Trumpet
Lee, Jack K*; 1941-43,45-46; Alto horn (Obit)
Lee, Jamel; 2019-21; Manager
Lee, James; 1969; Alto horn
Lee, Jeanie K (Bentley); 1983-85; Trombone
Lee, Joshua; 2017-19; Trumpet
Lee, Dr Marvin L*; 1951-55; Trumpet (Obit)
Lee, Paul W*; 1967-71; Alto horn (Obit)
Lee, Scott R; 1984-85; Sousaphone
Leeder, Dr Joseph G*; 1934-36; Trumpet
Leedy, H E*; 1897
Leese, Francis W*; 1928
Leet, Julian F*; 1940-41; Alto horn
LeFavor, William; 1961; Trumpet
Leffel, Jennifer M; 1989-90; Trumpet
Lefferts, Eric D; 1998-2002; Cymbals
Legge, Austin L; 1910
Leggett, Dr Nathaniel J; 1990-94; Baritone
Lehenbauer, Philip C; 1980-82; Trombone
Lehmann, Paul L*; 1923-24; Trumpet
Leighton, David L; 1981-84; Sousaphone
Leimbach MD, Warren H*; 1939-45; Trumpet
Leimbach MD, Wayne N; 1942-43; Bb Tuba
Lemaster, Jeanne E (Skebo); 2005-07; Baritone
Lemenager, Bev M (Rozsa); 1981-85; Alto horn, Librarian
Lemmermann, Lloyd D; 1979-80; Cymbals
Lemmon III, Alexis W; 1967; Tenor horn
Lemmon Jr, Alexis W*; 1941-42; Alto horn (Obit)
Lemon, Charles T*; 1932-33; Trumpet
Lemons, Elizabeth; 2006; Baritone
Lengle, Dennis B; 1962; Trumpet
Lennon, John T; 2006-10; Efer
Leno, Kelly D (Patzwahl); 2009-11; Manager
Lentz, Michael D; 1993; Trombone
Lenz, Jennifer D (Drum); 2001-04; Mellophone
Leon, Diego; 2022-23; Trumpet
Leonard, Brent; 1996-99; Trumpet
Leonard, J David*; 1943-45; Flute
Leonard, Joseph J; 1951
Leonard, Richard E; 1977-80; Trumpet
Leonard, Ruth A (Needham); 1976-79; Trumpet
Leonard, Timothy J; 1993-94; Trumpet
Leonard, Dr W Robert; 1969-73; Trombone
Leonardi, Teresa F (Green); 2010-14; Librarian, Head Secretary
Leone, Michael; 2006-08; Trombone
Leppla, Dominic M; 1999-2003; Baritone
Leppla, Gary J; 1971-74; Alto horn
Lerner, Matthew T; 2019-23; Trombone
Lesh, John H*; 1897
Leslie, Charles; 2000,02-04,06; Trumpet
Leslie, William*; 1937
Leuchter, Fred; 1972
Leukhart, Richard H*; 1933
LeVally, John C; 1983-84; Drum Major
Levan, Dominick; 2003-04; Cymbals
LeVan, Doug A; 1974; Trombone
Levene, Jonathan; 2023; Trumpet
Levine, Holly A (Gerken); 1983-87; Duo, Trio
Levine, Jason; 2009-12; Trumpet
Levy, Catherine A (Armstrong); 1981-84; Trumpet
Lewellyn, D Scott; 1974-77; Alto horn
Lewis, Arthur R; 1909
Lewis, Brian C; 1972-76; Sousaphone
Lewis, Charles W*; 1943
Lewis, Christopher; 2019; Trombone
Lewis, David M; 1999-2001; Snare
Lewis, Dean*; 1950
Lewis, George H*; 1897
Lewis, Harry M*; 1923
Lewis, Holly J; 2005-08; Mellophone
Lewis, Jeffrey L; 1976,79; Trombone
Lewis, Joseph M; 2001-05; Trombone
Lewis, Kelly S (Tomaszewski); 1982; Trumpet
Lewis, Lauren; 2021-23; Manager, Student Staff
Lewis, Michael S; 1995; Cymbals
Lewis, Nicholas R; 2007-10; Bass drum
Lewis, Patrick M; 1974-79; Baritone, Trombone
Lewis, Paul*; 1931
Lewis, Ronald A; 1985-89; Snare
Lewis, Stuart A; 1977-80; Baritone
Lewis, Terrence M; 1978-82; Baritone
Lewis, Thomas K*; 1891
Lewis, Thomas*; 1926
Lewis, Thomas; 1973
Lewis, Timothy; 2001-03; Quad-Tom
Lewis, William D*; 1912
Ley, Jay W; 1921
Libben, Michael P; 1991-95; Trumpet
Liebermann, Benjamin D; 1998; Trumpet
Liebich, A T; 1907
Lied, Ernest M*; 1899-1900; Drum Major
Lieser, Charles E; 1905
Lieurance, John M; 1980; Inst Repair
Liggett, Richard F*; 1944
Lightfoot, Jennifer (Bielek); 1991-93; Alto horn
Lighthiser, Cristina (Baldessari); 1989-91; Trumpet
Lighthiser, Michael S; 1987-91; Trumpet
Liles, Jack N
Lillback, David; 1966; Manager
Lilly, J Craig; 1973-77; Snare, Duo
Lilly, Mark A; 2001-02; Baritone
Limbird, Richard S; 1945; Clarinet
Limmer, Paul W; 2008-10; Quad-Tom
Lin, Kevin C; 2015-16; Trombone
Lindenmayer, Xavier; 2021-22; Baritone
Lindsey, Bruce; 1904
Lindsey, Linn H; 1970-73; Trombone
Lindsley, Benjamin K; 1963-67; Sousaphone
Lindsley, Cecil A*; 1924
Line, Diane L; 1979; Alto horn
Line, Jeffrey D; 1991-92; Snare
Line, Ronald N; 1960-62; Baritone
Linehan, Charles T; 1934-37; Trumpet
Linen, H M*; 1893
Linkie, James T; 1958-59; Efer
Linter, H J; 1909
Linthicum, John A; 1965-69; Sousaphone
Linvill, Col (R) Brian E; 1986-90; Trombone
Lipker, Leo; 2023; Baritone
Lipp, David A*; 1961-62; Efer (Obit)
Lisser, Crosbee D; 2019-23; Mellophone
Litherland, John*; 1934
Little, Alvin G*; 1927
Littlegreen II, Curtis B; 1986-90; Cymbals
Liu, Elaina; 2016-19; Baritone
Livesay-Yakes, Tiffany D (Livesay); 1989-90; D-Squad
Livingston, David M*; 1963-67; Alto horn (Obit)
Lloyd, David*; 1927
Lloyd, Kenneth*; 1938
Loar, Robert W; 1974-77; Trumpet
Locke, Walter G; 1921
Lockhart, Raymond E; 1922
Lockwood, H T*; 1898
Lodge, Sandra L (Burt); 1991-94; Cymbals
Loechler, Herman F; 1903
Loew, C F; 1907
Logan, Brett C; 2007-11; Baritone
Logan, Kent E; 1977-80; Baritone
Logan, Ted E; 1974-77; Baritone
Logothetides, Alysia; 2008-09; Manager
Logsdon, Brian D; 1979; Trumpet
Logue, Glenn R*; 1910
Logue, Joseph A; 1984-88; Trombone
Lohrey, David H; 1982; Trumpet
Lohse, James R*; 1959; Trumpet
Lombardi, Michael A; 1956
Long, Arthur H*; 1927; Woodwind
Long, Carol D*; 1934-36; Sousaphone
Long, David R; 1958; Trombone
Long, Don C; 1956,58; Trumpet
Long, Harold W
Long, Jaikob; 2023; D-Squad
Long, Kelly L (Cotton); 1994; Alto horn
Long, Kylie N; 2019-21; Trumpet, Efer
Long, Matthew; 2001-04; Sousaphone
Long, Robert A; Trumpet
Long, Wayne R; 1967-70; Drum Major, Asst Drum Major, Baritone
Longbrake, Dr Richard G; 1958-59,64; Baritone
Loomis, Roeliff; 1930
Lord, Dr Alan T; 1968-71; Efer
Lorenz, Danielle (Oplinger); 2001-02; Mellophone
Lorenz, Nicholas; 1999-2003; Mellophone
Lorenzen, Larry T*; 1962; Trumpet (Obit)
Lose, George D*
Losh, Willis M*
Losinski, Emily R (Meese); 2015-17; Flugel horn
Losinski, Mark A; 2011-15; Flugel horn
Loudermilk, Gary; 1962-63; Trumpet
Loudon, Albee H; 1913
Lougher, Wayne F; 1979-80; Trumpet
Loughery, David A; 1943; Snare
Loughlin, Katharine M; 1995-96; Alto horn, Mellophone
Loutzenheiser, David A*; 1948
Loutzenheiser, Roy C
Love, G R*; 1891
Love, John E*; 1941-42; Efer
Loveless, Michael B; 2014-17; Mellophone
Lovell, M Lynn*; 1962-64; Trumpet (Obit)
Loveman, D James; 1963; Baritone
Lovett, Aaliyah R; 2008-09; Seamstress
Lowe, Darrell F; 1973-77; Trumpet
Lowe, Harry J; 1906
Lowe, Jacob; 2007-11; Snare
Lowe, J Mark; 1975-78; Trombone
Lowe, Paula L (Miller); 2002-06; Cymbals
Lower, John R*; 1910
Lowery, Robert; 1965; Drum Major
Lowmiller, Kenneth E*; 1945-46; Efer
Lowry, Gregory; 1965
Lowry, Joseph*; 1934
Lowry, Karl*; 1931
Lowry, Michelle L; 1993-97; Trumpet
Lowry, Rebecca; 1996; Manager
Lubel, Bryan A; 1981-82; Trombone
Lucas, Howard B; 1923
Luccock, Henry H*; 1882
Luce, Terry M; 1975-78; Bass drum
Luchtenberg, Russell O*
Ludlow, Michael L; 1969-72; Trumpet
Luikart, Christopher A; 2016-19; Trombone
Luikart, Randolph A; 1977-79; Trombone
Luikart, Robert B; 1973-74; Trombone
Lukens, Robert W; 1936-39; Trumpet, Alto horn
Luman, Elliot; 2023; Baritone
Luman, Eric; 2020-22; Trumpet
Lundstedt, Corinna; 2002-04; Mellophone
Lundy, Robert L*; 1942
Luoma, Matt*; 1938; Librarian
Lusin-Winterich, Cherryl; 1973
Lust, Jan T; 1962-66; Trombonium
Luttrell, Cyrus J*; 1913
Lutz, Michael E; 1972-73,77-78; Trombonium, Baritone
Lutz, Ray*; 1893
Lutz, William R; 1976-78; Snare
Lydecker, Mike; 2000; Trumpet
Lyle, J Harold*; 1949-51; Sousaphone
Lyle, Richard W*; 1934
Lyman, Luke H*; 1926
Lynch, John M; 2012-14; Baritone
Lyon, Amanda P; 2011-12; Quad-Tom
Lyon, Francis*; 1930
Lyon, Kenneth L*
Lyons, David*; Trumpet
Lyons, Hannah; 2022-23; Baritone
Maben, Robert G; 1956-61; Efer
Mabry DC, Chris C; 2001-05; Trumpet
Macatangay, Kyle J; 2019-23; Trumpet, Efer
MacDougall, Donald A; 1949-52; Efer
MacFarland, Cori N (Erb); 2007-09; Trumpet
MacFarland, Matthew F; 2007-11; Trumpet
Machles, Leonard*; 1946-49; Alto horn (Obit)
Mack, Charles E*; 1913
Mack, David E; 1998-2002; Flugel horn
Mack, Joshua T; 2016-19; Baritone
Mack, Robert M; 1980-81; Trumpet
MacKenzie, Brigette (Royer); 2009-10; Mellophone
Mackey, Roxane; 1977; Sousaphone
Mackley, Joshua E; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Mackley, T Andrew; 2009-13; Trumpet
Mackley, Dr Timm A; 1969-73; Trombone
Mackney II, Dan; 2000-04; Flugel horn
MacMaster, Nathan J; 2010-11,13-15; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
MacMurray, Jessica; 1999,2002-04; Flugel horn
Madison MD, Dr John R; 1953-56; Efer
Madory, Richard E; 1948-51; Trombone
Magill MD, Charles D; 1952-54; Trombonium, Tenor horn
Magnacca, David A; 1982-84; Trumpet
Magnacca, Michael A; 1979-83; Bass drum
Magnusson, Paul E*; 1963-68; Trumpet (Obit)
Magoto, Travis A; 2003-06; Mellophone
Mahan, James D; 1992-96; Trombone
Mahan, Susan A (Winklhofer); 1993-95; Baritone
Mahurin, Frank R; 1905
Maier, F Mark*; 1967-71; Trumpet (Obit)
Mailer, David H; 1987-91; Manager
Main, Bradley R; 1972-75; Snare
Makepeace, George D*; 1878-80; Drum Major
Malacky, Susanna; 2015-18; Efer
Malcolm, Anabelle L (Maggard); 1999-2000; Mellophone
Maldovan, Daniel R; 1983-87; Trumpet
Maldovan, James E; 1974-78; Efer
Maldovan, Mariah M; 2015-18; Flugel horn
Maldovan, Matthew D; 2013-17; Flugel horn
Maley, Arthur F*; 1940
Maley, Michael; 2007-11; Mellophone
Maley, Zachary B; 2011-15; Mellophone
Mallare, Joseph F; 1941-42; Trumpet
Mallin, Michael L; 1980-84; Baritone
Mallory, George R; 1945,47-49; Baritone
Malloy, Christine; 2004-05; Mellophone
Malloy, W; 1903
Malone, Adam; 2004; Snare
Malone, Craig; 1996-99; Manager
Malone, Daniel W; 2002-04; Snare
Malone, Raymond M; 1947-50; Alto horn
Maloney, Kyle; 2007; Sousaphone
Maloney, Sean R; 2004-08; Sousaphone
Maltby, Laurence C; 1910
Maltsia, Terrence E; 1981; D-Squad
Mamone, Tony; 1984; Baritone
Manahan, M Sue (Haas); 1980-84; Efer
Manche, Craig M; 1980-83; Trumpet
Manchester, Bill Y; 1999-2000; Mellophone
Manchester, Dr Jason H; 1957; Trombone
Manchester, Timothy S; 1968-71; Trombonium, Tenor horn
Maneri, James V; 1979-83; Alto horn
Maneri, Philip E; 1980-81; Trumpet
Manfrass, William A*; 1940
Manifold, John D; 1966; Trumpet
Manley, Danielle S (Bitzel); 1997-2001; Trumpet
Manley, Domenic; 1998-2001; Sousaphone
Manley, Megan M; 2011-15; Trumpet
Mann, Clarence D*; 1942; Trumpet (Obit)
Mann, Ivan J; 1951-54; Trumpet
Manning, James; 1950
Manning, Samantha; 2020-23; Bass drum
Manning, Thomas K; 1970-73; Flugel horn
Manning, Trent; 2020; Quint-Tom
Mapes, William J; 1958
Maple, William E
March, William A*
Marchand, Alvin R*; 1928
Marcia, James E; 1957
Margeson, Dean P; 1978-82; Efer
Marietta, H R*; 1897
Marino, Anthony J; 1912
Markel, Richard*; 1935
Markowitz, Jack*; 1954-55; Alto horn (Obit)
Markowitz, Robert; 1949; Baritone
Marks, Andrew S; 1982-84; Drum Major
Marous, John J; 1944
Marquez, Mark I; 1991; Trumpet
Marquis, Frank*; 1932
Marras, Alexander E; 2007-10; Flugel horn
Marrone, Tyler; 2009; Flugel horn
Marsey, Bryan R; 1996-2000; Trumpet
Marsh, C L*; 1897
Marsh, Carl D; 1921
Marsh, Harry A; 1907
Marsh, Richard E; 1955-56; Drum Major
Marshall, C A; 1909
Marshall, Francis C*; 1910-11; Drum Major
Marshall, George B*
Marshall, Michael; 1989-91; Snare
Marshall, Robert B; 1910; Drum Major
Marshall, Ronald E; 1955; Manager
Marshall, Walter F*; 1957
Martello, Nicholas G; 1964-65; Trumpet
Marter, Dave; 1977
Martin, Rev Alexander D; 2006-09; Sousaphone
Martin, Dr Donald F; 1952; Efer
Martin, Edwin D*; 1891
Martin, Howard A; 1913
Martin Jr, J D*; 1896
Martin, James R; 1953
Martin, John D; 1954; Manager
Martin, Karen E; 1989-93; Baritone
Martin, Kyle D; 2011-15; Flugel horn
Martin, Michael; 1999-2002; Trumpet
Martin, Robert*; 1933
Martin, Robert K*; 1952; Baritone (Obit)
Martin, Robert C; 1954
Martin, Sylvan C*; 1930
Martin, Warren E*; 1948-50; Trumpet
Martina, Louis C; 1977-80; Baritone, Inst Repair
Martini, Adam H; 2014-16; Baritone
Marx, Harry J; 1922
Mashmann, Rebecca A (Walkinshaw); 2001-03; Secretary
Masillem, Edith MK (Kim); 1992-95; Alto horn
Masloski, Robin S (Kelley); 1989-93; Trumpet
Mason, Derek; 2011-12; Trumpet
Mason, Dr Kevin M; 1989-92; Trumpet
Mason, Dr Stanley J; 1960-61; Baritone
Mason, Tina; 1994; D-Squad
Masters, George A*; 1882
Masters, Jose D*; 1937-38; French Horn
Masters, Richard S*; 1945
Matchett IV, Samuel J; 1987; Alto horn
Mathews, Alfred*; 1930
Mathews, Charles L; 1964; Snare
Mathews, Chuck; 1964-68; Snare
Mathews, Herbert C; 1930; Trumpet
Mathews, Paul E; 1975,77-78; Cymbals
Mathias, Stephen A; 1983-87; Alto horn
Mathias, Tiffany; 1996; Mellophone
Mathre, Michele (Christ); 1996-97; Seamstress
Mattey, Luke; 1996-2000; Trumpet
Matthews, Donald E; 1953-54; Alto horn, Efer
Matthews, Dr Edward W*; 1951-55; Trombone (Obit)
Matthews, Kenneth T; 1996-98; Trumpet
Matthews, Mike; 1983-84; Snare
Matunas, Dana J (Boos); 1994-96; Alto horn, Mellophone
Matus, Faris; 2021-23; Snare
Matwich, Geoffrey; 1999-2002; Trumpet
Matz, Dr Robert D; 1957-58; Trumpet
Mauceri, Angelo P; 1958-59; Snare
Mauger, Harry H
Mauger, Howard S*; 1935-36; Trumpet
Mauldin, Willow; 2023; Baritone
Maundrell, Edward E*; 1939-41; Drum Major
Maurer, Cheryl A (Kessler)*; 1992-96; Trumpet (Obit)
Maurer, Dave W; 1924
Mauro, Matthew; 2007-09; Mellophone
Maus, Lynn D; 1974-77; Trombone
Mavrikos, Farrah; 1996; D-Squad
Maxwell, Carla N (Downard); 1993-97; Flugel horn
Maxwell, Daniel R; 1992-96; Trumpet
May, Bryan D; 2003-06; Trumpet
May, Dan E; 1976-80; Trumpet
May, Donald*; 1933
May, Scott; 1975-77; Trombonium
May, Walter E*; 1926
May, William R*; 1936; Trumpet
Mayberry, Dr Don M; 1945-47; Snare
Mayer, Earl D*; 1907
Mayer, Eric H; 1998-2001; Head Manager, Manager
Mayer, Kathryn M (Christopher); 1975-78; Trumpet
Mayer, Michael; 2017-21; Cymbals
Mayer, Michael H; 1981-85; Bass drum
Mayer, Robert J*
Mayhew, Martin*; 1934
Maynard, Jarrod B; 2008-12; Snare
Mayo, Adam; 2021-22; Cymbals
Mazarak, John P*; 1949-51; Sousaphone
Mazik, Alexandra M; 2020-23; Mellophone
Mazur, Daniel P; 1966-70; Trumpet
McAfee, Jerry L; 1965-68; Trumpet
McAlister, Robert F; 1904
McAllister, Earl S*; 1898
McAllister III, Robert W*; 1960-61; Trombone
McAuley, Will; 2021-23; Mellophone
McBride, Michael W; 1989-90,92-93; Alto horn
McBurney, James R*; 1887
McBurney, Robert H; 1947-49; Bb Tuba
McCabe, Jeannie A; 1979-83; Trumpet
McCall, Alan H; 1973-77; Snare
McCall, Cassandra; 2015-17; Efer
McCallister, Elizabeth R; 1985-86; D-Squad
McCamey, David R; 1970-71; Trombone
McCampbell, Ross W; 1982-85; Sousaphone
McCann, L T; 1910
McCann, Leo A; 1982-85; Flugel horn
McCarthy, Michael; 2005-09; Trumpet
McCarty, Carleton G; 1975
McCary, Edward; 2008-11; Trombone
McCauley, R W; 1907
McChesney, Harold W; 1913
McChristie, M E; 1903
McClanahan, Chris S; 1988-91; Efer
McClanahan, Lauren G (Gurosko); 1987-91; Cymbals
McClead, Michael A; 1959; Snare
McCleery III, William A; 1963-64; Trumpet, Flugel horn
McClellan, Jackson; 2018-19; Snare
McClelland, Robert L*; 1897
McClintock, Donald W; 1930-32; French horn
McCloud, Thomas G
McClung, Roger M; 1945; Trumpet
McClure, Kristen L (Dietrich); 1984-87; Trombone
McClure, Mark; 1991-95; Baritone
McClure II, Ronald A; 2003-07; Trumpet
McColloch, Jerry L*; 1951-52; Trumpet (Obit)
McComas, William E; 1910
McCombs,; 1940
McConaughy, Steven C; 1968-70; Alto horn
McConnell, John T; 1925
McCool, Herbert; 1924
McCord, Mattie; 2009-10; Secretary
McCormich, Vincent; 1923
McCormick, J Don; 1922
McCormick, Kelly L; 1980-83; Efer, Trumpet
McCormick, Marshall S; 1983-87; Efer
McCormick, Sara S (Schrier); 1982-85; Trombone
McCoy, Colin; 2015; Manager
McCoy, Eugene G*; 1919-21; Sousaphone
McCoy, Jenna L; 2002-05; Mellophone
McCoy, John*; 1932
McCoy, J Kenneth*; 1995-97; Arranger, Grad Asst Director (Obit)
McCoy, Kevin; 2014-18; Flugel horn
McCoy, Malcolm D; 1950; Sousaphone
McCoy, Robert C; 1947; Trombonium
McCoy, Robert J*; 1947
McCracken, Danielle S (Sabo); 1990-94; Baritone
McCracken, Jeffrey J; 1991-94; Sousaphone
McCracken, Richard H*; 1928
McCready, Joan W (Wingert); 1975-77; Baritone, Alto horn
McCreary, James H*; 1930-35; Drum Major
McCulloch, Daniel; 2012
McCullough, Dan C; 2014-18; D-Squad, Sousaphone
McCullough, Don*; 1934; Drum Major
McCullough, Elizabeth A (Dewey); 1999-2002; Manager
McCullough, Mark C; 1983-87; Trombone
McCullough, Milton W*; 1932-33; Clarinet
McCullough, Robert B; 1923
McCullough, Scott*; 1983-85; Alto Horn
McCullough, William E; 1923
McCutcheon, Robert; 2022-23; Trumpet
McDaniel, Mark J; 1979-81; Trumpet
McDannel, Kenneth*; 1937
McDavid, Dr J Bradley; 1980-84; Sousaphone
McDermott, Hale B; 1917
McDonald, James M*; 1957-61; Sousaphone (Obit)
McDonald, Riley
McDonald, Robert D*; 1946
McDonald, Robert W*; 1943
McDonough, Christopher M; 2007; Manager
McDonough, Cole P; 2012-13; D-Squad
McDowell, John A*; 1879
McDowell, Kelton W; 1910
McDowell, Robert A; 1950-53; Trumpet
McDowell, Theodore C*
McEwen, Willard H; 1921
McFadden, Wanen A*; 1946
McFall, John W; 1911
McFarland, Frank T*; 1908
McFarland, William S; 1925
McGeary Jr, Hunter A; 1979; Trumpet
McGee, Nathan W; 2000-02; Trumpet
McGee III, Oliver G*; 1976-81; Drum Major (Obit)
McGill, Daniel W; 2016-20; Trumpet
McGill, Don R; 1908
McGinn, Michele A (Henn); 1998-2002; Trumpet
McGinnis, Harold S*; 1937-38; Bb Tuba (Obit)
McGowan, Alden J*
McGreevey, John; 2002-06; Flugel horn
McGregor, A G; 1923
McGriff, Dr James B; 1958; Snare
McGriff DO, Dr Patrick K; 1985-89; Trumpet
McGuffy, Francis H*; 1889
McGuire, Carl D; 1909
McGuire, Charles W*; 1893-94; Drum Major
McGuire, Molly; 1984; D-Squad
McIlvaine, C L*; 1893; Drum Major
McIlvenna, Laurie; 2020-21; Manager
McIntire, Rollins R*; 1887
McIntosh, John W; 1976-80; Sousaphone
McIntosh, Philip J; 2009-13; Sousaphone
McKanna, Kelly A; 2003-07; Trumpet
McKeand, Dr Clyde E; 1946-49; Baritone
McKee, Kyle L; 1996-2000; Trombone
McKelvey, Lowell*; 1931
McKelvey, Myron S*; 1936-38; Drum Major
McKenney, Robert J; 1967-69; Trombone
McKenzie, Thomas K; 1944
McKeon, Walter S; 1943
McKibben, Michael T; 1969-72; Trombonium
McKimmie-Quinn, Amy L (McKimmie); 1994-98; Efer
McKinney, Mark A; 1976-80; Flugel horn
McKinney, Stuart; 2005-07; Trombone
McKitrick, Brent D; 1992-96; Flugel horn
McLachlan, Wallace S; 1942
McLain, Walter A; 1921
McLaughlin, Tom G; 2002-05; Trombone
McLoney, Eric D; 1999-2003; Trombone
McLoney, Roger D; 1971; Trumpet
McLoughlin, William R*; 1968; Manager (Obit)
McMahon, Alyson; 2020-22; Manager, Student Staff
McManis, Landon E*; 1958 (Obit)
McMaster, Lawrence D; 1904
McMillen, Marcia; 1973
McMullen, Connor; 2022-23; Trumpet
McMurray, Benjamin M; 2011-15; Trumpet
McNabb, Andric; 2023; Trombone
McNally, Dr Beth A; 1988-92; Trumpet
McNamara, James E; 1939-41; Sousaphone
McNamara, Noelle (Parmiter); 2006; Flugel horn
McNaughton, Lloyd J*; 1889
McNeal, Clarence B; 1968-73; Sousaphone
McPeek, Gwynn S*
McPherson, Eric; 2017-19; Trumpet
McQuigg, C W*; 1899
McVay, Adam; 1998-2000; Trio
Meacham, Pastor James H; 1962-65; Sousaphone
Meadows, Ian; 2016-18; Trombone
Means, Hugh J*; 1901
Meck, James A*; 1952-53; Trombone
Meckstroth, Wesley G*; 1912
Medina, Elizabeth; 2021; Manager
Medors, Joe C; 1967; Tenor horn
Meechan, Stephen; 1997-2001; Trombone
Meeker, Michael; 1985; Manager
Meese, C F; 1904
Mehrling, Emerson R*; 1928-31; Trombone
Mehrling, Howard W*
Meier, Richard W; 1963; Trumpet
Meisel, Benjamin; 2008-10; Baritone
Meister, Cynthia L (Robertson)*; 1996-97; Baritone (Obit)
Meister, Frederick; 1964-67; Trumpet
Meiter, Edward G; 1921
Melick, Aaron; 2006-08; Bass drum
Melick, John W; 1911
Mellen, Robert T; 1959; Baritone
Mellenbrook, Earl H*
Mellin, David R
Meloy, C L; 1904
Mencer, Curtis; 1967-68; Sousaphone
Mendelson, Jenna; 2015; Mellophone
Mendenhall, Thomas A; 1936; Trombone
Menges, William M “Billy”; 2009-13; Trumpet
Menke, John; 2015-16; Trumpet
Menter, Abby M; 2006-08; Trumpet
Menter, Emily; 2008; Baritone
Menuez, Robyn R (Ramseyer); 1984-87,89; Baritone
Mercer, Jack P*; 1942; Trumpet
Mercer, Thomas R; 1944-45; Trumpet
Mercurio, John J; 1979-84; Snare
Mercy, Kenneth R*; 1932
Meredith, David B; 1970-72; Sousaphone
Meredith, James R*; 1927
Meredith, Roy M*
Merkel, R C*; 1932
Merr, Harold; 1930
Merrill, Edward H*; 1948-50; Alto horn (Obit)
Merrill, W S*; 1891
Merrill, Willis B*; 1913
Merrins, Caitlin; 2017-18; Manager
Merritt, Croft S*; 1943; Flute
Merry, Carol L; 1975-76; Trumpet
Merryman, Dr William B*; 1942-46; Baritone (Obit)
Mertz, Josiah; 2017-19; Trombone
Mertz, Leon W*
Mesloh, Edmund*
Messer, Jayden “Jenna”; 2014-16; Manager
Messick, Rodney C*; 1972-76; Trumpet
Messinger, Clayton; 2023; Baritone
Metcalf, David S*; 1976 (Obit)
Metz, Michael R; 1975-79; Trumpet
Metzer, Brian C; 1993-97; Sousaphone
Metzger, Gayl C*
Meyer, Edward W; 1997-98; Trombone
Meyers, H L*; 1925
Meyers, Herbert M; 1903
Meyers, Jami L; 2001-03; Flugel horn
Meyers, Mark E; 1976-80; Baritone
Meyers, Raymond B; 1911
Meyers, W H*; 1945
Meyers, William*; 1927
Miao, Jason; 2010; Efer
Michalke, Mark; 2021-23; Trumpet, Efer
Michelsen, Brian; 2020; Sousaphone
Michener, Robert C*
Midkiff, Amanda; 2016-19; Mellophone
Mihalyo, Michael P; 1982-83; Alto horn
Milam, John E*; 1959; Trumpet
Miley, Robert R*; 1926
Miller, Abigail; 2023; Trombone
Miller, Atlee R; 1921
Miller, Bruce L; 1979-80; Trumpet
Miller, Bruce R; 1966-68; Trumpet
Miller, Charles P; 1924
Miller, Charles T; 1928
Miller, Charles V*; 1934; Baritone
Miller, Christina K (Hammon); 1994-97; Trio
Miller, Connie S (Wallace)*; 1976; Trumpet (Obit)
Miller, Dr Curtis A*; 1966-68; Tenor horn (Obit)
Miller, Dr David M*; 1950-51; Alto horn
Miller, Dennis M; 1990-94; Alto horn
Miller, Donald R*; 1926
Miller, Donald H*
Miller, Duane R
Miller, Dwight P*; 1921-24; Clarinet
Miller, Eric B; 1976-80; Flugel horn
Miller, Floyd J*; 1922
Miller, Frank*; 1879
Miller, Franklin D
Miller, Frederick*; 1971
Miller, Glenn A*; 1931
Miller, Gregory M; 1993-97; Snare
Miller, Jack R
Miller, James; 1971
Miller, James D; Trumpet
Miller, Jeffrey P; 1980-84; Efer
Miller, John R; 1945; Clarinet
Miller, John; 1950
Miller, Joseph A; 1924
Miller, Matt B; 2003-06; Trumpet
Miller, Michael M; 1973-76; Trumpet
Miller, Dr Myrl E*; 1939-44; Alto Horn
Miller, Nathan; 2017-19; Baritone
Miller, Newton T*
Miller, Nicolas; 2019-23; Trumpet
Miller, Norman; 1973; Trumpet
Miller, Norman D; 1911
Miller, Patricia A (Rose); 1987; Trumpet
Miller, Paul W*
Miller, Paul V*; 1945; Trumpet
Miller, Philip L; 1967-68; Alto horn
Miller, Ralph F*; 1926
Miller, Ralph C*; 1899
Miller, Randy E; 1973-77; Trumpet
Miller, Rebecca J (Hamilton); 1981-84; Trumpet
Miller, Richard N*; 1943; Saxophone
Miller, Robert E*; 1933-36; Baritone (Obit)
Miller DVM, Dr Robert C*; 1949-52; Trumpet (Obit)
Miller, Robert P; 1960
Miller, Rodney; 1983-87; Sousaphone
Miller, S P; 1921
Miller, Sidney; 1938
Miller, Steven A; 1983-84; Baritone
Miller MD, Dr Stuart H; 1979-81; Trombonium, Trombone
Miller, Thomas A; 1911
Miller, Tristan; 2020-23; Trombone
Miller, V C; 1907
Miller, Vernon*; 1934
Miller, Wallace D*; 1927
Miller, William R; 1972
Miller, William E; 1995-99; Sousaphone
Milligan, Heather A (McCord); 1989-93; Alto horn
Mills, Abigail; 2015-18; Mellophone
Mills, Brandon T; 2012-15; Mellophone
Mills, Christopher L; 1984; Trumpet
Mills, Derrick A; 1994-98; Alto horn, Mellophone
Mills, Emily J (Shoemaker); 1995-99; Alto horn, Mellophone
Mills, Nolen E*; 1932-33; French Horn
Mills, Thomas M*; 1934-36; Trumpet
Millward, Jessica M (McNichols); 2010-12; Manager, Head Manager
Mims, William M*; 1956; Cymbals
Miner, George H*; 1921
Miniman, Johannes; 1906
Minns, Edward R; 1901
Minns, Raymond H; 1903
Minton, Corwin R; 1917
Minton, J A*; 1882
Minton, John P*; 1953-55; Baritone
Mischler, Maddie; 2014-17; Sousaphone
Mishtawy, Jason E; 1997-2001; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Mitchel, Walter G; 1958
Mitchell, Ian; 1995-98; Sousaphone
Mitchell, Jennifer A (Sankey); 2002-06; Mellophone
Mitchell, John R*; 1945 (Obit)
Mitchell, Max R; 1958-60; Sousaphone
Mitchell, Merilee; 1983; Alto horn
Mitchell Jr, Rashad L; 2016-18; Trombone
Mitchell, Roger A; 1959
Mitchell, Rudolph; 1973
Mitchell, Ryan E; 2003,05-06; Trumpet
Mitchell, Tyler; 2009-11; Manager, A/V Staff
Mitchell, W S; 1921; Clarinet
Mitchell, William A*; 1945-46; Alto Horn
Mitzel, James R; 1980-82; Baritone
Mix, Sidney E; 1912
Mock, Kenneth E; 1965-68; Trumpet
Mock, Lawrence M*; 1962-66; Trumpet (Obit)
Moeller, Ryan; 2012
Moghissi, Maria; 2017-18; Trombone
Moher Jr, Albert J; 1956
Mohr, William*; 1944
Mollenkopf, David J; 1989-92; Baritone
Mollenkopf, Victoria; 2018-22; Trombone
Monaco, Henry*
Monday, Wayne H; 1967; Alto horn
Mondora, Dr Raymond A; 1960-63; Baritone
Monroe, Justin L; 2018-23; Tenor Drums
Monson, Ralph E; 1913
Montenaro, Emily M (Myers); 1993-94; Alto horn
Montenaro, Scott A; 1992-95; Baritone
Montgomery, Darren S; 1985-89; Sousaphone
Montgomery, John H; 1993-96; Trumpet
Montgomery, Leroy N*; 1957-60; Efer
Montgomery, Michael; 1996-99; Baritone
Montgomery, Ralph; 1953
Montgomery, Richard M; 1965
Montgomery, Staci M (McGriff); 1988-89; Trumpet
Montlack, Morris P*; 1930
Moody, Carson A; 2007; Quint-Tom
Moomaw, Jillian G; 2005; Flugel horn
Mooney, J D; 1909
Moore, Andrew T; 2014-18; Sousaphone
Moore, Anthony C; 1994-97; Flugel horn
Moore, Carman L; 1954
Moore, Cheryl L; 1980-84; Alto horn
Moore, Cyril T*; 1912
Moore, Daniel R; 2002-05; Flugel horn
Moore, Elizabeth A; 2005-08; Mellophone
Moore, Gary D; 1963
Moore, Holly M; 1981; Trombone
Moore, Howard P; 1944
Moore, J; 1940
Moore, Jacob; 2016-19,21; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Moore, James W*; 1936; Baritone
Moore, Jeffrey P; 1996-98; Trumpet
Moore, Jennifer (Hersch); 1999-2002; Baritone
Moore, Jeremy; 1999-2003; Baritone
Moore, John R*; 1931
Moore, Kathryn J; 2019-23; Trombone
Moore, Martin L; 1921
Moore, Michael C; 1979-83; Trumpet
Moore, Nancy B (Baker); 1984-87,90; Trombone
Moore, Owen V*; 1893
Moore, Ralph H; 1960
Moore, Thomas I*; 1926; Sousaphone
Moore, William I; 1930
Moore, William M*; 1927
Moore, William D*; 1930-35; Trumpet (Obit)
Moore, William B*; 1929; Trombonium
Moore, William R*; 1927
Morant, Ricky; 1998-2001; Cymbals
More, Robert W*; 1938-40; Sousaphone
Morehead, Dwight H*; 1931-34; Sousaphone
Morehead, R H*; 1897
Morgan, Carl R; 1954; Eb Tuba
Morgan, Charles Robert; 1965-69; Trumpet
Morgan, David W; 1984; Snare
Morgan, David T; 1953; Sousaphone
Morgan, James E; 1976-83; Baritone
Morgan, Preston B; 1910
Morgan, Russell G; 1978-82; Trumpet
Morgensen, Bryce; 2021-23; Trumpet
Morgenthaler, Homer W; 1921
Morin, Ronald D; 1947-51; Alto horn
Morkassel, Gary; 1998-99; Trumpet
Morman, Amanda S; 2006-10; Trumpet
Morris, Clark E; 1976; Sousaphone
Morris, Howard*; 1938
Morris, LeRoy*
Morris, Michael E; 1967-68; Trombonium
Morris, Owen; 2022-23; Cymbals
Morris, William H; 1936; Alto horn
Morrison, Andrew T; 1973
Morrison, James S; 1903
Morrison, Jay B “Benjamin”*; 1965
Morrison, Mark G; 2013; Efer
Morrison, Mark D; 1979-83; Efer
Morrison, Meghan; 2014; Trumpet
Morrison, Richard L*; 1954-57; Sousaphone (Obit)
Morrison, Robert D*; 1968-71; Trumpet (Obit)
Morton, C W*; 1893
Morton, Capt Gary J*; 1959; Tenor horn
Morton, Kenneth B; 1911
Morton, Raymond D*; 1957,59; Trumpet (Obit)
Moseley, Beverley H*; 1946-49; Drum Major (Obit)
Moss, C Douglas; 1981-84; Sousaphone
Moss, Heidi; 1992-95; Trumpet
Mossbarger, Bradley L; 1986-88; Alto horn
Mossbarger, Charles E; 1954
Mossbarger, David L; 1963-66; Tuba, Sousaphone
Mosser, George E; 1956
Mote, Bill G*; 1943
Mote, Don C*; 1907
Mote, W Newton*; 1946-51; Trumpet
Mote, William D*; 1956
Motter, Walter N*; 1929-31; Trombone
Moughiman, Rebecca J (Parker); 1973; Trumpet
Moulas, Andrew D; 2020-23; Sousaphone
Moulas, Dean A; 1983-86; Sousaphone
Moulton, Trevor; 2016-18; Trombone
Mount, Michael E*; 1969-72; Bass drum (Obit)
Mowatt-Larssen, Tore; 1982-84; Alto horn
Mowers, Glenn E*; 1933
Moxley, Julia K; 2019-23; Trumpet
Moyer, Jay S; 1973-76; Sousaphone
Moyer, Dr John H*; 1954-55; Trumpet
Moyer, Kallette S (Spaeth); 1975-77; Alto horn
Moyer, Paul M*; 1929; Trombonium
Mroczka, Thomas A; 1958-61; Trumpet
Mucha, Robert B; 1952; Baritone
Muchmore, Nathan A; 1998-2002; Sousaphone
Mueller, George E; 1910
Mueller, James I*; 1936; Bass Drum
Muenz, Anastasia J (Thiele); 2018-22; Flugel horn
Muessig, James B; 1975-78; Trumpet
Mugglin, Brett A; 2010-13; Cymbals
Muldrew, Michael B; 1960
Mullay, J J*; 1888; Drum Major
Mullin, William G; 1903
Mullins, Anthony L*; 1981-85; Baritone (Obit)
Mullins, Richard E*; 1962; Trumpet
Muncy, Kristopher; 1996; Snare
Munger, R W; 1905
Munger, Richard; 1949
Munoz, Nicholas; 1998-99; Trumpet
Munthe, Jack A; 1965; Trumpet
Murawski, Benjamin; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Muren, Albert C*; 1952-53; Tuba, Baritone (Obit)
Murphy, Callum; 2022-23; Trombone
Murphy, Dr Corinne M; 1997-2001; Trombone
Murphy, James D*
Murphy, James*; 1951
Murphy, Jordyn; 2021; Trombone
Murray, Meredith R (Dill); 2003-07; Flugel horn
Murray, Wilson J; 1965,81; Grad Asst Director
Murton, Alexander D; 2002-06; Sousaphone
Musgrave, Ray; 1911
Musselman, Stephanie A (Lackman); 1988-90; Manager
Musser, Alan L; 1979-83; Trombone
Musser, Brice R; 1963-64; Alto horn
Musser, Drew A; 1988-92; Sousaphone
Mussman, Milton C*
Mutchler, Rev J Paul; 1968-70; Alto horn
Mutzman, Richard; 1975
Myers, Aaron R; 1988-92; Trumpet
Myers, Albert*; 1936; Secretary
Myers, Alexander; 2021-23; Trombone
Myers, Clifford H*; Sousaphone
Myers, David E; 1980-82; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Myers, David J; 1943
Myers, David A; 1983-87; Trumpet
Myers, Donald*; 1943
Myers, Eric; 1992; Sousaphone
Myers, Herbert M; 1901
Myers, J B; 1903
Myers, John N; 1973-74,76; Alto horn
Myers, Joseph C*; 1945-46; Drum Major (Obit)
Myers, Nadezhda M (Mihalik); 1987-90; Trombone
Myers, Raymond B; 1911
Myers, Richard D*; 1933-35; Baritone
Myers, Robert T*
Myers, Dr Theodore B; 1940-42; Sousaphone
Myers, Thomas Alden; 1963-68; Tenor horn, Baritone
Myers, Victor A; 1924
Myers, Dr Walter J; 1955-59; Trumpet
Myers, William; 1985-88; Trombone
Nahuis, Eugene B*; 1927
Nance, JT; 2017; Snare
Nappier, Jennifer; 2001-05; Mellophone
Nappier, Dr Michael T; 1999-2001; Mellophone
Nary, Michael; 2003-07; Sousaphone
Nash, Daniel; 2002-03,05-06; D-Squad
Naughton, Zachary G; 2010-14; Sousaphone
Naum, Byron A
Nawa, Hikari M; 2019-23; Trombone
Nawa, Mirai; 2023; Mellophone
Nawrocki, Dale F; 1978-79; Trumpet
Nawrocki, Daniel F*; 1952-53; Trumpet (Obit)
Naylor, Bernard E*; 1934-36; Trombone
Naylor, Dick*; 1941
Naylor, Everett D; 1934-37; Tenor horn
Naylor, George R*; 1940-41,47-48; Snare
Naylor, James B*; 1951
Neal, Thomas C; 1957-62; Trumpet
Near, Cory; 2005-09; Sousaphone
Neary, Michael; 1999-2001; Baritone
Nedved, James*; 1953
Needham, Daniel B; 1978-80; Snare
Needham, Kenneth W*; 1940
Needham, Richard E*; 1934-38; Alto horn
Needham, Robert L*; 1937-40; Baritone (Obit)
Neefe, Howard*; 1930
Neel, Jason M; 1994-97; Trombone
Neeley, Fred E*; 1938; Trumpet (Obit)
Neeley, George E; 1936; Trombone
Neely, Bryan; 2001-04; Flugel horn
Neely, Christopher A; 1992-96; Alto horn, Mellophone
Neely, Laura M (Wilson); 1993-96; Alto horn, Mellophone
Neff, Donald R*; 1951-56; Trumpet (Obit)
Neff, Walter L; 1958-61; Tenor horn, Baritone
Neffenger, Alexander J; 2002-05; Drum Major
Negley, Charles F*; 1940
Nellom, Zackary T; 2011-14; Trombone
Nelson, Charles R; 1995-99; Trumpet
Nelson, Christa M; 2000-03; Snare
Nelson, Gary L; 1968-72; Snare
Nelson, Grant W; 1981-85; Efer
Nelson, Larry L; 1968-72; Trumpet
Nelson, Dr Richard A; 1976-79; Trombone
Nelson, R Tyler; 2014-16; Efer
Nelson, Tyler; 2017; Efer
Nemcik, Francis J*; 1940-46; Efer
Nephew, Heather L (Lutz); 1998-99; Baritone (Obit)
Neptune, David E; 1966
Nero, Diana; 1990-94; Staff
Nesler, Allison E (Brown); 1999-2003; Trombone
Nesler, Christopher; 2001-03; Trombone
Nesmith, Timothy E*; 1980-84; Snare
Neu, Harold C*
Neubach, F Gerry*; 1935-39; Baritone
Neudorfer, Karl E; 1992-95; Drum Major
Neumeier, Cody M; 2010,12-14; Trumpet
New, Colton; 2020-22; Flugel horn
Newcomer, Thomas R; 1983,85-87; Baritone
Newhouse, Jack H*; 1941-42,46; French horn, Alto horn (Obit)
Newlon, Edgar W*; 1934-37; French horn
Newman, J Forrest*; 1937-40; Snare
Newman, Matt; 1991; Trumpet
Newport, Ryan M; 2007-10; Flugel horn
Newton, Howard M; 1903
Nguyen, Bobby; 2004-08; Trumpet, Mellophone
Nguyen, Viet X; 2013-17; Mellophone
Nicely, Bradley; 2022-23; Student Staff
Nicholls, Joseph A; 1969-72; Trumpet
Nichols, Charles W; 1946
Nichols, Gregory R; 1982-85; Trumpet
Nichols, Harold D*; 1917
Nichols, Orra A; 1901
Nichols, Paul; 1949
Nichols, Timothy S; 1980-81; Trumpet
Nichols, Tyler; 2016; D-Squad
Nichols, William; 1947
Nicholson Jr, Firl W*; 1957-58,60-61; Trumpet (Obit)
Nicholson, John F; 1950-51; Alto horn
Nicholson, Steven T; 1990; Snare
Nicklaus, Bruce L; 1975; Trumpet
Nickoloff, Craig; 1999-2003; Efer
Nicodemus, Robert P*; 1962; Trombonium
Nicolozakes, Alexandros W; 1981-84; Alto horn
Nicolozakes, Athanasios C; 2013-16; Baritone
Nicolozakes, Constantine P; 2011-14; Baritone
Nicolozakes, William A; 1987-91; Alto horn
Niekamp, Christopher M; 1994-96; Baritone
Niekamp, Rebecca A (Dahlinghaus); 1996,2001; Baritone
Nielsen, Terence; 1990-91; Trio
Niemi, Grayson; 2023; Cymbals
Nieminen, Norman A
Nieuvahner, John H*; 1887
Nightingale, Adam; 2000-01; Trumpet
Nightingale, John; 2002-03; Trombone
Nightingale, Lisa; 2004-07; Mellophone
Nightingale, Nicole (Dulmage); 2002-03; Mellophone
Niles, Joshua; 2006-09; Baritone
Nippert, Jason; 2016-18; Baritone
Nisbet, Paul H; 1950
Nisonger, Joseph W; 1940-42; Baritone
Nitecki, Daniel J; 1996-99; Trombone
Nixon, Robert A; 1978-81; Trumpet
Nixon, Robert W*; 1954-57; Alto horn
Noble, Robert P; 2003-06; Baritone
Noble, Robert H*; 1955-58; Sousaphone (Obit)
Noble, William H*; 1910
Nocera, Alessandro; 2020-23; Trumpet
Nocera, Kimberly D (Putman); 1993-97; Trumpet
Noe, David J
Noe, Norman F*; 1951; Trombonium (Obit)
Nogle DDS, Timothy F; 1958-59; Efer
Nolte, Victoria M; 2010-13; Trombone
Nonnemann, Herbert S; 1917
Noonan, Jason; 2004-05; Trumpet
Nordhausen, Douglas E; 1989-93; Trumpet
Norman, Roy J*; 1945
Norris, Benjamin T; 2007-09; Baritone
Norris, Bertrand S*
Norris, James W*; 1925
Norris, Jewett L*; 1886-87; Drum Major
Norris, Karen S (Schneider); 1992-96; Trombone
Norris, Robert R; 1990-94; Trombone
North MD, David P*; 1960-63; Alto horn
Northrup, C Edgar*; 1924,26; Sousaphone
Notestine, Alan G; 1980-84; Baritone
Notestine, Connor A; 2013-15; Baritone
Notestine, Lisa N (Heddleston); 2013-15; Baritone
Notestine, Neil J; 1983-87; Trumpet
Nowels, Howard W; 1934
Nowels, Jack E*; 1943-44; Sousaphone
Nussmeyer, H H; 1909
Nutting, Dick N*
O’Boyle, Quintin; 2017-22; Manager, Student Staff
O’Brien, Lorrence A
O’Brien, Ross; 2005-08; Trumpet
O’Brien, Sarah; 2004; Trumpet
O’Brien, Sean; 2018-21; Baritone
O’Connor, Kathleen P*; 1980-81; Alto horn
O’Connor, Katie; 2008-11; Sousaphone
O’Halloran, Ryan; 2001; Manager
O’Herron, Michael J; 1995-97; Trumpet
O’Neal, Robert J*; 1938
O’Rourke, A Susan (Iiames); 1989-90; Alto horn
O’Toole, Laura L (Quint); 1994-98; Trombone
Oakley, Bernard H*; 1928-32; Clarinet
Oakley, David W; 1960; Tenor horn
Oakley, Dorothy; 1947; Secretary
Oates, Robert E*; 1939-41; Bass Drum
Obenour, Sterling W*; 1945-46; Trumpet
Oberle, Linda K (Millard); 1979-81; Alto horn
Oberlin, H Robert; 1953; Sousaphone
Obetz, Francis H*; 1893
Oblak, Andrew M*; 1977-80; Trombone (Obit)
Oborn, Collin; 2015-17; Trombone
Ochs, Carl J*
Ochsenfeld, Mark; 1985-89; Trombone
Ochsenfeld, Rhonda S (Smith); 1985-89; Secretary
Oconer, Joshua J; 2016-21; Trumpet
OConnor, Timothy F; 1981-83; Trumpet
Oda, A Christopher; 1976-80; Trumpet
Odell, Joseph*; 1927
Odenweller, Alexa; 2015,17; Mellophone
Oeder, Brian R; 1990-92,94; Drum Major
Ogle, H R; 1931
Oglesbee, Wendell*
Oglevee, Zachary D; 2005-09; Trombone
Ogrod, Philip R; 1987-88; Flugel horn
Ohanian, Nicholas A; 2009-12; Bass drum
Ohl, Robert B; 1910
Okel, Edward; 1960-61; Trumpet
Olah, Carol K (Pakes); 1985; Alto horn
Olah, Stephen R; 1988-89; Trumpet
Oldham, Robert*; 1937
Olin, Richard F*; 1933; Sousaphone
Olinger, Alfred J*; 1946-50; Sousaphone (Obit)
Oliver, C Eugene “Gene”; 1973-76; Sousaphone
Oliver, Kyle S; 2006-10; Trumpet
Oliver, Noah B; 2014-17; Efer
Olney, Nickolas; 2022-23; Trombone
Olson, Bret; 2016-17; Manager
Olson, L Terrance; 1987-89; Trombone
Olszewski, Andrew R; 2020-23; Trumpet
Oltmanns, Victor R*; 1934-37; Trumpet
Olvera, Daniel W; 1991-94; Sousaphone
Onslow, William H*; 1951-58; Trumpet
Opfermann, Annette M; 1980-82; Duo
Oplinger, Jaclyn D; 2010-14; Trombone
Oppenheimer, Mark S; 1993-97; Trumpet
Opper, Leon J*; 1936-40; Cymbals
Oppy, Connor; 2017-21; Sousaphone
Oprian, Donald; 1949
Orban, Leonard B; 1974-77; Sousaphone
Orndorff, E L; 1900
Orquist, Wilho*; 1926
Orr, Charles W*; 1931-35; Trumpet
Orr, Donald P; 1962; Baritone
Orr, Joseph; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Orr, Tamara; 1977
Orth, Donald F; 1923
Orth, Franklin J; 1922
Ortman, Earl H*; 1899
Ortman, Fred B; 1906-08; Drum Major
Orton Jr, Edward*; 1878-81; Drum Major
Osborn, John F*; 1942; Trombonium
Osborn, John P; 1965-66; Trumpet
Osborn, Rev Dr Noel D; 1946-48; Baritone, Trombonium
Osborne, Courtney; 2001; Manager
Osborne, Jennifer L; 2005-07; Seamstress, Head Manager
Osborne, L K*; 1930
Osgood, Wentworth H; 1906
Ost, Seth; 2008-10; Baritone
Ostrander, Elaine M (Kousoulas); 1954; Librarian
Ostrander, Tom H*; 1945,50-54; Baritone (Obit)
Otstot Jr, Robert E; 1946-47; Clarinet
Ott, Christopher E; 2006-09; Trombone
Otten, John E; 1980,82; Baritone
Ottenga, Marc E
Otting, Robert T; 2012-14; Baritone
Ouimet, Ryan; 2023; Sousaphone
Ours, Ethan; 2018-22; Trombone
Overly, Thomas L*; 1955-56; Tenor horn (Obit)
Overmyer, Hubert C*; 1934-37; Trumpet, Efer
Overmyer, Mark L; 1976
Overmyer, William H; 1966-68; Sousaphone
Overs, Paul I*
Owdom, Merle D; 1967-70; Trombonium
Owen, Jeffery D; 1995-99; Trumpet
Owen, Michelle L (Morman); 1999-2003; Efer
Owens, Ben; 2011-12; Manager, Head Manager
Owens, Christopher D; 1982-85; Snare
Oxley Sr, Allan R; 1955; Trumpet
Oxsalida, Eric; 2020-23; Trombone
Oyer, Malcolm R*; 1944
Paanenan, Loretta J; 1963; Librarian
Pacak, Dr Christina A; 1996-99; Trumpet
Pace, Charles W*; 1945
Pace, Tom W; 1958
Page, Charles N; 1924
Page, John; 1941
Page, Jordan; 2004-05; Baritone
Paice, Logan; 2015-19; Baritone
Paine, E E*; 1882
Paiste, Harry T*; 1882
Pajk, Mary Jane M (McLean); 1982-86; Efer
Pallante, Romeo D*; 1951; Bass drum
Pallard, Allison D; 1993-97; Efer
Palm, Edward E; 1924
Palmer Jr, Anthony E; 2000-03; Flugel horn
Palmer Jr, Charles L*; 1944; Trumpet
Palmer, E B*; 1891
Palmer, Gerald W; 1958-60; Alto horn
Palmer, Jonathan; 1959-61; Trombone, Baritone
Palmer, R J*; 1897
Palmer, Thomas; 1976; Sousaphone
Palmer, Walter K*; 1889; Drum Major
Palmer, Willard E; 1925-27; Trumpet
Pandit, Aroh M; 2012-15; Trumpet
Pangburn, William R*; 1952-53; Tuba, Baritone
Pankow, Tom; 1950
Papai, Marc P; 1974-78; Alto horn
Papai, Michael P; 1972-76; Trumpet, Efer
Papandria, John
Paparone, Meredith; 2018-20; Mellophone
Paqualone, Oswald A; 1940
Pardee, Howard*; 1934
Pardee, Russell J; 1939
Pardi II, James J; 1985-88; Sousaphone
Parise, Sarah; 2017-20; Trombone
Park, Elizabeth A; 1982; Sousaphone
Park, Emmett N*; 1923-27; Clarinet
Park, Harry K*
Park, Warren S*
Parker, Derryl E*; 1945
Parker, Ernest A; 1921
Parker, George; 1959
Parker, Jameson A; 2002-04; Trombone
Parker, Morton K; 1921
Parker-Jones, Jon W (Jones); 1989-90; Snare
Parks, Paul A; 1971-75; Trumpet
Parks, Ralph M; 1921
Parks, Richard; 1985-88; D-Squad, Drum Major
Parks, Vonda A (Darnell); 1988-92; Alto horn
Parlette, Don L*; 1935-37; Trumpet (Obit)
Parr, Jeremy; 2016-21; Trumpet
Parr, Ryan G; 2013-17; Flugel horn
Parrett, Lauren M; 2022; Baritone
Parrish, Dr Nicholas J; 1992-96; Trombone
Parrott, Lisa M; 2005-09; Flugel horn
Parsch, James A
Parsons, Adam J; 2001,04; Trombone
Parsons, James R; 1950; Trumpet
Parsons, Margaret D (Donovan); 1994-98; Alto horn, Mellophone
Parsons, Marvin E*
Parsons, Timothy J; 1986-89; Sousaphone
Partlow, Gary O*; 1958-63; Trumpet (Obit)
Partridge, Isaiah; 2018-23; Snare
Parulekar, Marc S; 1994-98; Trumpet
Parulekar, Teresa (Carter); 1995-99; Mellophone
Paster, Dr Mary E; 1996-99; Trumpet, Efer
Patel, Kishan K; 2011-14,16; Manager, Sousaphone
Patterson, Alex; 2015; Efer
Patterson, Francis P*
Patterson, James W*; 1953,55-56; Trumpet (Obit)
Patterson, Michele L; 1998; Mellophone
Pattison, Eric; 2021-23; Trumpet
Patton, Jonathan; 2016-17; Sousaphone
Patton, Ryan M; 2009-12; Efer
Patzwahl, David W; 1975-78; Trumpet
Patzwahl, Philip D; 2004-08; Efer
Pauck, Charles E*; 1927; Sousaphone
Paul, Trevor; 2022-23; Baritone
Paulin, O P; 1905
Paulos, Harry D*; 1942,47; Baritone
Pawlikowski, Paige; 2023; Trumpet
Pawlowski, Caitlin; 2005-06; Seamstress
Paxton, Phillip E*; 1962-65; Trumpet
Payn, Gerald A; 1958-60; Sousaphone
Payn, J Alden*; 1928-31; Sousaphone
Payn, Robert A; 1988-92; Trumpet
Payne, Bernard W; 1913
Payne, Dr Gary L; 1953-56; Sousaphone
Payne, Jordan; 2014-17; Baritone
Peace, Robert A; 1937
Peak, Robert*; 1930
Pearce, George D*; 1890-91; Drum Major
Pearson PhD; hDSS, Dr Charls; 1951; Trombonium, Bb Tuba, Baritone
Pearson, Richard L; 1987-88; Manager
Pearson, Shawn; 2000-02; Trumpet
Pease, Charles E; 1910
Peck, John L*
Peck, Robert; 1935-37; Efer
Peden, Cloyce S; 1924
Peebles, Steve B; 1962-65; Snare
Pegg, Alison; 1998-2002; Mellophone
Peitzke, Jayne L; 1976-80; Trombone
Pelleriti, Richard L*; 1954-57; Trumpet, Efer (Obit)
Peltoma, Robert H; 1957-58; Baritone
Pelton, Robert L; 1954
Peluso, Brian E; 1996-2000; Cymbals
Pembrook, Lawrence L*
Pena-Amaya, Favius; 2022-23; Trumpet
Pendergrass III, Frank J*; 1955-57; Trombone (Obit)
Pendleton, David N; 1984-85; Trumpet
Penick, Arthur J; 1911
Penick, Norman D
Penka, Dylan J; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Penland, Erin A (Bowns); 2007-09; Mellophone
Penley, Christopher; 2000-04; Trombone
Penn, Robert F; 1953-55,57; Sousaphone
Pennell, Travis; 2003-07; Mellophone
Penner, Nancy A (Kant); 1978-80; Secretary
Penny, Blaine H*; 1936; Sousaphone
Pennybaker, David; 1963
Penquite, Wilson H*
Penrod, Melinda M; 1981; Alto horn
Penrose, DeWitte G*; 1946
Peoples, E W*; 1898
Pepper, Herbert C; 1917
Perks, Mark*; 1976-79; Trumpet (Obit)
Perns, Nolan; 2017-18; Mellophone
Perri, Ernest L; 1934-37; Baritone
Perrin, Nicholas E; 2013-16; Snare
Perrini, Nicholas J*; 1951-53; Alto horn (Obit)
Perris, James; 1943
Perry, Harlan L*; 1927
Perryman, Emily C (Bugala); 1991-93; Alto horn
Persall, Sheila M (McClurg); 1988-91; Alto horn
Peskind, Kevin A; 2012-14; Flugel horn
Peters, Grover W; 1912
Peters, Jason L; 1999-2003; Snare
Peters, Jill E (Steenrod); 1974-77; Trombonium
Peters, Kevin L; 1970-73; Trombonium
Peters, Michael A; 1976-80; Snare
Peters, Ora*; 1931
Peters, Richard C; 1974-79; Trumpet
Peters, Theresa M (Stumphauzer); 2002-04; Efer
Peters, Thomas H; 1971-75; Sousaphone
Petersen, Kirk; 1969; Trumpet
Peterson, Carl J*
Peterson, G Wilch (Wilch); 1965; Librarian
Peterson, R Jay; 1972-75; Trumpet
Peterson, Russell L*; 1930; Trumpet
Pethuyne, Kathleen M (Schaefer); 2007; Seamstress
Pethuyne, Scott M; 2004-07; Snare
Peto, David; 1967-70; Trumpet
Pettegrew, C W*; 1930-31; Drum Major
Petticord, Paul P*; 1926
Pettit, David P; 2010-14; D-Squad, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Petty, Bobby; 2021-23; Trumpet
Petty, Douglas S; 1975-79; Cymbals, Bass drum
Pfaff, Wayne; 1967; Manager
Pfaffman, Steven K; 1972-75,82; Duo, Snare
Pfefferle, Kevin L; 1999-2002; Trumpet, Inst Repair
Pfeifer II, James E; 1987-91; Sousaphone
Pfeiffer, David E; 1975; Trombone
Phenegar, Norman E; 1921
Pheterson, Alexander D
Philbin, Brian M; 1977-81; Baritone
Philbin, Philip A; 1969-71; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Philipp, Anthony D; 1984-88; Trumpet
Philipp, Evan A; 2018-23; Trumpet
Phillips, Bradley D; 1977-78; Trumpet
Phillips, Brady; 2020-23; Trumpet
Phillips, Christopher W; 1994-97; Snare
Phillips, Clint; 2002-06; Sousaphone
Phillips, David E; 1972
Phillips, George M; 1948-49; Baritone
Phillips, Col Glenn K*; 1953; Baritone
Phillips, Jonathan L; 2010-13; Trumpet
Phillips, Michael M; 1957; Baritone
Phillips, Ralph*; 1950
Phillips, Richard E*; 1936; Sousaphone
Phillips, Richard W; 1943
Phillips, Robert J; 1990-94; Sousaphone
Phillips, William*; 1934
Phinney, Edward*; 1943
Phipps, Raymond*; 1943
Piacentini, Mark J; 1979-80; Trombone
Piccone, Nicholas; 2023; Snare
Pickens, Charles E*; 1940-41; Baritone
Pickering, Carl E; 1926-28; Trumpet
Pickering, Dr Dennis A; 1962-65; Manager
Pickering, Ronald*; 1952
Pickett, Gary W; 1975-79; Trombone
Pickett, Laura W (Winslow); 1981-82; Librarian
Picking, Jonathan; 2005-08; Trumpet
Piehl, Sam; 2009-12; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Piel, Taylor A; 2014-15; Manager
Pierce, C Douglas; 1989-93; Snare
Pierce Jr, F Howard; 1955-58; Efer (Obit)
Piersol, William A*; 1945,56
Pierson, John H; 1980; Sousaphone
Pierson, Richard L*; 1940
Pierson, William R*; 1937-40; Baritone
Pierson, Wilma; 1948; Secretary
Pierson, Zachary A; 1994-98; Trombone
Pietzcker, Robert S*; 1928
Pigg, George T*; 1948; Manager
Pillot, Dr Gene M*; 1947-51; French horn
Pina, Richard M; 1988-92; Sousaphone
Pinar, John; 1969; Alto horn
Pinneo, Charles N; 1958; Snare
Pinner, Charles; 1936
Pinson, Alden R*
Pintoff, Philip; 1943
Piper, Frank W*; 1936-40; Trumpet
Piper, Harry M; 1925
Piper, Stephen C; 1961
Pisanelli, Nick A; 2020-23; Baritone, Sousaphone
Pittenger, Glen W; 1951-54; Trumpet
Pittenger, Tress E; 1913
Pittenger, Wayne A*; 1957-61; Trumpet
Pitts, Justin P; 2011-14; Sousaphone
Pixley, Frank S*; 1881
Pizzino, Michael; 2006-08; Trombone
Place, Robert A*; 1937-38
Plack, Louis E*; 1915-19; Trombone
Planck, Justin; 2023; Baritone
Planitz, Andrew; 2018-21; Efer
Plants, Leonard W; 1965; Manager
Plattenburg, Joseph A; 2009-13; Trumpet
Plattenburg, Teresa L (Alspach); 2009-11; Mellophone
Pleukharp, Charles V*; 1878
Plikerd, Robert A*; 1958-59; Trombone
Plum, Harley M*; 1898
Poage, Collin M; 2011-15; Trombone
Poast, Steven; 1992-96; Sousaphone
Poderys, Andrew; 1985-87; Trumpet
Poeppelmeier, Michaela R; 2018-22; Bass drum
Polce, Vincent J*; 1984; Grad Asst Director (Obit)
Polcyn, Timothy L; 2003-04; Inst Manager, Head Manager
Polidora, Vincent J; 1950-55,57-58; Alto horn
Poling, Kirk F; 1981-83; Trumpet
Poling, Scott; 1998-2002; Trombone
Polish, Louis*; 1930
Polizzi, Stephen J*; 1978; Baritone (Obit)
Pollock MD, Frank E; 1945-50; Alto horn
Pollock MD, James H*; 1936-37; Baritone
Polster, Ian N*; 1956-57; Trombonium (Obit)
Polster, Jerome*; 1932
Polta, Kenneth; 2018-22; Mellophone
Pomeroy, Thomas C*; 1937-38; Alto Horn
Ponce, Elijah; 2017-19; Sousaphone
Poncheri, Francis R; 2003-07; Baritone
Poncheri, Joellen N (Flucke); 2007-11; Sousaphone
Pondel, Nick A; 2014-15; Manager
Pontius, Byron E; 1910
Pontius, Gerald W*; 1929-32; French Horn
Pontius, Harold T*; 1947; Trumpet (Obit)
Pontius, Ralph G*; 1925
Ponzi, Melvin E*; 1952-53; Sousaphone (Obit)
Pook, Abraham; 1940
Pool, John G; 1905
Poole, Todd; 1996-2000; Trumpet
Poorman, Herbert R; 1940
Popio, Loren A; 1973,75,77; Efer
Popio, Lynan B; 1975-79; Alto horn
Popson, Shane P; 2015; Flugel horn
Port, Donald; 1936; Trombone
Porter, Carl; 1950
Porter, Dalton D; 1905
Porter, James F*; 1954-57; Trombone
Porter, Jason R; 2008-10; Flugel horn
Porter, Joseph E; 1954
Porter, Nancy C; 1980-84; Trumpet
Porteus, Sarah; 2009-12; Mellophone
Portman, Russell F*; 1941-42; Trumpet
Portz, Dillon; 2021-23; Trumpet
Post, Ephraim; 1974
Post BSWE, Jeffrey W*; 1961-65; Snare
Poston, R Gavin; 1970-71; Trumpet
Potenzone, Evan R; 1996-2000; Efer
Potes, Jason M; 2004-06; Flugel horn
Pott Jr, DVM, Nelson A*; 1942-44; Baritone
Potter, P Stephen; 1963-65; Snare
Potter, Thomas W*; 1955-58; Sousaphone (Obit)
Poulson, John R*; 1952-54
Povenmire, Mahlon A*
Powell, John L; 1921
Powell, Marcy S*; 1926-30; Trumpet
Powell, Merritt; 1921
Powell, Robert G*; 1947-49; Baritone (Obit)
Powers, Calvin*; 1888; Drum Major
Powers, Matthew; 2001; D-Squad
Powers, Sterling*; 1943
Pownall, Kevin I; 1974-78; Trumpet
Pozniak, Daniel; 2014-17; Trumpet
Pozniak, Lindsay (Hostetler); 2015-19; Sousaphone
Pracht, Terry R
Prakel, Austin F; 2009-13; Flugel horn
Prasad, Suhas; 2002-05; Mellophone
Prass, J Alan; 1981-84; Trombone
Preest, Lyle W; 1962; Percussion
Prehm, Bernard G*; 1934-36; Alto Horn
Prenger, Jessica J; 1994-96; Trombone
Prentice, Philip M; 1967-70; Alto horn
Prescott, Adam D; 1999-2002; Drum Major
Mitchell, Kathryn A; 1999-2000,02-03; D-Squad, Drum Major
Preston, Gregory*; 1938
Preston, John*; 1930
Prete, Andrew J; 2013-16; Trumpet
Prete, Kyle; 2018-19; Snare
Prete, Philip R; 2011-14; Bass drum
Price, Judy; 1973
Price, Kaitlin; 2014-16; Manager
Price, Lisa D (Allen); 1985; Trumpet
Price, Lloyd; 1921
Price, Meredith C*
Price, Ronald A; 1982-86; Trumpet
Prill, Lawrence H*
Prill, Matthew C; 2007-09; Trumpet
Pringle, Clark R; 1954; Trumpet
Pritchard, Shane E R; 2020,23; Trumpet
Pritchett, Angela K (Stransky); 1989-93; Flugel horn
Prochaska, Benjamin; 2020-22; Trombone
Profit, Zachary B; 2007-10; Sousaphone
Prose, Jeffrey V*; 1971-73,76; Cymbals
Protsman, Dr Thomas T; 1956-59; Alto horn
Provo, Tyler; 2008-12; Snare
Pruitt, Donald E*; 1945-46; Bass Drum
Pryor, Abigail N; 2015-18; Sousaphone
Pschibul, Norbert*; 1982-84; Trumpet (Obit)
Puente, April M (Shomaker); 2002-03; Manager
Pugh, Harry M*; 1933-37; French Horn
Pugh, Matthew; 2022-23; Trombone
Pukansky, Aidan; 2020-23; Manager, Baritone
Puleo, Jane K; 1986-87; Alto horn
Pumphrey, Daniel B; 1966-68,74; Trumpet
Purcell, Sharon (Lewis); 1989-93; Manager
Purdy, Ross C*; 1897
Purnhagen, William L*; 1961; Baritone (Obit)
Purser, Joseph R; 1957; Snare
Puse, Ervin C*; 1936; Sousaphone
Pusztay, Robin I (Shepherd); 1975
Putman, Steven O; 1976; Trumpet
Quam, Richard; 1969-71; Trumpet
Quam Searles, Rebeccah (Quam); 1995-98; Mellophone, Alto horn
Quick, Walter A*
Quickle, Laura R (Brickner); 1990; Manager
Quillen, Joshua; 1998-99; Snare
Quinlan, Megan; 2017-19; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Quinn, Adam; 2023; Snare
Quint, Paul D; 1967-70; Baritone
Quint, Peter D; 1992-96; Trumpet
Rachel, Giffin; 2019; Manager
Racle, Raymond P*; 1950; Snare
Radcliffe, Jacob; 2021-23; D-Squad, Baritone
Radcliffe, Keith; 1969; Alto horn
Rader, Jessica; 1992; Alto horn
Rader, Jordan; 2004-08; Sousaphone
Rader, Lindsay A; 2005-09; Trombone
Rago, Anthony V*; 1958-59; Trumpet
Rainey, Linda C (Mercer); 1982-85; Alto horn
Rairick, Brian J; 1970-74; Efer
Rajala, L T; 1924; Picolo
Rall, Benjamin A; 2017; Trumpet
Ramey, Jacob A; 2013-17; Mellophone
Ramey, John H*; 1944-48; Asst Drum Major, Baritone (Obit)
Ramey, John L; 1972-75; Trumpet
Ramey Jr, Ralph E*; 1946-48; Alto horn (Obit)
Ramey Sr, Ralph E*; 1921
Ramirez, Irving D; 1979-83; Trumpet
Ramm, James D; 1975-78; Trumpet
Rammel, Edward A*; 1972-73; Efer (Obit)
Rammel, John W; 1969-72; Trumpet
Ramsey, Gregory T; 2004-08; Flugel horn
Ramsey, Jessica M (Mull); 2005-08; Trumpet
Randall, H K; 1910
Randall, Ronald R; 1981-85; Baritone
Randolph, William F*; 1936-39; Snare
Ranft, Kelly J (Welch); 1999-2002; Mellophone
Ranft, S Tucker; 1998-2002; Sousaphone
Ranney, Robert C*
Rapp, Edward S*; 1926
Rapp, James S; 1996-98; Trumpet
Rapp, Sherri L; 1989,92-93; Cymbals
Rappach, Chaumaine L (Smith); 1991-95; Alto horn
Rarey, Ernest G; 1905
Rarey, Ralph F; 1903
Rarick, Brad M; 2006-10; Sousaphone
Rarick, Murray M*; 1893
Rasor, Omer O*; 1937
Rasor, Ronald O; 1963; Trombonium
Rasor, Dr Timothy B; 1976-80; Trombonium
Rau, Austen W; 2003-06; Sousaphone
Rau, Norman*; 1943
Rauchenstein, Peter; 1997-2001; Mellophone
Raudebaugh, Richard*; 1887
Rausch, Clark A; 1979-82; Trombone
Rausch, Jack D*; 1952; Baritone (Obit)
Ravan, James A; 1967-68; Trumpet
Rawn, Lee A*; 1966-72; Alto Horn
Ray, R B; 1903
Ray, Stanley K; 1976-79; Baritone
Ray, William D*; 1879
Raymond, Henry I
Read, John T*; 1934
Reader, H L; 1909
Ready, Michele E; 1985; Librarian
Reagan, Sean; 2016-20; Mellophone
Ream, Donald L; 1940-41; Trumpet
Rebertus, Douglas W; 1968; Trumpet
Reck, Robert B*; 1923; Flute
Rectenwald, Gary M; 1967-74; Baritone
Redding, Robert E; 1936-38; Efer
Redlin, Roy N; 1929-30; Trumpet
Reeb, Atlee J*; 1935-36; Tenor horn
Reebel, Paul L; 1959
Reed, Allison R; 2013-16; Librarian
Reed, Bryon; 2004-05; Trumpet
Reed, Cameron M; 2017-19; Mellophone
Reed, Carl R*
Reed, Charles E*; 1945-47; Tenor horn, Clarinet (Obit)
Reed, Denise K (Rinehart); 1991-95; Alto horn
Reed, Dennis H; 1932
Reed Sr, Frank J; 1963; Trumpet
Reed, Jane T (Trinter); 1969-71; Librarian
Reed, Jason S; 1994-98; Sousaphone
Reed, John B; 1963
Reed, Joseph E; 1982-86; Trumpet
Reed, Katherine E; 2019-22; Baritone
Reed, Kristin A (Reid); 1991-95; Efer
Reed, Matthew A; 2010-14; Sousaphone
Reed, Parker E*; 1949-52; Cymbals
Reed, Richard E*; 1949
Reed, Ryan T; 1992-95; Snare
Reed, Sue A (Biss); 1979-81; Trumpet
Reed, Troy R; 1993-95; Trumpet
Reed, W Gregory; 1974-79; Trumpet
Reeder, Charles B; 1941-42; Trombone
Reeder, Marcel R; 1981-85; Cymbals
Reelhorn, Charles E*
Reese, Jeff L; 1969-70; Trumpet, Efer
Reeser, Eugene*; 1952
Reeser, Robert M*; 1940,46-48; Snare
Reeves, Brad W; 2002-06; Baritone
Reeves, Chad A*; 1990-94; Sousaphone (Obit)
Reeves, Dr Robert S; 1944; Alto horn
Reeves, Sydney; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Reeves, Wendy B (Bauer); 1989-93; Sousaphone
Regan, John F; 1987-88; Trumpet
Regennitter, Ellen K; 2003-06; Snare
Regennitter, Jimmy; 2008; Snare
Regule, Dr Christina A; 1982-86; Snare
Reich, Malcolm F*; 1936-37; Snare
Reichard, Darcy D (Dreher); 1987-91; Alto horn
Reichard, Gregory A; 1983-87; Alto horn
Reid, Carl R*; 1931-32,34; Alto Horn
Reid, F Joseph*; 1949-51; Trumpet
Reid, John S; 1978-82; Snare
Reid, Richard C*; 1932-36; Trombone
Reid, Robert J; 1932-34; Trombone
Reid, Robert J; 1987-91; Baritone
Reid, Susan F (Fought); 1981-82; Snare
Reight, George C*; 1936-40; Trumpet
Reik, Sydney; 2017-20; Trombone
Reilly, Brogan P; 2011-13; Trumpet
Reilly, Todd R; 1966-68; Manager
Reinartz, Paul V; 1921
Reinbolt, Cameron; 2020-23; Sousaphone
Reinhard, Robert V*
Reinhart, Brian S; 1992-96; Bass drum
Reinhart, Robert L*; 1946-50; Bass drum
Reinhold, Richard D; 2009-13; Sousaphone
Reis, Marc; 2014-18; Trumpet
Reiser, Carleton C*
Reisinger, Edward W*; 1935-36; Cymbals
Reiss, Brianne N; 2006-09; Snare
Reissig, Merle H*; 1947-49; French horn, Alto horn
Reitz, Mark; 1998-2001; Baritone
Remy, Theron P; 1917
Renaux, Edgar A
Rencehausen, David A; 1985-89; Sousaphone
Rench, Javan (Dotson); 1990-93; Head Secretary
Rench, Thomas E; 1988-90; Sousaphone
Renner, Andrea R (Lodico); 2007-09; Trumpet
Renner, Ivan H; 1991-94; Baritone
Renner, Jack L*; 1955-56; Trumpet (Obit)
Renner, Wilbur W*
Rensch, Robert E*; Trombone
Rensing, Patrick; 1999-2003; Trumpet
Rentsch, Dr Christopher T; 2008; Trumpet
Repke, Alexandra M; 2013-17; Quint-Tom
Reusch, Donald; 1943
Reven, Grace; 2022-23; Student Staff
Reynolds, Brian G; 1999-2002; Trumpet
Reynolds, Max; 2018-22; Bass drum
Reynolds, M Brad; 1975-79; Trombone
Reynolds, Robert; 1937
Rheinfrank, Arthur C; 1913
Rhoad, Elton; 1930
Rhoades, Kevin J; 1987; Flugel horn
Rhodes, Dr Dent M; 1954-55; Snare
Rhodes, Donald R*; 1943-44; Sousaphone
Rhodes, Eric W; 1995-98; Bass drum
Rhonemus, Michael K; 1984-88; Trumpet
Rhonemus, Patrick; 2018-22; Baritone
Ricci, Cara M; 2005-09; Secretary, Head Secretary
Ricciardi, Eric; 2009-11; Snare
Riccio, John J; 1942; Alto horn
Rice, Andrew J; 1998-2002; Baritone
Rice, Bryan A; 1913
Rice, John D; 1967; Trumpet
Rice, Joseph; 2003; Drum Major
Rice, Merlin V*; 1939-43; Sousaphone
Rice, Robert B; 1912
Rice, Wendell R*; 1945; Trumpet
Rice, William G; 1987-91; Trumpet
Rich, Joseph R*; 1936; Trumpet
Richard, Phillip; 1952
Richards, Brent A; 1985-89; Snare
Richards, Lowell E; 1956-59; Baritone
Richards, Mary B (Rizzo); 1988-92; Trombone
Richards, Paul; 1943
Richards, R S; 1909
Richardson, Caleb; 2019-23; Tenor Drums
Richardson, Derek R; 2015-17; Efer, Trumpet
Richardson, Donald A
Richardson DVM, Jay K; 1959-60; Trumpet
Richardson, L; 1921
Richardson, Larry J; 1960; Manager
Richardson, Dr Michael A; 1968-73; Trombone
Richardson, Robert J; 1945
Richey, Jimmie D; 1969-73; Efer
Richmond, Cynthia R (Bohn); 1993-95; Trumpet
Richmond, Todd E; 1989-91,93; Trumpet
Richter, Gordon B; 1924
Rickard, Julianne C; 2011-14; Mellophone
Rickelman, Anthony J; 2006-08; Flugel horn
Rickenbacker, Theodore; 1923
Rickert, Wayne W; 1967; Trombone
Rickett, Sylvia R; 1975-78; Trombone
Ricketts, Richard D; 1950-54; Alto horn
Ricketts, Wayne A; 1914-17; Drum Major
Ricketts-Yakes, Heather M (Ricketts); 1989-90; D-Squad
Ridge, Jameson S; 2009-13; Flugel horn
Ridzon, Joseph J*
Riedel, Drew C; 2003-07; Bass drum
Riedel, Joe D; 1956; Trombone
Riedman, Charles F; 1912
Riegger-Krugh, Dr Cheryl L (Riegger); 1967-68,71; Librarian
Riegle, Austin; 2017-21; Trumpet, Efer
Riekert, Samuel M; 2018-21; Mellophone
Riepenhoff, Dr John P*; 1939-41; Trumpet
Rieske, Kelton D; 2010-14; Mellophone
Riesterer, William J*; 1938-39; Trumpet
Riffe, J Susan; 1985; Alto horn
Riffle, Sheila A; 1988-91,93; Trumpet
Riggins, Christopher R; 2000-04; Sousaphone
Riley, Corey; 2004-08; Baritone
Riley, Leanne R (Whittington); 2000-04; Efer
Riley, Lloyd*; 1938-41; Alto Horn
Riley, Michael; 1997-98,2000-02; Baritone
Riley, Richard M; 1958-59; Cymbals
Riley, Virgil C*; 1944; Bass drum (Obit)
Rimelspach, James E*; 1934-38; Trombone (Obit)
Rimmel, Alfred W*; 1956 (Obit)
Rinderer, Ray E*; 1946-49; Trumpet (Obit)
Rinehart, Jacob P; 2007-10; Snare
Rings, Vijay; 2015-19; Trombone
Rini Jr, J Timothy; 1970-74; Baritone
Rinnert, Bryan; 1997-98; Bass drum
Rintala, William E*; 1945; Trumpet
Rish, William; 1946
Ritchey, Amanda (Davis); 2000-04; Sousaphone
Ritchey, Samuel A*
Ritchie, Kimberly C; 1981; Duo
Rittenour, John T*; 1935-36; Trombone
Ritter, Frank L; 1911
Ritter, John W; 1952-53; Trumpet
Ritter, Leslie J (Loomis); 1977-78; Alto horn
Ritter, Ronald; 1976; Trumpet
Rivera, Vanessa; 2018-21; Trumpet
Rivers, Stanley; 1959-61; Trumpet, Efer
Rizzo, Michael; 1985-88; Trumpet
Rizzuto, Taylor; 2016-19; Mellophone
Roache, Seldon M; 1921
Robart, Sam; 1968
Robbins, Gene; 1954
Roberson, Renee A; 1982-85; Librarian
Roberts, Chris; 1991-93; Trio
Roberts, Christina J (Lyons); 2003-05; Mellophone
Roberts, Clark A; 1980-84; Sousaphone
Roberts, Douglas E; 1975-79; Trumpet
Roberts, Edwin L; 1983-87; Trumpet
Roberts, James H*
Roberts, John B; 2006-07; Trumpet
Roberts, Paul J; 1917
Roberts, Richard A*; 1956-57; Trumpet
Roberts, Robin L (Cook); 1984-88; Snare
Roberts, Stewart E; 1972-73; Trombone
Roberts, Dr William H*; 1938-41; Alto horn (Obit)
Roberts, Zachary A; 2002-06; Sousaphone
Robertson, Anthony; 2005-08; Sousaphone
Robertson, Donald B; 1957
Robinson, Alayah; 2020-22; Baritone
Robinson, Amani; 2016-17; Sousaphone
Robinson, Arthur; 2010-11; D-Squad
Robinson, Charles*; 1931
Robinson, Dwight W
Robinson, H A; 1914-15; Drum Major
Robinson, Harold C*; 1943-44; Alto horn
Robinson, Heather L (Cayse); 1993; Librarian
Robinson, William K*
Robison, Rebekah; 2008-11; Quad-Tom
Robuck, Robert C; 1959; Bb Tuba
Rochester, Robert*; 1928
Rock, Douglas C; 1971-74; Trumpet
Rodberg, Thomas M; 1959-62; Trumpet
Rodeheffer, Thomas L; 1974-75; Sousaphone
Rodgers, Ronald D; 1989-92; Trombone
Rodriguez, Elizabeth A (Zinober); 1986-90; Sousaphone
Roe, James H*; 1937-38; Trumpet
Roebke, Frederick; 1970
Roebuck, Carl F*; 1897
Roeckner, Richard G; 1980-83; Alto horn
Roessler, Harold W; 1945; Saxophone
Rogers, Boyd*; 1942
Rogers, Donald T*; 1967-72; Trombone
Rogers, Douglas W; 1979; Snare
Rogers, Eric J; 2003-07; Trumpet
Rogers, George L; 1964
Rogers, J W; 1921
Rogers, James W; 1971-74; Trombone
Rogers, Jeremy M; 1991-94; Sousaphone
Rogers, Kent L; 1978-82; Trumpet
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Robyn L (Bauer); 2001-05; Trumpet
Rogers, Scott G; 1975-77; Trumpet
Rogge, Dr William H*; 1954-58; Baritone (Obit)
Rogols, J Tyler; 2010; Mellophone
Rogue, G R; 1909
Rohaley, Haley; 2015-19; Mellophone
Rohen, Paul A; 1978; Snare
Roller, Paul V*; 1961-64; Trombone
Roloson, Alfred H*; 1927-32; Snare
Romoser, William K*; 1927
Ronfeldt, Steffani M; 2013-16; Trombone
Roos, Harold S*
Roosa, Edward F; 1921
Roose, Russell L; 1917
Root, Dr William*; 1939-43; Baritone, Trombone (Obit)
Root, William K; 1966-71; Trumpet
Rorapaugh, Mason; 2014-15; Trumpet
Rose, Christopher L; 1970-74; Efer
Rose, Claude C; 1901-04; Drum Major
Rose, Clayton W*
Rose, Ethan; 2019-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Rose, Herbert R*; 1932-33; Trombone
Roseler, Daniel R; 1973,75-77; Sousaphone
Roseler, David R; 1972; Sousaphone
Rosen, Donald*; 1930
Rosenbeck, J Scott; 1982-83; Efer
Rosenberger, Gerald A
Rosenblum, Matt D; 1992; Trumpet
Rosenthal, Ralph*; 1941
Roshong, Robert L*; 1937-40; Trombone, Trombonium (Obit)
Ross, Barry*; 1962; Tenor horn
Ross, Christopher; 1997-98; Baritone
Ross, Clyde*; 1891
Ross, Estley; 1928
Ross, John E; 1969-75; Trumpet
Ross, Roger L; 1979-82; Snare
Ross, Todd A; 1989-93; Snare
Rost, William J
Roth, Andrea; 2000-02; Snare
Roth, Andrew; 1992-93; Efer
Roth PhD, Robert E*; 1955-59; Baritone, Tenor horn (Obit)
Roth, Sidney*; 1932
Rotunno, Bryan T; 1958
Roudebush, Leroy M*
Roush, G Gregory; 1975-79; Trumpet
Roush, Laurance M; 1953-55; Baritone
Routh, Nicholas L; 2018-22; Trumpet
Rowland, Spence; 1932; Trumpet
Rowles, Kenneth A; 1979-82; Baritone
Roy, Alexander C; 2012-16; Trumpet
Roy, Maxwell W; 2010-14; Efer
Royce, Robert R*; 1921
Rubin, Herschel; 1934
Rubins, Frank D*; 1897
Rubinstein, Jason R; 2000; Cymbals
Ruble, Alex; 2022-23; Baritone
Rucks Sr, James O*; 1963
Rudd, Anthony W; 2004-07; Sousaphone
Ruddick, Daniel W; 1962-64; Cymbals, Snare
Rudmann, Charles F*; 1912-13; Woodwind
Rudy, Chase T; 2016-20; Sousaphone
Rudzinski, Jeffrey P; 2005-09; Sousaphone
Rudzinski, Rebecca L (DeMattia); 2006-10; Mellophone
Rueda, Michael; 2015-18; Mellophone
Ruggles, Darryl G*; 1958-63; Tenor horn, Manager
Ruhlen, Richard J*; 1952
Rumpz, Daniel; 2017-21; Bass drum, Snare
Runyan, Ross W; 2009-13; Trumpet
Runyan, Susan T (Toy); 1981-83; Alto horn
Runyan, William M; 1990-91; Baritone
Rupp, James R; 1976-78; Snare
Rupp, Neil C; 1998-2002; Quad-Tom, Bass drum
Rupp, Ryan A; 1991-95; Trombone
Ruppersberg, Donald P; 1932; Baritone
Rush, Brian; 2008; Trombone
Rush, John A*; 1923
Rush PhD, Mark A; 1976-80; Duo, Snare
Rusher, Merrill; 1937
Russ, Corbin; 2021,23; Mellophone
Russel, Grant C; 1982-85; Sousaphone
Russell, James M; 1925-27; Clarinet
Russell, Norman D*; 1917-21; Trumpet
Russell, P Gregory; 1980-82; Trombone
Russell, Tyler A; 2008-12; Baritone
Rutledge, William J; 1950-53; Alto horn, Asst Drum Major
Rutter, Julie A (Atchison); 1991-94; Trumpet
Ryan, Austin J; 2013-16; Trumpet
Ryan, Daniel; 2015-17; Trumpet
Ryan, Jacob; 2017-21; Trumpet
Ryan, Matthew J; 2013-15; Trumpet
Ryan, Stephanie A; 1995-99; Trumpet
Ryel-Lindsey, Arthur D; 2002-04; Trombone
Ryon, Maurice G*; 1939; Trombonium
Sabins, Jany L; 1975-79; Snare
Sable, Daniel W
Sachel, Raymond; 1936
Sacherman, Robert; 1944; Saxophone
Sacks, Richard S; 1968-70; Alto horn
Sacolick, Davidson A; 2010-13; Baritone
Saenger Sr, J Frederick*; 1931-35; Snare
Safer, Steven R
Saffreed, D Richard*; 1954-55; Trumpet
Sage, Fred M*; 1938
Sage, J R; 1909
Sager, Todd K*; 1989-93; Trombone (Obit)
Sailer, Thomas; 1975-79; Trombone
Sain, Andrew; 2017; Snare
Sain, Raleigh E; 1933
Saionzkowski, Daniel; 2015-19; Flugel horn
Salcher, Robert; 1943
Salter, John W*; 1937-41; Trumpet (Obit)
Salter, Robert M*; 1940
Salyer, James L*; 1972-76; Baritone (Obit)
Salyer, James R; Baritone
Sampson, Walter D; 1976-79; Bass Drum
Samsen, Brett R; 2009-12; Cymbals
Samsen, Gerald; 1972; Trombone
Samson, Renee C (Bowsher); 1993-95; Cymbals
Sanborn, Jack; 1936; Trumpet
Sandbrink, Joseph R; 2007-09; Efer
Sanders, Joe*; 1932
Sanders, John W; 1925
Sanders, L Dean; 1952-53
Sanders, Mark D; 1990-92; Trumpet
Sanders, Dr Matthew J; 1991-95; Baritone
Sanders, Melissa A (Elmlinger); 1992-96; Baritone
Sanders, Robert*
Sandor, Edward P
Sandrew, Greg J; 1969-71; Trumpet
Sandrock, Robert W; 1985-89; Efer
Sands, Kayla H; 2011-13; Mellophone
Sandusky, Jeremy T; 2012-15; Trombone
Santa-Emma, Donald F; 1957-59; Baritone
Santz, Robert B; 1946
Sarandos, Steven; 2005; A/V Staff
Saribalas, George M; 1955; Staff
Sartore, Lee E; 1989-91; Drum Major
Sarver, Tyler; 2015-18; Baritone
Sauer, Hugh C*; 1934; Baritone
Sauer, Johnothon A; 1985-89; Alto Horn
Saunders, David; 2015-16; Snare
Saunders, Korey Lee; 2012-15; Trumpet
Savage, William P; 1954
Savageau, Andrew; 2000-02; Mellophone
Savino, Nathan; 2022-23; Mellophone
Savory, Ernest L
Sawitke, Janet L; 1987; Cymbals
Sayre, Kevin P; 2012-14; Trombone
Scaglione, Susan M (Ganger); 1978; Alto horn
Scanlin, Jerome W*; 1953-56; Trumpet
Scarborough, Steven V*; 1992-94; Snare
Scarlett, Christopher S; 1979; Trumpet
Scarmuzzi, Alexander; 2014-18; Efer, Trumpet
Schaaf, Glen D; 1944; Trumpet
Schaaf, Henry W*; 1942,46-49; Snare
Schaefer, Daniel A*; 1967-68; Bass drum (Obit)
Schaefer, Doug; 2007-08; Sousaphone
Schaefer, John L
Schaefer, Louis T*; 1921
Schaefer, Marco H; 2012-14; Trombone
Schaefer, W Scott; 1968-71; Trombone
Schafer, Albert C*; 1953-56; Baritone
Schafer, Ellsworth W*
Schafer (Ret), Col Robert W*; 1936-37; Baritone (Obit)
Schaff, Dr Michael P; 1979-81; Alto horn
Schaffer, Allison; 1993-94; Manager
Schaffer, Matthew S; 2008-11; Sousaphone
Schaller, Pongthai; 1984; Trumpet
Scharenberg, William F*; 1937-39; Baritone (Obit)
Schaub, George L; 1924
Schaufele, Carl; 1911
Scheiber, G E*; 1897
Schenck, Harvey A; 1910
Schenk, Richard G*; 1945
Scherberg, Lee C*; 1951
Scherer, William K; 1969-74; Trumpet
Scherff, Steven C*; 1969-73; Snare
Scherl, Dr Allan K*; 1952-54; Sousaphone (Obit)
Scherley, Andrew; 2021-23; Trumpet
Schiff, Leonard*; 1930; Clarinet
Schilling, Gregory D; 1981-85; Baritone
Schilling, Jaclyn E; 2009-13; Mellophone
Schilling, Susan K (Hilberg); 1981-84; Baritone
Schindler, Herbert L; 1953; Percussion
Schiopota, Dr Eugene; 1944-45; Saxophone
Schlachter, John E; 1924
Schlafman, Gerald E; 1949-50; Snare
Schlak, Philip P; 1993-97; Trumpet
Schlegel, Fred L; 1912
Schlegel, James P*; 1936-40; Sousaphone
Schleich, Philip A; 2012-16; Trumpet
Schlemmer, James W*
Schlenker, Wendy A (Clark); 1994-97; Trumpet
Schloz, J Michael; 1960; Trumpet, Alto horn
Schluer, Balinda M (James); 1989-90; Alto horn
Schmanfer, Albert H; 1931
Schmelzer-Bock, Janine (Schmelzer); 1981-85; Sousaphone
Schmid, Mark A; 1986-90; Manager
Schmidt, Curtis F; 1978; Trombone
Schmidt, Harry A*
Schmidt, Lawrence R
Schmidt, Milford E*; 1926-29; Alto Horn
Schmidt, Dr Robert R*; 1947-50; Flugel horn (Obit)
Schmidt, Russ; 1990; Trombone
Schmitt, Richard G*; 1937-39; Trumpet
Schmunk DDS, Dr Jeffrey A; 1970-72; Baritone
Schnaudt, Chris; 2007; Trumpet
Schnaufer, Albert H*; 1931; Sousaphone
Schneck, Bevan T; 2005-09; Trumpet
Schneider, Paul R*; 1959; Manager
Schnipke, Kenneth E; 1986-90; Trumpet
Schnitzspahn, Kevin; 1994-97; Efer
Schnitzspahn, Nick; 2022-23; Trumpet
Schnurr, Charles H*; 1952-57; Trumpet
Schnurrenberger, Paul R*
Schoeff, Bryan J; 1996-2000; Trombone
Schoeff, Kristen M (Darr); 1999-2003; Trombone
Schoeff, Ryan; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Schoen, Janet (Goettemoeller); 1991; Alto horn
Scholl, H Jay*; 1929-31; Trombone
Scholl, Kyle; 2000,02-03; Trumpet
Schooff, D Michael; 1989-93; Trombone
Schott, A C*; 1898
Schotten, Douglas L; 1983; Cymbals
Schrader, Kristine J (Jenkins); 1987-89; Trombone
Schrank, Benjamin M*
Schreiber, Jeffrey D; 1976-80; Trumpet
Schreiber, John W; 1981-84; Baritone, Trombone
Schreiner, David H*; 1936-37; Snare
Schremser, Joseph B; 1975-76; Sousaphone
Schrickel, Elizabeth B; 2001-02; Snare
Schriver, Emily (Quick); 2000-04; Trombone
Schriver, Henry H*; 1936
Schriver, John; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Schroeder, Alexander; 2022-23; Trumpet
Schroeder, Anthony J; 1998-99; Trombone
Schroeder, David; 2015; Sousaphone
Schroeder, Elmer F*; 1922
Schroeder, Jacqueline L; 2014-17; Mellophone
Schroeder, James A; 1990-94; Trumpet
Schroeder, Krista (Geist); 2000,02-03; Trumpet
Schroeder, Lori L (Landthorn); 1993-95; Alto horn
Schroeder, Todd A; 1990; Trumpet
Schubart, George R; 1924
Schubert, Dale R
Schubert, Frank P; 1922
Schueller, Erwin W*; 1886
Schulenberg, Robert W*; 1937-41; Sousaphone
Schuller, Mark A; 1972-75; Trombonium
Schultz, Kimberly A (Niekamp); 1985,87; Flugel horn
Schultz, Lisa R; 1981; Librarian
Schultz, Robert D; 1980-84; Sousaphone
Schultz, Russell E*
Schultz, Wilbur*; 1928
Schultze, William E; 1960-62; Trumpet
Schulz, Dr Charles A; 1966-67; Sousaphone
Schumacher, George W*; 1941-43,49; Trumpet
Schumacher, Patrick D; 1994-98; Snare
Schupp, Peter V; 1901
Schwab, Howard C*; 1940
Schwab, Kathleen K; 1988-92; Trombone
Schwartz, Charles H; 1962-63; Trumpet
Schwartztrauber, Stanley H; 1912
Schweinfurth, G Tyler; 2003-07; Mellophone
Schweinfurth, Spencer W; 2007-11; Trombone
Schweitz, Irwin R*
Schweitzer, Theodore P*; 1940
Schweizer, Elmer E*
Schweizer, George E*
Schwenn, Clifford W*
Schwer, George A*
Schwertfager, David W*; 1958-61; Snare (Obit)
Schwertfager, Judith A (Blair)*; 1961; Librarian (Obit)
Schwochow, Jeremy; 2017; Mellophone
Scior, Rachel M (Garrett); 2001-03; Quad-Tom
Scofield, Edwin W*; 1937; French Horn
Scoles, Drew; 2008-09; Trombone
Scott, Andrew X; 2020-23; Baritone
Scott, Clifford E*
Scott, David; 1990-91; Staff
Scott, Donald E*; 1942-44; Sousaphone
Scott, Howard N*; 1923
Scott, J B*; 1899
Scott, J H*; 1893
Scott, Kelly; 2022-23; Sousaphone
Scott, Kimberly C (Ritchie); 1981; Duo
Scott, Morris*; 1933
Scott, Phillip D; 1977-81; Trumpet
Scott, Tim; 1994; Flugel horn
Scott, Warren*; 1944
Scoutten, Robert*; 1942
Scrafford, E Joseph*
Screptock, Andrew R; 2005-09; Baritone
Seal, Devon E (Jenny); 1998-2002; Flugel horn
Seamons, Linda S (Knupp)
Search, James E*; 1970; Trumpet (Obit)
Searcy, Joshua; 2009; D-Squad
Searles, Jennifer (Wisecup); 1996-99; Sousaphone
Searles, Pete; 1994-98; Sousaphone
Searles, Thomas K; 1997-2001; Sousaphone
Sears, Eugene H*; 1953-57; Trombonium, Tenor horn (Obit)
Sears, Scott A; 1996-2000; Sousaphone
Sears, Tom W; 1988; Snare
Sebastian, Arthur M*
Sebastian, Pamela L (Peterkin); 1974; Snare
Sechler, Peter; 1986-89; Snare
Seckel, Raymond*; 1936; Alto horn
Seckel, Ted*
Secrest, Brent A; 1987-91; Bass drum
Secrest, Gary A; 1958; Drum Major
Secrist, Douglas F; 1975-77; Drum Major, Asst Drum Major
Sedlock, Gordon; 1960
Seeds Jr, Ian S*; 1946-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Seeds, K B*; 1897; Drum Major
Seeds, Robert H*; 1910; Trumpet (Obit)
Seelbach, Donald E*; 1943; Clarinet
Seelbach, Herbert W; 1936; Baritone
Seelenbinder, Ray L; 1944; Clarinet
Seese, Scott A; 1988-89; Snare
Seever, Robert; 1944
Sefton, Harry B
Seger, Kerri D; 2002-06; Sousaphone
Seibert, Jay C; 1955
Seibert, Sean W; 1990-94; Sousaphone
Seidel, Alson*; 1930
Seidle, Dawnelle; 1996-97; Librarian
Seifert, Alex L; 2012-14; Mellophone
Seifert, William J*; 1924
Seip, Scott W; 1964
Seiple, C Richard*; 1946-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Seitz, Aaron D; 1997-2000; Baritone
Seitz, David C; 1990; Trumpet
Seitz, Kristin; 2000-01; D-Squad
Sekel, Joseph M; 1981-83; Snare
Selby, Erin F (Brock); 2000-01; Secretary
Selby, George H*; 1939-41; Trumpet
Selby, Thomas L; 1965-68; Baritone
Selcer, Lester*
Seller, Jeffrey C*; 1968
Sellers, Gene A
Sellers, Gregory S; 1981-85; Trombone
Selmek, Chad; 2014-17; Bass drum
Selover, Blake S; 2002-05; Cymbals
Seman, John R; Manager, Sousaphone
Semans, Frank M*; 1922
Seng, Abby; 2008; Secretary
Senn, Douglas W; 1973-76; Alto horn
Senn, Joshua J; 2009-13; Flugel horn
Senn, Loren E*; 1942; Alto horn
Sentinary, Joseph; 1933
Sentz, James A; 1974-77; Trumpet
Serina, Whitney; 2007-08; Flugel horn
Sessions, Frank H*; 1950-51; Alto horn
Settles, William L; 1950
Setzler, Brian; 2007-08; Mellophone
Severt, John D; 2010-14; Trumpet
Sevits, Richard R; 1962-66; Efer
Sewell, Jay D; 1981-85; Alto horn
Sexton, Olivia M; 2020-23; Mellophone
Seymour, Todd W; 1984-86; Trombone
Shabazz, Tekiyah A; 2011-13; Manager
Shackle, James W; 1985; Trombone
Shacle, Louis; 1934; Clarinet
Shafer, Kenneth; 2021-23; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Shaffer, Kerri M; 2013; Snare
Shaffer, Kim; 1973
Shaffer, Monique; 2008-10; Trombone
Shaffner, Christopher B; 2005-08; Sousaphone
Shaheen, E Michael; 1983-87; Trumpet
Shaheen, Evan; 2020; Baritone
Shaheen, James J; 1985-89; Trio
Shaner, Rodney; 1985-88; Trumpet
Shank, John M*; 1932-34; French Horn
Shankland II, Dr Wesley E; 1971-72; Trumpet
Shanks, David A; 1975-79; Flugel horn
Shannon, Devere D*; 1928
Shapter, David E*
Shapter, George H*; 1941-42,46-47; Snare
Shapter, John*; 1932
Share, Marion E*
Sharp, Amor*; 1882
Sharp Jr, L*; 1896
Sharp, Lloyd G*
Shaul, Darryl W; 1971-75; Trumpet
Shaull, Jaclyn L; 2005-09; Snare
Shaver, Austin; 2017-18; Manager
Shaver, Robert W; 1961-64; Baritone
Shaw, Adrian V*; 1905
Shaw, Alexander R; 2007-09; Trumpet
Shaw, Donald W; 1950-52; Trumpet
Shaw, Jeffrey A; 1980; Trombone
Shaw, Joseph B; 1903
Shaw, Rhoderick R*; 1916-17; Clarinet
Shaw, Scott M; 1986; Baritone
Shea-Torres, Mia K (Shea); 1988-91; Drum Major
Shearer Jr, Paul P*; 1951
Shedd, Frederick W*; 1879
Shedd, L*; 1887
Sheets, Damian; 2002-03; Trumpet
Sheets, Maurice*; 1927
Sheetz, Jacob G*; 1924
Sheldon, Don*; 1927
Sheldon, Eric; 2008; Trumpet
Sheller, Devin; 2016-20; Trumpet
Shelly, David W*; 1974; Alto horn
Shelton, Frank M*
Shelton, Harold; 1936; Trumpet
Shelton, Richard W*
Shepard, Henry G*; 1901
Shephard, Ralph E; 1903
Shepherd, C W*; 1897
Shepherd, Charles R*; 1945-48; Trumpet, Alto horn (Obit)
Shepherd, John; 1971; Manager
Shepherd, Kent L*; 1952-53; Snare
Shepherd, Kim C; 1966-67; Snare
Sheppert, Albert A*; 1954
Sherburn, Merrell L*
Sherer, Kathleen; 2005-08; Sousaphone
Sherer, Michael E; 1958
Sheridan, Jay; 1991-95; Trombone
Sheridan, Stephen T*; 1969-74; Snare (Obit)
Sheridan, Tonya (Hill); 1996; Baritone
Sherman, Richard U*; 1932 (Obit)
Sherrard, Joe O; 1917
Sherrick, Richard H
Sherwood, Gordon F; 1924
Sherwood, Robert C; 1923
Shick, Rodney A; 1973-76; Trumpet
Shie, Phillip D; 1988-92; Trombone
Shie, Samuel D; 1961-62; Alto horn
Shield, Maile L; 2011-15; Cymbals
Shields, Lewis E; 1966
Shikina, Edward; 1993-95; Trumpet
Shinabery Jr, E Ray; 1948-50; Alto horn
Shipman, Everett K*
Shipman, Jadyn; 2021; Trumpet
Shira, David; 1969; Tenor horn
Shirk, Jarrod L; 1997-2001; Baritone
Shively, Harold E*; 1940-42; Trumpet
Shively, Ralph D*; 1926
Shives, Joni
Shoaf, Gordon; 1971
Shockey, Lawrence A*; 1938
Shoemaker, Howard*; 1932
Shoemaker, Ralph L; 1906
Short, Kyle; 2022-23; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Short, Seth T; 2017-19; Seamstress
Shoup, Ronald T*; 1930; Woodwind
Shoupp, Dale W*; 1925
Showalter, George W; 1925
Showalter, Larry D; 1962-65; Efer
Shrader, Rev James F; 1967-71; Sousaphone
Shrader, John J; Alto horn
Shreiber, G E*; 1898
Shrider, Norman R*; 1950-51; Sousaphone
Shroth Jr, Robert C; 1903
Shry, William E; 1925
Shufflebarger, H L*; 1936; Tenor horn
Shuler, Harvey A*; 1907
Shultz MD, John P; 1951-53; Baritone
Shultz, John M; 1978-80; Efer
Shultz, Wilbur F*; 1927; Clarinet
Shumaker, Hugh J; 1938-39; Trumpet
Shumaker, Muryl T*; 1935-37; Baritone
Shuman, Jason A; 2020,22-23; Bass drum
Shuman, KeriAnn B (Catron); 2003-06; Mellophone
Shumard, Allan L*; 1924-29; Trumpet
Shupe, Jeffrey L; 1990-91; Trumpet
Shupp, Pete; 1903
Siders, Keith E; 1978-81; Baritone
Sidner, W H; 1959-61; Trumpet
Sieg, Thaddeus P; 1921
Siegel, Sanford A; 1964-66; Cymbals
Sieger, Christina; 2021; Mellophone
Sieger, Crystal A (Guy); 1988-91; Alto horn
Sigalow, Murray I*
Siktberg, Robert A; 1981-84; Flugel horn
Siktberg, Robin (Armstrong); 1982-86; Alto horn
Silbar, Eliot L
Sillman, Justin L*
Silver, Gordon D; 1953
Silver, Henry*; 1930
Silverstein, Max P*
Silwani, David; 2010-12; Trumpet
Simecek, Jessica D; 2012-14; Mellophone
Simmons, Edward L; 1958-62; Sousaphone
Simmons, Richard A; 1957-62; Alto horn
Simmons-Stalter, Lori A; 1987-90; Librarian
Simms, M Sue (Laner); 1974; Seamstress
Simon, Anthony J; 2019-22; Baritone
Simon, Denis G; 1967-69; Bass drum
Simon, George T*; 1961; Alto horn
Simpson, Charles R; 1971-74; Baritone
Simpson, Charles B; 1955
Simpson, Harold E*
Simpson, Warren P*; 1899
Sims, Cecil M*
Sims, Howard M; 1910
Sims, John H*; 1935; Trumpet, Herald Trumpet (Obit)
Sims, Landon; 2015; Snare
Sims, Robert L; 1979-82; Trombone, Trombonium
Sims, William H*; 1941; Sousaphone
Sinfield, Steven; 1997-2000; Sousaphone
Singer, James E; 1956-57; Manager
Sinkey, Stephen E; 1972-75; Trombonium
Sipes, Jason; 1992-94; Trumpet
Sites, John W*
Skaggs, Barry L; 1976-80; Alto horn
Skaggs, Jonathan M; 2005-09; Trombone
Skebo, Robert J; 1995-99; Trumpet
Skedel, Cathryn (MacQueen, Armstrong); 1989-90; Sousaphone
Skinner, Scott N; 1982-85; Sousaphone
Skrabak, Anthony S; 1969-72; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Slack, Jeffrey A; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Slack, Shon; 1992-96; Sousaphone
Slade, John E; 1911
Slade, L P; 1907
Slaven, Isabel; 2019-23; Sousaphone
Sliwinski, Matthew; 2023; Sousaphone
Sloan-Basner, Diana S (Sloan); 1977; Baritone
Sloane, Victor C
Slyh, David D*; 1948-50; Trumpet
Slyh, John A*
Smalley, Jeffrey L; 1977-79; Baritone
Smalley, Kenneth A*; 1974-75; Trombonium (Obit)
Smallwood, Jocelyn C; 2009-13; Sousaphone
Smart, Donald W*; 1944
Smart, Joseph R*; 1913
Smart, Louis E; 1912
Smart, Ralph H*
Smedley, George A; 1970-71; Trumpet
Smidutz, Michael; 1973
Smiles, Dr Deondre A; 2020; Cymbals
Smiley, Josiah E*; 1928; Alto horn
Smiley, Ralph E*; 1930-34; Trumpet
Smiley, Scott A; 1998-2002; Flugel horn
Smiley, Stephanie (Hookway); 2009-11; Mellophone
Smith, Andrew N*; 1940-42; Trombone
Smith, Andrew; 1991-94; Baritone
Smith, Angela D (Sparks); 1992-96; Alto horn
Smith, Boyd H; 1910
Smith, Bradley N; 1980-83; Baritone
Smith, Caleb A; 2023; Trumpet
Smith, Carter; 2015-17; Snare
Smith, Chester W*; 1934
Smith, Christian; 2019-22; Trombone
Smith, Christopher E; 1988-91; Baritone
Smith, Clifford E*; 1932; Saxophone
Smith, Craig E; 1971-73; Trombone
Smith, Dana J; 1981-85; Snare
Smith Jr, David J; 1998-2002; Sousaphone
Smith, Dr David A; 1972-75; Alto horn
Smith, Debra R; 1991-93; Cymbals
Smith, Drew J; 1982-84; Sousaphone
Smith, Duane A; 1970-73; Trumpet
Smith, Earl E; 1906
Smith, Edgar M; 1941-42,46-47; Efer
Smith, Edward T*; 1893
Smith, Edward H; 1951; Trumpet
Smith, Edward J; 1948-49; Cymbals
Smith, Edwin E; 1906
Smith, Edwin E*; 1941-43; Trumpet
Smith, Elizabeth (Spence); 1999-2001; Flugel horn
Smith, Emily (Toerner); 2002; Mellophone
Smith, F True; 1930
Smith, Frederick C; 1910
Smith Jr, Geoffrey K; 1980-84; Trumpet
Smith, George; 2016-19; Trombone
Smith, Harold H*; 1931
Smith, Heather P (Phillips); 1987-91; Flugel horn
Smith, J B; 1930
Smith, James R; 1937
Smith, James T*; 1952
Smith, Jayne F (Johnson); 1978-81; Alto horn
Smith, Jeffrey S; 1992-96; Flugel horn
Smith, Jenna E; 2017-19; A/V Staff
Smith, John C*; 1940-42; Sousaphone
Smith, John A; 1901
Smith, Jonathan; 1999-2001; Trombone
Smith, Joseph G; 1936
Smith, Joseph R*; 1936; Trumpet
Smith, Keith E; 2001-02; Trumpet
Smith, Kevin; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Smith, Lauren; 2017-20; Snare
Smith, Lisa B (Bauman); 1973-77; Efer
Smith, Lydia K (Sligh); 1993-96; Trombone
Smith, Macy M; 1991-93; Alto horn
Smith, Marion L*
Smith, Matthew; 2005-09; Baritone
Smith, Megan; 2016-18; Bass drum
Smith, Melissa (Robinson); 2001-03; Quad-Tom
Smith, Ned E*; 1941
Smith, Paul E*; 1930
Smith, Rachel M; 2012-14; Trumpet
Smith, Randolph L; 1973-76; Flugel horn, Efer
Smith, Raymond H; 1906
Smith, R Michael; 1961-65; Flugel horn
Smith, Richard R*
Smith, Robert D
Smith, Robert K*
Smith, Robert D; 1958-60; Trombone
Smith, Robert J; 1965; Manager, Alto horn
Smith, Robert F
Smith, Robert M; 1935-37; Tuba
Smith ret, Maj Roger M; 1957; Tenor horn
Smith, Ronald E; 1953
Smith, Royden H; 1984-88; Baritone
Smith, Ryan J; 1990-93; Snare
Smith, Sadie (Feick); 2008-12; Trumpet
Smith, Scott E; 2013-17; Snare
Smith, Scott; 2012
Smith, Stephanie K; 1985-89; Trumpet
Smith (USN) (Ret), CDR Stephen C; 1969-73; Efer
Smith, Thomas R; 1972; Trombonium
Smith, V C; 1909
Smith, William A; 1960-62; Trumpet
Smith, William H; 1931
Smith III, William L; 1999-2003; Trombone
Smith, Wyatt; 2023; Sousaphone
Smucker, Cody; 2009-11; Bass drum
Smucker, Grant; 2008-10; Snare
Smyke, Carter; 2020-23; Trumpet
Smyke, Christopher A; 2010-14; Trumpet
Smyke, Matthew E; 2013-15; Efer
Smyke Jr, Norman A; 1981-84; Efer
Snader, Lucas D; 2009; Trumpet
Snapp, Bart E; 1996-97; Baritone
Snapp, David W; 1958-61; Alto horn
Snapp, Douglas M*; 1963; Baritone (Obit)
Snapp, Timothy S; 1982-84; Trombone
Snart, Theodore E; 1938
Sneeringer, Jeffrey M; 1992-96; Baritone
Sneeringer, Jessica L (Leach); 1995-98; Baritone
Snide, Megan E; 2013-16; Cymbals
Snide, Nick; 2017; Trombone
Snider, Justin; 2001; D-Squad
Sniffin, P S; 1905
Snouffer, Lawrence L; 1910
Snouffer, Lucas; 2022-23; Student Staff
Snow, Roland B*; 1928-30; Woodwind
Snowden, Eric R; 2005-09; Trumpet
Snyder, Daniel H; 1965; Trombonium
Snyder, Floyd L*; 1907
Snyder, Gerald T
Snyder, John C*; 1936; Trumpet
Snyder, Karl; 1917
Snyder, R B*; 1899
Snyder, Richard D*; Sousaphone
Snyder, Ross L*
Snyder, Scott A; 2018-22; Mellophone
Snyder, William D*
Snyder, Wilson D; 1945
Soderquist, Gerald A
Soderstrom, Ray K*; 1933
Solether, Harry C; 1913
Sollars, Emily; 2016-18; Trumpet
Sollars, Stephen; 2004; D-Squad
Solomon, Leo*
Solt, Roger R; 1968-73; Trumpet
Somerville, David N; 1975-78; Manager
Sommer, Eric M; 2000-01,04; Drum Major
Sommer, Scott A; 1996-99; Drum Major
Son, Matthew; 2023; Student Staff
Song, Jaykuhn; 2020-23; Baritone
Sonia, Isabelle; 2020; Baritone
Sonntag, Werner*; 1946-50; Sousaphone
Sorge, Michael R; 2011-14; Trumpet, Efer
Soriano, Richard C; 1987-91; Snare
Soriano, Roderick L; 1981-85; Sousaphone
Sosman, J L; 1906
Sosnowchik, Susan D (Pfaffman); 1974-76; Baritone
Souder, George E*; 1954-55; Drum Major (Obit)
South, Richard E; 1944; Alto horn
Southwick, Richard E*; 1935-38; Alto horn (Obit)
Spahr, Gary W; 1961-62; Trumpet
Spain PhD, David H; 1957; Trombonium
Spain, Norman M*; 1932-33; Trombone
Spain, William J; 1961; Flugel horn
Spangler, E C; 1909
Spangler, Herbert G*; 1924-28,36; Saxophone
Spangler Jr, Dr Herbert G; 1963-66; Baritone
Spangler, John R*; 1949-52; Baritone, Trumpet (Obit)
Spangler, Lindsey; 2018-22; Trombone
Spangler, Rev Dr N Wayne; 1949-53; Trumpet
Spanton, William T*; 1911
Sparks, Edward E*; 1881-82; Drum Major
Sparling, W E; 1912
Spear, Richard C*
Spears, Robert; 1950
Speer, McDonald*; 1944; Saxophone
Speicher, Kenneth H; 1968-69; Trumpet
Speidel, Joseph; 2022-23; Tenor Drums
Speights, Charles E; 1945-46; Trumpet
Speir Jr, D Wayne; 1983-84; Trumpet
Speir, Richard J*; 1947-49; Trombone (Obit)
Spellerberg, T Eric*
Spencer, George D
Spencer, James V*; 1949-51; Drum Major
Spencer, Ralph O*; 1898
Spiegel, Andrew; 2011-12; Trombone
Spiegel, F Paul; 1952-54; Alto horn
Spiegel, Jacob A; 2013-16; Trumpet
Spiegelman, Stanley D; 1951; Trumpet
Spirk, Frank*; 1938
Spitler, Thomas L; 1986-87; Flugel horn
Splitstone, Edward L; 1906
Sponsler, Karl G; 1982-84; Snare
Spradlin, Olivia; 2019-23; Mellophone
Sprague, Howard A*; 1928
Sprang, Dianne; 1976
Spratt, John H*; 1926
Spreet, Paul E; 1964
Spring, Kari M (Storts); 2000-03; Sousaphone
Springer, Andrea L; 2007-08; Efer
Springer, Clifford H*
Springer, Gary J; 1980-84; Flugel horn
Springer, George E; 1912
Springer, Stephen A; 1982-85; Trombone
Sproat, I Elmer; 1905-07; Drum Major
Sprouse, John C
Sprunger, Ethan C; 2012-14; Flugel horn
Squire, John D; 2000-02; Trumpet
Squires, Heather; 1988-91; Trombone
Squires, Larry D; 1978-82; Duo
Squires, Michael W; 1980-84; Baritone
Sroufe, Todd S; 1987,89-91; Baritone
Srsen, Terrence F; 1966
St Clair, Meghan; 2014-15; Flugel horn
St John, Clement F*; 1923-24; Clarinet
Stachler, Julie; 1998-2002; Flugel horn
Stacy, John D; 1970-71; Trombone
Stacy, Richard N; 1944,48; Alto horn
Staehli, John L; 1967-70; Trumpet
Stafford, Stephen K*; 1958-60; Efer, Trumpet (Obit)
Stafford, Willis L*; 1926; Trumpet
Stahl, John W; 1973-75; Flugel horn, Trumpet
Stahler, Mickey S*; 1962; Trombonium, Baritone (Obit)
Stahura, Raymond E
Stailey, Judson E; 1967-71; Sousaphone, Head Manager
Stailey, Laura C (Connell); 1971; Librarian
Stalker, Amy R (Asmus); 1997-2001; Trumpet
Stalker, Richard S; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Stallsmith, Ann; 2020-23; Trumpet
Stallsmith, Frank E*; 1946-51; Snare
Stalter, Matthew C; 1988-91; Trombone
Stambaugh, Roy A*
Stamer, Julianne R; 2015-17; Trumpet
Stamm, Edward I*; 1953-56; Trumpet (Obit)
Stamm, Dr Gary W*; 1956-59; Baritone (Obit)
Stanbery, J N*
Standish, Sacha (Baker); 2000-01,03; Manager
Stanek, Alexander F*; 1950-51; Alto horn
Stang, Kay R; 1953-54,56; Sousaphone
Stankey, Andrew J; 2001-05; Trombone
Stanley, Brian; 2005-06; Trombone
Stanley, Donald A; 1955-58; Sousaphone
Stanley, Stephen E*; 1963-64; Alto horn (Obit)
Stansberry, Elmer F*
Stansell, Gilbert F*
Stanton, Frederick M; 1901
Stanton, John F*; 1941-43,47-49; Trumpet (Obit)
Stanton, Mary M*
Starbuck, Maynard; 1930
Starbuck, Ronald B; 1952; Alto horn
Starcher, Ryan; 2014-15; Trombone
Stark, Charles J*; 1903
Starner, James C*; 1943; Trumpet (Obit)
Starr, Leland E*
Staten, James R; 1953; Alto horn
Stauch, Jack E; 1949-50
Stauffer, Paul R*
Steahly, Frank*; 1934
Stebbins, Harrison L; 1965-70; Baritone, Trombonium
Steele, David L; Sousaphone
Steele, Gregory E*; 1966; Trumpet (Obit)
Steele, Nelson F; 1982-84; Alto horn
Steele, Richard E*; 1935-38; Trumpet
Steelman, Ronald G*; 1964; Snare (Obit)
Steen, Jacob M*; 1928
Steenrod, Frederick J; 1972-74; Alto horn
Steenrod, Russell W*; 1926; Trumpet
Stefani, Charlotte; 2020-23; Trombone
Stefanik, Gina E (Tomasello); 2007-10; Mellophone
Stefanik, Mark J; 1979-81; Trumpet
Stefanik, Nicholas R; 2005-09; Sousaphone
Stefanko, Benjamin; 2017-21; Trombone
Steffens, Neil R; 2012-15; Sousaphone
Steffy, Thurlow T; 1975-77; Baritone
Stegall, Stephanie K (Lewis); 1996-98; Baritone
Stegner, Kris A; 1984-88; Trumpet
Stegner, Ralph W*; 1946-50; Trumpet (Obit)
Steiden, Eric; 1984; Trumpet
Stein, David C*; 1937; Alto horn
Stein, William; 1950-52; Alto horn
Steiner, Jennifer A; 2002-04; Seamstress
Steiner III, John; 2001-03; A/V Staff
Steinhauser, Samantha; 2023; Mellophone
Steininger, C Reed*; 1943-44; Cymbals
Steinkerchner, Leo Z; 2016-19; Mellophone
Steinle, Robert L; 1924
Stemen, Donald E; 1975-76; Alto horn
Stemen, Dr Gregory D*; 1967-70; Efer (Obit)
Stemley, Jill E (McQuaid); 1988-92; Efer
Stemm, Chad A; 1991-95; Trombone
Stemple, Emily; 2017,19-20; Cymbals
Stempler, Mike; 2002-06; Trumpet
Stephens, Howard L; 1973-77; Alto horn
Stephens, Parker; 2016-21; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Stephens, Dr Robert P; 1986-88; Trumpet
Stephens, W E*; 1897
Stephenson, H H; 1903
Sterling, Michael R; 2019-23; Sousaphone
Sterling, Richard; 1932
Sterling, Robert*; 1938
Sterrett, Frederick; 1943
Stertzbach, H W; 1907
Steveline, Michael; 2002-06; Mellophone
Stevens, Brian D; 1984-88; Trumpet
Stevens, Craig V (Stump); 1978-79; Sousaphone
Stevens, Daniel L; 2011-15; Trombone
Stevens, Julia K (Essman); 1985-88; Baritone
Stevens, Kimberly A “Kim” (Keebaugh); 1985; Librarian
Stevens, Michael; 1997-99; Flugel horn
Stevens, Nathan C; 2017-22; Mellophone
Stevens, Dr Nicholas S; 1989-90,92; Trumpet
Stevens, Wilbur; 1923; Clarinet
Stevenson, A E; 1904
Stevenson, Andrea (Sullivan); 1985-88; D-Squad
Stevenson, Charles B
Stevenson, Geoff; 2004-08; Baritone
Stevenson, Herbert L; 1905
Stewart, Carl C; 1957,59,61; Trombone
Stewart, Dean M*; 1967; Trumpet (Obit)
Stewart, Gene*; 1944
Stewart, Jeffrey S (Dick); 1986-90; Trio
Stewart, Jesse A; 1955-59; Sousaphone
Stewart, Kelli L (Peterson); 1995-99; Trumpet
Stewart, Michael J; 1994-98,2002-06; Trombone, Grad Asst Director
Stewart, Robert; 1972
Stewart, Sarah; 2018-21; Mellophone
Stickrath, Dr Robert B; 1943; Clarinet
Stickrath, Thomas J; 1972-75; Trumpet
Stidham, Aaron G; 1992-96; Trio
Stienecker JD, C Andrew; 1990-92; Trumpet
Stienecker, Dr C Denny*; 1954-57; Efer (Obit)
Stienecker MD, R Scott; 1982-84; Trumpet
Stierwalt, Jack*; 1937,39; Trombone
Stiles, Rob; 1994-95; Baritone
Still, Steven M; 1992-95; Baritone
Stillings, Carl R*; 1910
Stillings, Mark D; 1975-78; Snare
Stillman, Harold R; 1910
Stilwell, James E*
Stinson Jr, Dr William S; 1957-59; Sousaphone
Stiteler, Kristin E; 1992-95; Bass drum
Stitz, Dean A*; 1950; Trumpet
Stitzlein, Elmer W; 1950; Baritone
Stiver, Alan W; 1967-68; Trumpet
Stocker, Ryan N; 1999-2003; Snare
Stockmeier, Katherine; 1996-97; Mellophone
Stoddard, Brent D; 1988-92; Alto horn
Stoffiere, Julia; 2020,22-23; Baritone
Stoll, Dane K*; 1947; Baritone
Stoll, W A*; 1934
Stoltz, Donald L*; 1953,55; Trumpet (Obit)
Stolze, Linnea; 2014-18; Trumpet
Stone, Ella M*; 1954; Secretary
Stone, Erin C; 2003-06,08; Trumpet
Stone, J C*; 1887
Stone, Steven C; 1965-66; Manager
Stoneburner, Charles W*; 1920-21; Saxophone
Stoneburner, Dwight T; 1954-58; Trumpet
Stoneman, Robert J*; 1932
Stoner, Thomas A*
Stoner, Tina M (Wolfe); 1989-93; Alto horn
Storer, Robert J*; 1933
Stought, David; 1995-99; Trumpet
Stought, Staci (Kraner); 1992-95; Snare
Stought, Stephen B; 1974-78; Trumpet
Stought, Stephen R
Stought, Wesley; 1992-95; Snare
Stout, Hal E; 1938
Stout, Keri; 2022-23; Mellophone
Stover, Ernest L; 1913
Stover, Gregory D; 1969-71; Efer
Stover, Larry M; 1968-70; Snare
Stover, Robert J*; 1932
Stover, Thomas*; 1934
Stoycheff, Alex; 1997-2001; Efer
Stoycheff, Jennifer (Miller); 1997-2001; Trumpet
Stradley, J Grant*; 1950-53; Trumpet (Obit)
Stradley, Norman H*; 1942,46-48; Trumpet (Obit)
Strahler, George W; 1954-55; Trumpet
Straight, C Edward; 1934-35,37; Efer
Strang, David L; 1966; Trumpet
Strapler, George; 1941
Strasser, Lauren A; 1996; D-Squad
Stratton, Lee A; 1936; Trumpet
Straub, Albert A; 1902
Straub, Dr Brian A; 1970-71,73-74; Snare
Straub, Kathleen I (McMurray); 1973; Manager
Straub, Rebekah L; 1994-97; Snare
Strauch, Howard J*; 1934-35; Efer
Strausbaugh, James L; Sousaphone
Strausbaugh, Roger D; 1955-56; Trumpet, Baritone
Strawbridge, John E*; 1946-49; Trumpet (Obit)
Strayer, John C; 1967-69; Efer, Trumpet
Stricker, James R; 1947-48; Snare
Strickland, Marlyn; 2009-12; Trombone
Strickler, William C*; 1927
Strickling, Marcus S; 1990-94; Trumpet
Strickling, Nick; 1999-2003; Trumpet
Strohacker, Ethan W; 2022-23; Snare
Strohm, Scott A; 1985; Alto horn
Strong, James B*; 1933
Strong IV, Joseph F; 1978-80; Flugel horn
Stroud, Jason M; 2001-04; Baritone
Stroud, Staci N (Riffle); 1998-2002; Mellophone
Strouse, James E; 1953-55; Baritone
Strub, Robert R; 1921
Strucke, Megan A (Hamilton); 2003-05; Librarian
Strucke, William P; 2003-05; Snare
Struna, Frank T; 2008-12; Flugel horn
Struna, Rachel L (Warner); 2009-11; Baritone
Strunck, Michaela; 2023; Bass drum
Stuartz, Lawrence; 1960
Stuber, Timothy J; 1996-2000; Mellophone
Stuckert, Jason; 2009-11; D-Squad, Drum Major
Stuckey, David L; 1968-71; Trombonium
Studebaker, Dr Jeffrey B; 1974; Snare
Studebaker MD, Dr Matthew S; 1991-94; Snare
Studebaker, Michael J; 1971-74; Trombone
Studebaker, Nicole R “Nikki” (Day); 1993-95; Trombone
Studebaker, Tyler J; 2008-12; Flugel horn
Stuhlfauth, Nathan; 2009-12; Snare
Stull, Daniel J; 1961-62; Trumpet
Stull, Harry S*
Stultz, David C; Baritone
Stump, Donald M*
Stumphauzer, Julianne M (Smith); 1977-80; Trumpet
Stumphauzer, Stephen M; 1974-76; Snare
Sturms Jr, Francis M; 1952-56; Trombonium
Sturtz, Laurence E; 1960; Baritone
Suchland, Heidi D (Phillips); 1991-93,95; Flugel horn
Suchy, Amara; 2023; Trombone
Sudduth, Dr Dury L; 1957-59; Alto Horn
Sudlow, Paul L*; 1931-34; Trumpet
Sudnor, Walker; 1985; Trumpet
Suffel, Glen W; 1945; Trumpet
Suhr, Wesley*; 1929; Clarinet
Sullivan, Barbara V; 1978; Librarian
Sullivan, Katie; 2004; Mellophone
Sullivan, Megan K; 2010-13; Baritone
Sullivan, Walter T; 1951-52; Trumpet
Sulser, Dwight; 1996-97; Trumpet
Sun, Allen; 2009-12; Trombone
Supinger, Cletus E; 1924
Supowit, Aaron J
Susi, Leslie J; 1947-51; Trumpet
Suter, Brian; 2000-02; Snare
Suter, Stephanie N (Rezabek); 2000-02; Mellophone
Sutphen, Albert H; 1921
Sutter, Richard; 1984-88; Alto horn
Sutton, Bradley; 2021-23; Baritone
Sutton, Jacen; 2019; Baritone
Svoboda, Edward; 2015-16; Trombone
Swain, Chelsea; 2009-11; Secretary, Head Secretary
Swain, Homer D*; 1926
Swallen, Wilbur H*
Swaminathan, Keshav; 2011-13; Mellophone
Swan, Claire; 1930
Swan, Jocelyn; 2023; Student Staff
Swander, Thomas E*; 1940-41; Baritone
Swanger, Christina (Finnicum); 2004-05,07-09; Trumpet
Swanger, L L*; 1933
Swank, Dr C William; 1949-51; Baritone
Swartz, Donald; 1969; Trumpet
Swartz, Karl*; 1946
Swartzmiller, Dale L; 1955-56; Alto horn
Swartzmiller, Doran E*
Swarzbaugh, Charles E; 1913
Sweeney, Jared; 2019-20; Trumpet
Sweeny, Thomas E; 1990; Baritone
Sweet, Megan A; 2013-15; Cymbals
Swicegood, Timothy D; 1981-83; Trombone
Swigart, G M; 1909
Swiger, Eliot B; 1979-82; Trumpet
Swindler, David R*; 1968-72; Baritone (Obit)
Swindler, Gerald F; 1976-77; Bass drum
Swindler, James I; 1974-77; Bass drum
Swindler, Richard I*; 1941-46; Snare
Swindler, Robert W*; 1942,46-47; Baritone
Swinehart, Alvin W*; 1943-45; Clarinet
Swinehart, Jack; 1965-68; Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Swinehart, John*; 1940
Swink, Charles V*; 1947-50; Baritone (Obit)
Swonger, Rolland J*; 1949; Efer
Syfert, Michael; 1975
Sykes, H R; 1900
Szabo, Dr Albert E; 1952-54; Baritone
Szymanski, Nathan; 2016-18; Trombone
Szymczak, Katie L (Grubaugh); 2004-05; Head Secretary
Taggart, Glenn M*; 1965-66; Sousaphone (Obit)
Tait, Thomas J; 1979-83; Trumpet
Tallman, Stanley H; 1910
Talmage, Henry R*; 1904
Tanner, John R; 1903
Tanner, Laura S
Tanner, Roy E; 1902
Tantari, Gregory A; 1981-85; Trumpet
Tapp, John G*
Tappenden, Richard P*; 1915; Picolo
Tappenden, Richard K; 1946-51; Trombonium
Tarbox, Theodore H*; 1878
Tareshawty, Alexander J; 2013-17; Mellophone
Tareshawty Jr, Mark E; 2012-15; Sousaphone
Tarrants, William E*; 1945-50; Trumpet
Tarter, Thomas G; 1977; Trombone
Tatgenhorst, Ted*; 1936; Manager
Tatman, Kenneth L; 1957-61; Efer, Baritone
Tawney, Paul S
Taylor, Aaron E*
Taylor, Albert L*; 1936; Baritone
Taylor, Andrew; 2015-17; Trombone
Taylor, Christopher J; 1997-2001; Sousaphone
Taylor, Dawson; 2016-21; Baritone
Taylor, Earl D*; 1905
Taylor, Ernest B*; 1937-41; Sousaphone
Taylor, Frank M*; 1934-37; French Horn
Taylor, Gary R
Taylor, George W*; 1923
Taylor, Gerald; 2010-12; Trumpet
Taylor, Heather M (Gossard); 1996-98; Cymbals
Taylor, Jack A; 1943
Taylor, Jack K*; 1926
Taylor, James P*; 1932-33; Trumpet
Taylor, John R*; 1955; Trumpet (Obit)
Taylor, JoLynn J (Phillippi); 2004-07; Mellophone
Taylor, Kayli S; 2010-14; Trumpet
Taylor, Kenneth W*; 1923-25; Trumpet
Taylor, N Emerson*; 1926-28; Saxophone
Taylor, Noah J; 2011-14; Mellophone
Taylor, Richard L*; 1950-53; Sousaphone (Obit)
Taylor, Samuel*; 1943
Taylor, Walter R*; 1940-43; Baritone
Taylor, William N*; 1910
Teeple, Francis M; 1921
Teeter, Guy A; 1911
Tegtmeier, Mark; 2008-09; Trumpet
Teinvieri, William; 1942
Temple, Dr Charles P*; 1971; Grad Asst Director, Asst Director (Obit)
Temple, Jason; 1999-2002; Sousaphone
Tenaglia, L Danial; 1975; Baritone
Tenaglia, Richard D; 1969-70; Trombone
Tennant, Scott; 2010-11; Trombone
Tennant, Sean R; 2010-14; Trumpet
Tenney, Dr Richard W; 1955-58; Trumpet
Tepping, Benjamin J*
Terman, Stephen D; 1969; Trumpet
Terrell, Will; 2021-23; Snare
Test Suffix, Prefix First M (Maiden); 2014; Sousaphone, Efer, Alto horn
Tetrick, William Everal*; 1932-34; Trumpet
Tetrick, William E; 1965; Flugel horn
Tewart, Jonathon; 2001-04; Trumpet
Tewksbury, Arlen K*; 1952
Tewksbury, H Arden*; 1942,46-49; Trumpet
Thacker, Bethany M (Morrison); 2009-12,14; Trumpet
Thacker, Jennifer O (Overturf); 1992-96; Baritone
Thake, Dr Julianne C (Violand); 2005-09; Flugel horn
Thake Jr, Michael P; 2005-09; Efer
Thal, Nelson E*
Thatcher, Gary J; 1972-73; Alto horn
Thayer, John R*; 1946-50; Trombone (Obit)
Theis, John E*; 1924
Thieding, Grant; 2023; Snare
Thiel, Dr Jeremy M; 1996-2000; Quad-Tom
Thissen III, William J*; 1956-58; Tenor horn
Thomas, Beth; 1999; Trumpet
Thomas, Bill B; 1950
Thomas, Bradley; 2005-06,14; Manager, Sousaphone
Thomas, Chris; 2005-09; Mellophone
Thomas, Cyndi C; 1990-91; Alto horn
Thomas, Daniel L; 2013-16; Trumpet
Thomas, David A; 1921
Thomas, Gary N; 1964; Trumpet
Thomas, John H; 1958-60; Baritone, Trumpet
Thomas, John R*; 1924
Thomas, John S; 1957-60; Baritone, Trombonium, Tenor horn
Thomas, Joshua; 2016-17; Quint-Tom
Thomas, Lauren G; 2016-19; Efer
Thomas, Leonard G; 1910
Thomas, Noah; 2018,20; Mellophone
Thomas, Owen E*; 1923
Thomas, Robert H; 1938; Snare
Thomas, Ryan C; 2012-15; Sousaphone
Thomen, Mark E*; 1967-74; Efer
Thomen, Ray E; 1954; Trumpet
Thompson, Andrew; 2004-07; Quad-Tom
Thompson, Brian T; 2001-05; Sousaphone
Thompson, Cory M; 1994-97; D-Squad, Drum Major
Thompson, Frank W; 1957-58; Trombone
Thompson, Gregory T; 1997,2000-01; Baritone
Thompson, Guy*; 1932
Thompson, Harold*; 1930
Thompson, Herrick*; 1927
Thompson, J Edward; 1974
Thompson, Jimmie D*; 1947-51; Trumpet (Obit)
Thompson, Joel F; 2006-09; Sousaphone
Thompson, Jr Kenneth J*; 1955; Trumpet
Thompson, Megan; 2023; Mellophone
Thompson, Rebecca M (Vallera); 2007-10; Flugel horn
Thompson, Robert W; 1959
Thompson, Steven R; 1970-73; Baritone
Thompson, Taylor; 2017-21; Trombone
Thompson, Taylor; 2015-19; Sousaphone
Thompson, Rev Terry Jay; 1965-67; Cymbals
Thompson, Zachary; 2021-23; Mellophone
Thorel, Jean*; 1928
Thornbloom, Dennis G; 1976-79; Trumpet
Thornton, Ben J; 2006-10; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Thornton, John M; 2012-14; Trumpet
Thoroman, Cristina N; 2006; Trombone
Thorson, James M*; 1955
Thorson, Robert*; 1933
Throckmorton, Adam; 2015-19; Efer
Thrower, Joseph M; 1974
Thyen, Christina; 2010-11; Manager, Seamstress
Thyer, Andrew W; 1993; Snare
Tibbals, Ralph E; 1923; Clarinet
Tibbs DDS, Dr Todd R; 1981-85; Baritone
Tiberi, Patrick J; 1981-84; Trumpet
Tigges, Kenneth E*; 1945
Tighe, Raymond*; 1939
Tikson, Kristine J; 2012-14; Mellophone
Tilley, Stephen G; 1961-65; Trombone
Tilton, Charles L*; Sousaphone
Timmer, Cody A; 2012-16; Trombone
Timmons, Robert M; 1950-51; Trumpet
Timur, Selin (Haas); 2020-23; Baritone
Tinianow, Ralph I*; 1940-44; Clarinet
Tinker, Walter H*; 1924; Trombonium
Tinkus, Jack R; 1938
Tinsley, W C; 1908
Tipton, Eugene O*
Tipton, Tony; 2009-11; Mellophone
Tipton, Wilbur F*; 1939-41; Sousaphone
Tisza, Jeffrey K; 1973-77; Trumpet
Titlow, John R*; 1934-38; Sousaphone
Titlow, Paul C*; 1936-40; Trumpet (Obit)
Tobias, James E; 1924
Tobias, Russell S*; 1917
Todahl, Brendan C; 2012-16; Snare
Todd, Earl R*; 1952; Trombone (Obit)
Toll, Marvin G*
Tolleson, Wade C; 1966-68; Trombone
Tomlinson, Robert E; 1921
Tomlinson, William B; 1944; Clarinet
Toms, Charles H*; 1935-36; Trumpet
Tongring, Jack L*; 1947; Tenor horn (Obit)
Tontimonia Sr, Thomas L; 1971-74; Manager
Toomey, Robert S*; 1927
Topping, Joseph C*; 1954
Townsend, Sidney A; 1960-63; Sousaphone
Townsend, Tom*; 1942
Townsend, William O*; 1946-47; Trumpet
Toy, Marilyn A; 1989-93; Alto horn
Traber, Harry K; 1928
Tracey, Oliver L*; 1922; Trumpet
Tracz, Dr Frank C; 1974-77,85-87; Snare, Grad Asst Director
Trahyn, Melissa D (Fordham); 1995-97; Trombone
Traini, Thomas; 1993-96; Sousaphone
Tran, Andrew; 2015-19; Trombone
Trautwein, Barbara W (Wilson); 1950-53; Librarian
Treadway, Jeffrey; 1999-2002,05; Baritone
Trease, James W; 1968; Sousaphone
Treaster, Michelle K (Ashworth); 1996-97; Mellophone
Treen, Jayna L (Wells); 1994-96; Alto Horn
Treiber, Dr Bruce E; 1976-79; Trombone
Treichel, Laura M (Sandrew); 1976-78; Trumpet
Treier, Max W; 1958-60; Baritone
Tremain, A Cole*; 1954-56; Alto horn
Tretheway, Gordon*; 1931; Snare
Trick, David; 2004; Trumpet
Trick, Jack E; 1948,50; Baritone
Trigg, Michael N*; 1953-54; Asst Drum Major (Obit)
Trinter, Eric R; 2003-07; Trumpet
Trinter, Raymond E*; 1937,39-41; Trumpet
Trinter, Thomas W; 1964-67,70; Trumpet, Efer
Trizzino, Al F*; 1938-41; Tenor Horn
Troller, Michael; 2019-22; Sousaphone
Trosak, Joseph*
Trotter, Michael J; 1987-91; Sousaphone
Trotto, Tori; 2016-19; Trumpet
Trubisky, Daniel L; 1994; Bass drum
Truocchio, Olivia; 2023; Trumpet
Truog, Adam; 2006; Baritone
Truxal, Robert A; 1935-36; Sousaphone
Tubbs, John C; 1917
Tucker, Amy M; 2005-09; Flugel horn
Tucker, Dennis J; 1962-66; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Tucker, Irwin N*; 1943
Tucker, I Timothy; 1966-70; Bass drum
Tucker, Robert G; 1977-81; Sousaphone
Tuggle, Noah; 2019-21; Baritone
Tuhela-Reuning, Stephen R (Reuning); 1985-89; Trombone
Tull, Carter; 2021-23; Sousaphone
Tuma, Alex; 2022-23; Trumpet
Tungate, E O*; 1934
Turk, James L; 1970
Turnbull, Todd M; 1979-81; Trumpet
Turner, Christopher M; 2007-11; Trumpet
Turner, Eugene*; 1938
Turner, Jeffrey F; 2014-18; Baritone
Turner, John H; 1924
Turner, Dr Thomas F; 1973-77; Efer
Turpin, Allen S; 1982-86; Flugel horn
Tussing, Sarah N; 2011-14; Baritone
Tuttle, Herbert U*
Tweedie, Earl R*; 1935-38; Trombone
Twete, Leonard R; 1921
Twitchell, Richard L; 1972-73; Baritone
Twitty, Fletcher W*; 1944-45; Baritone
Twitty, John T*; 1972; Trombonium
Twitty, Patricia (Robinson); 1977; Snare
Tyler, George W
Tynan, David F; 2000-04; Efer
Tyndall, David; 1992-94; Trumpet
Uhlir, Alexandria (Lowe); 2004-08; Trumpet
Uhlir, Christopher J; 2003-06; Efer
Uhrick, Gary L; 1975; Trumpet
Ullery, J C; 1909
Ulrey, Charles F*; 1948; Alto Horn
Uncapher, Robert C*; 1933
Uncapher, Rolland L*; 1927
Underwood, John R
Underwood, Scott D; 1976-80; Alto horn
Unger, Gerald D; 1956-59; Snare
Unger, Thomas K; 2015-18; Sousaphone
Urbanek, Matthew J; 2011-14; Trumpet
Urig, Pamela J; 1985-88; Baritone
Ursich, Clifford; 1977-81; Trombone
Ursich, Mary A (Wagner); 1977-81; Trombone
Urton, Richard*; 1942
Utter, LeRoy J; 1923
Utter, Raymond E*; 1921
Vaas, David D; 1976-77; Trombone
Vale, J Philip; 1944,46-48; Trumpet
Valentine, Christopher E; 1995-99; Manager
Valentine, Clayton O; 1992-94; Snare
Valentine, Diane L (Gleason); 1988-92; Trumpet
Vallery, William G*; 1936; Efer (Obit)
Valli, Gian C; 2015-19; Trumpet
Valo, Dr Thomas S; 1970; Trombone
Van Cleve Jr, Charles F*; 1948-52; Trumpet (Obit)
Van Dervort, Lee W*; 1938-41; Trumpet
Van Horn, Samuel E; 1954
Van Pelt, Ted; 1946
Van Stone, Joan K (Kinnear)*; 1949-51; Secretary
Van Swearingen, Jay A; 1926
Van Swearingen, Paul E; 1930-31; Woodwind
Van Wye, Ralph A; 1911
Vance, Richard L; 1952-55; Trombone
Vanderburg, Charles R*; 1878
Vanderhoff, John T; 2012-16; Trumpet
VanHandel, Leigh A; 1989-91; Baritone
VanLente, Holly K (Creech); 1993-97; Trombone
VanVleet, Lydia; 2023; Mellophone
Varas Jr, J*; 1907
Varble, Matthew K; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Varian, Dr Grant K; 1963-64; Efer
Vasichko, Paula K (Moore); 1995,97-99; Flugel horn
Vasil, Michael J; 2006-09; Trumpet
Vasil, William T; 2001-05; Trombone
Vasilou, Brian; 2015-19; Flugel horn
Vassar, David L; 1966; Trumpet
Vaughan Sr, Frederick C; 1951-55; Tenor horn
Vaughn, Christine E; 2000,02; Flugel horn
Vaughn, Rev Deborah G (Harsh); 1976-77; Alto horn
Vaught, David; 1975
Vaupel, Arthur W; 1937-38; Snare
Veilleux, Jean-Paul; 1994,96; Trombone
Veness, Jeffrey J; 1972-73; Trombone
Venosdel, Claude R*; 1936; Sousaphone
Ventresca, Gino L*; 1955-58; Trumpet (Obit)
Verbsky, Adam A; 2015-19; Baritone
Verbsky, Ellen E (Edgar); 1984-88; Alto horn
Verbsky, Mark J; 1979-82; Manager
Verbsky, Marshall M; 2017-19; Mellophone, Flugel horn
Verbsky, Dr Matthew P; 1982-86; Manager
Verhoff-Keehn, Beth A (Verhoff); 1996-99; Trumpet
Verhovnik, John; 2014-16; Trumpet
Vermillion, Eric D; 2017-22; Snare
Vesper, J L*; 1914-16
Vickers, Donn F; 1954-56; Trumpet
Vidmar, Lauren H; 2013-16; Baritone
Viebranz, Gary A; 1975-79; Sousaphone
Viebranz, Gregory D; 1984-88; Sousaphone
Vietmeier, Theresa (Milicia); 1985; Alto horn
Vilagi, Nicholas B; 2014-15; Baritone
Vilcins, Aimee (Smith); 2001; Mellophone
Vilcins, Karl; 1999-2001; Bass drum
Vild, Donna L (Estey); 1985-87; Alto horn
Vild, Michael L; 1985-88; Bass drum
Vinciquerra, Natalie A; 1986-89; Trumpet
Violand, Charlton J; 2004-07; Sousaphone
Violi, Anthony T*; 1937-42; Trumpet (Obit)
Virden, Leon J; 1910
Vitale, A Nino (Blanch); 1988-91; Snare
Vitale, Lilli A (Johnson); 1985-89; Efer, Trumpet
Voegele, Jacob; 2014-18; Efer
Voldnes, Berit; 2010-11; Flugel horn
Volkert, Jim J; 1978-79; Trumpet
Volkman, Matthew D; 2012-15; Sousaphone
Volp, John; 1912
Volpe, Peter A*
Von Thron, Joseph C; 1944; Clarinet
Vondran, Dr Shawn D; 1996-99; Trombone
Voorhees, W D; 1901
Vore, Martha (Fish); 1957; Librarian
Vore, Val S; 1956-57; Snare
Voress, Avery; 2018-22; Sousaphone
Vosburgh, Lawrence E*
Voss, Harold E*; 1933-34; Trumpet
Wade, Robert E*
Wadsworth, Kevin K; 1992-95; Trumpet
Wagener, Robert N; 1910
Waggoner, Brian; 1999-2001; Bass drum
Wagner, Chris A; 1963-66; Trumpet
Wagner, Dale; 1986-90; Drum Major
Wagner, Daniel; 2008-10; Flugel horn
Wagner, E S*; 1903
Wagner, J O*; 1906
Wagner, Jacqulin A (Colegrove); 1980-81; Trumpet
Wagner Jr, Jay E*; 1942-43; Trumpet
Wagner, Jonathan; 2014-16; Trio
Wagner, Kelly M (Christ); 1989-92; Trumpet
Wagner, Richard E; 1966-69; Tenor horn
Wagner, Thomas E; 1947-50; Trumpet
Wagner, William A*; 1941
Wagoner, Guy L; 1911
Waidelich, Holly E (Smith); 1982; Alto horn
Waidelich, William D; 1979-81; Trombone
Wakefield, Andrew L; 2003-07; Trumpet
Wakser, David; 1940-43; Trumpet
Walchli, Carter; 2008-11; Sousaphone
Waldemar, Edward*; 1889
Walker, Charles E*
Walker, Charles E; 1903
Walker, Derek; 2017-19; Trumpet
Walker, Dr Don L*; 1947-48; Trombone
Walker, George R; 1946-48; Sousaphone
Walker, James; 1949
Walker, Dr Lowell W*; 1938-41; French horn
Walker Jr, Dr Orville C; 1961-64
Walker, Waldo F*; 1940
Wall, C Lu Anne (Hunnell, Gail); 1975-79; Alto horn
Wall, Claude H; 1917
Wall, Lauren; 2017-19; Manager
Wallace, Jeffrey S; 1985-86; Trumpet
Wallace, R S*; 1893
Wallick, Ben P; 2004-08; Trumpet
Wallick, Kevin; 2006-09; Baritone
Wallick, Richard B*; 1964-67; Trumpet
Wallick, Richard W*; 1947-49; Trumpet
Wallick, Timothy P; 1975-78; Sousaphone
Walls, Lori M; 1997-98; Trumpet
Walmsley, George*; 1934-35; Trumpet
Walser, Thomas E; 1975-78; Trumpet
Walsh, Aidan; 2022; D-Squad
Walsh, Catherine; 2009; Secretary
Walsh, Paul G; 1980-83; Manager
Walsh, Richard D*; 1944-45; Baritone
Walsh, Robert*; 1940
Walter, Earl B*; 1904
Walters, Colleen; 2011; Trumpet
Walters, David C; 1982-83; Sousaphone
Walters, Patrick S; 1997-2001; Baritone
Walters, Robert E*; 1947-51; Trumpet
Walters, Robert; 2005-06; Head Manager
Walton, Dr Bruce E; 1949
Walton, Dr Craig C*; 1948-51; Alto horn (Obit)
Walton, Gary D; 1973-76; Trombonium
Walton, James B; 1976-80; Sousaphone
Walton, Lindsay E; 2003-05; Trombone
Waltz, Edward*; 1928
Waltz, Richard R*
Wamsley Jr, James R; 1974-75; Sousaphone
Wander, Stephen M; 1963-68; Flugel horn
Wander, Travis; 2010; Trumpet
Wanders, Daniel B; 2003-07; Sousaphone
Wang, Patrick D; 2016-18; Manager
Wang, Tony; 2000-01; D-Squad
Ward, E D; 1909
Ward, Francis*; 1932
Ward, J H*; 1881
Ward, William J; 1921
Ward, William E*; 1938-41; Trumpet
Ware, Howard V; 1925
Ware, William M*; 1929-32; Baritone
Warman, Gene L; 1963-66; Flugel horn
Warner, David O; 1978; Trombone
Warner, J Edward*; 1933-35; Trumpet
Warner, Richard L
Warnke, Earl E; 1946-49; Trombone
Warren, Alfred R; 1921
Warren, Allen E; 1979-82; Snare
Warren, Glenn E*; 1932-34; Baritone (Obit)
Warren, J E*; 1934
Warren Jr, William F; 1974-75; Sousaphone
Warrick, Ralph*; 1930
Warthen, C Thomas; 1968-69; Baritone
Wasley, J P K*; 1929; Trumpet
Wasmund, Robert J; 1972; Sousaphone
Wasserman, Aaron; 2005-06; Manager
Wasserman, Michael E; 1972-74; Bass drum
Wasson, Wilford A*; 1882
Waterfield, Willis K; 1923-26; Trombone
Waters, Jonathan N; 1995-99; Sousaphone, Asst Director, Director
Waters, Molly (Simenz); 1998-2001; Mellophone
Watkins, Ashley; 2022-23; Student Staff
Watkins, Audrey; 2017-21; Mellophone
Watkins, Brent M; 1994-98; Trumpet
Watkins, Bruce H; 1978-82; Baritone
Watkins, John L; 1963-65,78; Alto horn
Watkins, Dr Kie T; 1990-93; Sousaphone
Watson, Brent A; 1982-85,87; Sousaphone
Watson, Earl*; 1905
Watson, Emily O (Hoffman); 1985-86; Baritone
Watson, Robert A*
Watson, Taj A; 2014-18; Flugel horn
Watson, Thomas R*; 1949-53; Baritone (Obit)
Watson, Timothy R; 1962-66; Efer
Watters, David R; 1985-89; Sousaphone
Watts, Fred
Watts, Gary; 2001-03; Mellophone
Watzulik, Richard M*
Weakley, Douglas A; 1959-62; Trumpet
Weakley, Kelly D; 1992-94; Trumpet
Weakley, Kevin D; 1993-96; Baritone
Weaks, David; 2005-07; Baritone
Weaver, Douglas W; 1989-92; Flugel horn
Weaver, Edward M; 1917
Weaver, Francis X; 1988-90; Trumpet
Weaver, Frederick M; 1917
Weaver II, Herbert N; 1973; Trumpet
Weaver, J Edward*
Weaver, Laura R (Reed); 1986-88; Librarian
Weaver, Mark E; 1983-87; Sousaphone
Weaver, Michael D; 1986; Snare
Weaver, Paul L*; 1936; Trumpet
Weaver, Phillip; 1910
Webb, C B; 1907
Webb, Daniel; 2011-15; Sousaphone
Webb, Thomas; 2006-08; Cymbals
Webb, William C*; 1930
Webber, Karen R; 1996-98; Secretary
Weber, Jennifer C (Novak); 1993-97; Trombone
Weber Jr, Scott A; 2016-19; Trumpet
Weber-Christian, Stephanie R (Weber); 1991; Trombone
Webster, Joe W
Webster, Lester L; 1923
Weed, Charles D*; 1940
Weed, Douglas L
Weeda, Paul V; 1988-91; Sousaphone
Weedon, Homer H*; 1900
Wehr, Richard W
Wehr, Richard H; 1943
Weide, Alan D; 2013-14,16-17; Trombone
Weidman, Conrad A*; 1948-49; Baritone (Obit)
Weidner, George F*; 1887
Weigandt, Gwen E (Peterson); 1992-95; Flugel horn
Weihmiller, Frederick S; 1972-73; Trombone
Weil, John M*; 1936; Snare
Weiler, Glenn*; 1935
Weimer, D Robert*; 1961-67,72-73; Trumpet (Obit)
Weimer, George O*; 1906
Weimer, Leland S*; 1906
Weimer, Paul K*; 1928
Weinacht, Philip L; 1961-64; Trumpet
Weinberg, W H; 1909
Weiner, Milton*; 1935-38; Trumpet
Weininger, W Warren; 1940; Trombonium
Weinland, Herman G*; 1901; Drum Major
Weir, Raheem; 2002-05; Trumpet
Weisberg, Joseph*; 1930
Weisenburger, William; 2022-23; Student Staff
Weiskopf, Richard S*; 1940
Weiss, Gordon T; 2015-19; Trumpet
Weiss, Max*; 1942
Weissburg, Samuel; 2002-03; Baritone
Weitzel, Todd E; 2002; Baritone
Welch, Hannah; 2014-17; Trombone, Trumpet
Welch, Susan H (Hanna); 1983-84; Librarian
Welder, Christine; 2018-22; Trumpet
Welker, Paul*; 1930
Wellbaum, Arvy E*; 1898
Weller, Karl; 1932
Wellman, David; 2004-08; Trumpet
Wells, Adam P; 2017-21; Trumpet
Wells, Andrew; 2016-19; Baritone
Wells, B B*; 1898
Wells, George B; 1905
Wells, Howard S; 1912
Wells, Jay D; 1962-63; Sousaphone
Wells, Robert; 1954
Wells, Ronnie W; 1964-66,68; Trumpet, Efer
Welshon, Frank E
Welty, Wilbert N*
Wendel, Kyle; 1986-90; Bass drum
Wenger, Dennis E; 1960; Snare
Wenger, Ty E; 1986-90; Efer
Wengert, Capt Roger D; 1958-60; Efer
Wenner, Amanda C (Osborne); 2006-08; Secretary
Wenning, Peter N; 1991-95; Bass drum
Wensing, Patrick M; 2005-09; Efer
Wentz, Elliot M; 2001-05; Trumpet
Wentz, Meredith; 2007-10; Trumpet
Wentzel, Megan; 2017-19; Inst Manager
Werner, Dustin E; 1979-82; Sousaphone
Werner, William B; 1982-85; Flugel horn
Werner Sr, William H*; 1969-72; Trumpet (Obit)
Werner Jr, William H; 1998-2002; Trumpet
Werremeyer, Fredric N*; 1924
Wert, Glenn M; 1924
Wertz, Charles R; 1978-81; Trombone
Wertz, Daniel W; 1972-75; Baritone
Wertz, Jack D
Wesdorp, Jacob; 2016,18; Trio
Wesler, David W; 1977-79; Trumpet
West, Harold A; 1946-50; Efer, Trumpet
West, Jason; 2018-20; Trumpet
West, Joel E; 1961-65; Trumpet
West, Kyle G; 2009-13; D-Squad, Sousaphone, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
West, Dr Richard V; 1956-58; Bass drum
Westfall, Forrest J; 1997-2001; Trumpet
Westinghouse, Robert H
Westlake, Stephen W; 1964-65; Trumpet
Weston, Brad L; 1978-81; Alto horn
Westphal, Walter R; 1921
Westrich, Justin M; 2007-09; Inst Manager, Head Manager
Wetterauer, Donald G*; 1924
Wetzel, David A; 1978-82; Trumpet
Wetzel, Hamilton; 1998; Snare
Wharton, Frank A; 1950-52; Trumpet
Wheasler, Stanton W; 2004-07; Sousaphone
Wheaton, James E; 1957
Wheeler, Adam T; 2003-05; Trombone
Wheeler, Mathew; 2023; Trombone
Whetstone, Alice*; 1950; Manager
Whetstone, Paul M; 1971-73; Sousaphone
Whetstone, Dr Paul M; 1946-48; Sousaphone
Whims, Dan E; 1971-72; Trombonium
Whipkey, Derek D; 2009-11; Snare
Whipple, Sherman*; 1937
Whisler, Aran R; 2017-18; Trumpet
Whiston, Richard R*; 1938-41; Efer
Whitacre, W L*; 1886
White, Aaron B; 1990-94; Efer
White Jr, Albert C*; 1898
White, Amanda (Lewis); 2003-07; Snare
White, Barbara J; 1989-90; Baritone
White, Christopher; 2021-23; Mellophone
White, Kent M*; 1965 (Obit)
White, Kent R; 1960; Trumpet
White, Martin*; 1938
White, Michelle; 2002-05; Mellophone
White, Wheeler R*; 1912; Trombonium
Whitehill, Amy D; 1987-89; Alto horn
Whitman, Erin E (Flucke); 2004-07; Trumpet
Whitman, Marvin H; 1943; Clarinet
Whitman, William; 2021-22; Baritone
Whitney, Arthur S*
Whitney, Sarah; 2009-11; Mellophone
Whittaker, Gaylord D*
Whitten, William F*; 1878
Whyte, Michael H*; 1960
Wick Jr, Elbridge A; 1934-35; Snare
Wickert, James A*; 1936; Trumpet
Widenhofer, Elizabeth C (Claypool); Librarian
Widney, Megan R; 2005-09; Quad-Tom
Wieber, Leon J; 1966-67; Trumpet
Wieclaw, Steven C; 1985-89; Trumpet
Wiedemann, Jeffrey M; 1998-2002; Baritone
Wiehe, Barbara J (Lowe); 1992; Alto horn
Wieland, RaeAnna (Miller); 2004; Manager
Wielinski, Ella; 2021-23; Trumpet, Efer
Wiemken, Brett; 2016-20; Sousaphone
Wiens, Ryan; 2007-11; Sousaphone
Wiesenberger, Arthur C*; 1912
Wiet, Christopher; 2008-12; Mellophone
Wiet, Taylor (Wharton); 2008-11; Mellophone
Wight, B T*; 1891
Wilcox, Calvin P*; 1886-88; Drum Major
Wilcox, Robert A; 1953-57; Alto horn
Wild, Charles W; 1909
Wild, Frank M; 1924
Wildermuth, T B*; 1899
Wiler-Martin, Arleigh H; 2013-15; Mellophone
Wiler-Martin, Shawn A; 2010-11; D-Squad
Wiley, David A; 1978-81; Trumpet
Wilgus, Herman R; 1917
Wilhelm, Valerie; 2005; Trombone
Wilhelm, Zachary M; 2004-08; Trombone
Wilkin, George; 2010-12; Quad-Tom
Wilkins, Sherry L; 1982; Seamstress
Wilkins, Zakary D; 2002-06; Trumpet
Wilkinson, David M*; 1930
Wilkinson, George H; 1917
Wilkinson, Paul*; 1930
Will, Alpa J; 1907
Will, Anne E; 1996-99; Trumpet
Willaman, Kenneth A*; 1956; Alto horn
Willard, Henry S; 1968-69; Trumpet
Williams, Dr Alan C; 1949-50
Williams, Alfred B*; 1956; Baritone
Williams Jr, Dr Benjamin H*; 1944; Trombone
Williams, C A*; 1899
Williams, Colin A; 2017-21; Baritone
Williams Jr, Conrad R; 1973-74; Trumpet
Williams, David; 2014; D-Squad
Williams, David A; 1994-95; Trombone
Williams, David A*; 1941-42; Trumpet
Williams, E S; 1926
Williams, Edward J*; 1945
Williams, Frederick T*; 1947; Sousaphone
Williams Sr, Glenn R; 1957-59; Trumpet
Williams, Harry E*; 1898
Williams Jr, Harry J*; 1955-57; Sousaphone (Obit)
Williams, Howard; 1984; Trumpet
Williams, Jack C; 1968-69; Manager
Williams, Justin; 2020-23; Snare
Williams, Lowell E; 1963; Alto horn
Williams, Mark L; 1975-77; Baritone
Williams, Michael J; 1984-85; Trumpet
Williams, Richard; 1948
Williams, Robert D; Trumpet
Williams, Roger A; 1974-78; Trombone
Williams, Ross A; 1970-73; Efer
Williams, Stacie L; 1991-93; Baritone
Williams, Steven; 2012
Williams, Tim; 1983-84; Drum Major
Williamson, Allen L*; 1939-41; Efer
Williamson, Homer D*; 1899
Williamson, James G
Williford, Robert C*; 1993-97; Trombone (Obit)
Williger, Dr Gerard M; 1984; Alto horn
Willis, B B*; 1901
Willis, Richard A; 1959-62; Efer
Willman, Austin L; 2010-13; Snare
Wills, Ronnie; 1964
Willson, Robert D; 1961-62; Trumpet
Wilmer, Jacob; 2016-17; Efer
Wilson, Benjamin P; 1967; Percussion
Wilson, B Dean; 2004-08; Efer
Wilson Jr, Clyde L*; 1940-42,46-47; Alto horn
Wilson, David; 1950
Wilson, Donald; 1941
Wilson, Eric; 1992; Trumpet
Wilson, Eugene H; 1925
Wilson, Gail E; 1960-62; Baritone
Wilson, Gail A; 1975-78; Trombonium
Wilson, Dr George H*; 1941-42,46; Alto horn (Obit)
Wilson, Gregg H; 1980-81; Trombone
Wilson, Henry D*; 1940-42; Baritone
Wilson, John C; 1967-72; Manager
Wilson, Jordan L; 2010-13; Baritone
Wilson, Dr Keith D; 1962-63; Sousaphone
Wilson, Kenneth M; 1973-77; Trombonium
Wilson, Matthew D; 1992-96; Sousaphone
Wilson, Raymond W*; 1940-42; Eb Tuba
Wilson, Raymond E*; 1936-39; Tenor Horn
Wilson, Robert A; 1987-89; Alto horn
Wilson, Roger C*; 1881
Wilson, Rolland E “Rollie”; 1951-54,57; Trumpet
Wilson, Russell; 1940
Wilson, S J*; 1881; Drum Major
Wilson, Susan C (Steitz); 1991-94; Alto horn
Wilson, Susie E (Mitchell); 1991; Flugel horn
Wilson, Theodore T*; 1956; Trumpet (Obit)
Wilson, Wayne A*; 1938-40
Wilson, William H*; 1940
Wilt, Jenna M; 2007-11; Baritone
Wiltshire, Raymond S*; 1947-51; Trumpet (Obit)
Wimberly, Anne S (Streaty); Librarian
Windle, Douglas R; 1976-80; Sousaphone
Windle, Robert L; 1957-60; Sousaphone
Winegar, Dr Larry K; 1958-62; Trumpet
Winings, Anne (Radway); 2001-03; Secretary
Winkelman, Donald M*
Winn, Tamara S (Schilling); 1985-88; Baritone
Winslow, Russell; 1955
Winterkamp, Frederick H*; 1945-48; Flute, Tuba
Winters, John H*
Winters, Suzanne; 1997; D-Squad
Wirick, Deane J; 1921
Wirsing, Clay F; 2013-16; Sousaphone
Wirthlin, Robert G*; 1941; Manager
Wise, Carol L (Wagner); 1979-81; Trombone
Wise, James E*; 1929-32; Clarinet
Wise, Kenneth E; 1982-86; Flugel horn
Wise, Nathanial C; 2018-19,21; Cymbals
Wise, Scott E; 1980-84; Duo
Wisecup, Bryan; 1992-96; Trumpet
Wisecup, Erin (Whittington); 1994-97; Cymbals
Wistinghausen, Megan L; 2012-16; Mellophone
Witkowski, Joseph P; 2002-05; Sousaphone
Wittenborg, Fred T*; 1926
Witter, H*; 1893
Wittke, Carl*; 1910
Wocher, Jonathan S; 2006-10; Baritone
Woike, David O; 1974-78,88-89; Trombonium, Grad Asst Director
Woike, Teresa M; 1978; Trombone
Wolcott, Francis G; 1921
Wolcott, Julie; 1984-86; Duo
Wolf, Andrew D; 1995-97; Trombone
Wolf MD, David H; 1957; Tenor horn
Wolf, Philip J*
Wolfe, Alvin C; 1931-32
Wolfe, E Dwight*
Wolfe, Edgar W*
Wolfe, Ernie L; 1962-63; Trumpet
Wolfe, Harry H; 1917
Wolfe, Jennifer S (Baret); 1993; Alto horn
Wolfe, Louis H*
Wolfe, Robert L; 1967-71; Baritone, Tenor horn
Wolfe, Thomas E; 1951-54; Snare, Cymbals
Wolfe, William R*; 1947
Wolfgang, Jared D; 1999-2002; Mellophone
Wolfle Jr, Dr Ernest E*; 1950-54; Trumpet (Obit)
Wolford, Darren; 1997-2001; Manager
Wolford, David E; 1968-71; Trumpet
Wolford, Don S*; 1932-34; Clarinet
Wolford, Leon*; 1949
Wolford, Matt W; 2003-06; Snare
Wolk, Brian A; 1997-2000; Trombone
Wollenberg, Michelle (Corbin); 2002-06; Trumpet
Wollenhaupt, William C; 1924; Trumpet
Woltz, Ronald L*; 1956,58-59; Trombone
Wong, Michael D; 1972; Sousaphone
Wonnell, Daniel W; 1972-75; Sousaphone
Wonthron, Joe; 1944
Wood, Andrew W; 1991-95; Trumpet
Wood, Emerson V*; 1926-29; Trumpet
Wood, Jodi S (Graham); 1985-86; Alto horn
Wood, Dr Joel C; 1988-92; Baritone
Wood, Meghan H; 2013-14; Snare
Wood, Robert J; 1910
Wood, Vernon B*
Woodard, James C*
Woodard, Stuart; 2005-07; Efer
Woodcock, E Ray*; 1934
Woodcock, Harold C
Woodford, Donald E; 1986-89; Baritone
Woodmansee, Lelan K; 1966-69; Trumpet, Flugel horn
Woodruff, Edward T; 1957
Woodruff, Ned W*; 1936-40; Trumpet
Woodruff, Philip R; 1961-62; Trumpet
Woods, Horatius C*; 1882
Woods, W A; 1903
Woodward, G L; 1912
Woodward, James C*; 1931
Woodward, Morgan; 1993-94; D-Squad
Woolley, Karla (Shelley); 2002-05; Bass drum
Woolley, S Zachary; 2001-05; Sousaphone
Wooten, John; 1990-94; Trumpet
Work, Chris; 2004-07; Trombone
Workman, Paul R; 1957-60; Snare
Worley, Henry E*; 1921
Worrell, Dionta; 1997; Sousaphone
Wortham, Chelsey (Long); 2009-12; Sousaphone
Wransky, Lauren; 2010; Trombone
Wrenn, L Glenn*
Wright,; 1913
Wright, Adrian; 1999-2003; Sousaphone
Wright, Alvin R; 1905
Wright, Kurt A; 1983-87; Trumpet
Wright, L R*; 1899
Wright, Roscoe U*; 1941-42; Efer (Obit)
Wuichner, Eric; 1988; Trombone
Wurzelbacher, Zachary; 2015-19; Quint-Tom
Wyatt, John B; 1950
Wyatt, Kirby K*; 1961-67; Alto horn, Asst Drum Major, Drum Major
Wyler, Joseph; 2019-23; Trombone
xxx, x
Yabroff, Kristin A (Ramseyer); 1986-89; Sousaphone
Yabroff, Marc; 1986-88,90-91; Bass drum
Yaeger, Hugh D; 1941-42; Trumpet
Yaffe, Payton; 2022-23; Snare
Yager-Pardi, Margaret L “Marty” (Yager); 1985-89; Baritone
Yanai, Andrew C; 2011-14; Flugel horn
Yance, Robert F; 1957
Yannie, Megan S (Schneider)*; 1979-81; Trombonium
Yannie, Noah W; 1975-79; Trumpet
Yarbrough, Brian; 1994-97; Trumpet
Yaussy, Gregory J; 1981-84; Baritone
Yavornitzky, Michael J; 1972; Alto horn
Yeager, Clarence H; 1913
Yeager, Robert B; 1913
Yeagle, William*; 1930
Yeazell, James G; 1999-2003; Trumpet
Yeoman, Rodney S; 1973-76; Flugel horn
Yingling, Ralph W; 1910
Yingling, Victor N; 1917
Yocum, Julian A*; 1942
Yoder, Douglas; 1949-51; Trumpet
Yoder, Fred C*; 1934-37; Tenor Horn
Yoder, Jared; 2023; Bass drum
Yoesting, Gary E; 1961-63; Sousaphone
Yohman, J Robert; 1963-65; Tenor horn, Baritone
Yore, Amy C; 1986-90; Cymbals
York, Dale W*; 1949-51; Drum Major
York, J Mortimer*
York, Tyler; 2008-12; Baritone
Yost, Hursh R*; 1912
Yost, Hursh R*
Young, Brian S*; 1988-89; Baritone
Young, Claude B*; 1899
Young, Clay*; 1930
Young, Dennis L*; 1969-72; Flugel horn (Obit)
Young, Donald K; 1951-53
Young, Earl*; 1930
Young, Elmer L*; 1925-27; Clarinet
Young, George W*; 1947-49; Trumpet, Baritone
Young, Heather N (Faber); 1997-2000; Manager
Young, Henry A
Young, Irvin F*
Young, Jeanne-Marie (Volpe); 2002-04; Baritone
Young, Jordon T; 2014-16; Trumpet
Young, Nick; 2015-18; Baritone
Young, Zachary; 2001-04; Baritone
Younger, Charles R; 1921
Younger, Donn R*; 1961-62; Trumpet (Obit)
Younger, H F; 1921
Younger, Norval C*; 1922-25; Baritone
Younger, Raymond A*
Younkin, Heath A; 1990-93; Sousaphone
Yuncker, Amy M; 2001-05; Flugel horn
Yuschak, Scott; 1988-91; Baritone
Yuzva, Aubrey; 2003,05; Trumpet
Zaciek, Valerie; 2011; Secretary
Zadrozny, Edward A
Zadrozny, Robert E; 1965-67; Manager
Zalar, Henry J*; 1949
Zambrano, Gay M (Wollenhaupt); 1987-89; Alto horn
Zapf, Frederick N “Fred”; 1959-60; Trumpet
Zapor, Andrew; 2008-10; Quad-Tom
Zaugg, Ronald C*; 1954
Zbinden, Richelle S (Siefke); 1997-99; Manager
Zeeck, Frank H*; 1922
Zeek, Robert M*; 1937-40; Trumpet
Zeek, Robert E; 1966-67; Efer
Zeeke, Frank; 1942
Zehring, Earl A*; 1904
Zehrung, Frederic; 1930
Zeigler, Dr Anita S (Clymer); 1977-81; Cymbals
Zelenka, Donald J; 1970-73; Trombonium
Zeller, Raymond E; 1976,78-80; Baritone, Trumpet
Zeller, Richard; 1990; Trumpet
Zeller, Robert*; 1930
Zeller, Ross M*
Zellner, Jay; 1985
Zepp, Rudolph*
Zerkle, Zachary T; 2013-15; Trombone
Zerucha, Joseph M; 1975-80; Trumpet
Zhang, Xiaoxiao; 2008; Secretary
Ziegler, Adam A; 1986,88; Sousaphone, Alto horn
Ziegler, Patricia (Washburn); 1996-97; Trombone
Zier, J Albert*
Zigler, Melissa M (Ryan); 1998-2001; Flugel horn
Zigler, Scott A; 1996-2000; Trombone
Zimbran, Peter; 1954
Zimmer, David C*; 1924
Zimmer, Frederic M*
Zimmerman, David C
Zimmerman, Leo W*
Zimmerman, Robert E; 1979-82; Trumpet
Zimmerman, Samuel A
Zimmerman, Woodford W*; 1954
Zimovan, Jeffry O; 1987; Sousaphone
Zincke, Clarence*; 1926
Zingale, John J; 1999; D-Squad
Zingale, Karen; 1997-2001; Trombone
Zint, Arthur H*; 1923
Zint, Kermit W*; 1921
Ziolkowski, Leo*
Zipf, William H*
Zipperlen Jr, Dr William D; 1943-46; Efer
Zirger, Kamren; 2019-22; Sousaphone
Zirkel, R H*; 1893
Zitko, Robert D*; 1954
Zito, John S; 1923
Zizka, Raymond G; 1966-67; Alto horn
Zizka, William J; 1967; Baritone
Zola, Daniel J; 1959-60; Trumpet
Zona, Joshua E; 1989; Alto horn
Zonders, George J; 1982-86; Trumpet
Zonders, Sarah; 2014-17; Mellophone
Zuam, Rick
Zubrod, Paul F; 1968-71; Drum Major
Zucker, Becky K; 2012-14; Quad-Tom
Zudelsoff, Barney; 1932
Zuder, Gary M; 1989-93; Trumpet
Zuercher, Delmar J; 1949; Efer
Zuit, K W; 1921
Zumpft, Charles W; 1952-55; Sousaphone
Zunic, Abbey; 2023; Trumpet
Zupanc, Rudy L; 1992; Manager
Zwick, Ben H*; 1921

Total: 7,510; Living: 4,492 (59.8%); Deceased: 2,051 (27.3%); Lost: 218 (2.9%); Presumed Deceased: 749 (10.0%)