Board of Governors

Executive Committee

President: Zacke Naughton
Vice President: TJ Hersch
Secretary: Michelle Jackson
Treasurer: Phil Kirkendall
Immediate Past President: Derrick Mills

Members at large

Members with term expiration in 2021
Lindsay Conkel, Sean DeLong, Alex Nicolozakes, Allison Pallard, Marc Parulekar, and Jocelyn Smallwood

Members with term expiration in 2022
Sam Antenucci, Heather Blackmon DoForno, Jack Elson, Mark Lowe, Michael Montgomery, and Kevin Smith

Members with term expiration in 2023
Wes Clark, Kent Hutchinson, Jill McQuaid, Mike Riley, Melissa Trahyn, and Anne Will

Committee / Chairperson(s)

Active Band: Doug Behnke & Beth Giffin
Adopt-A-Row: Heather Smith
Archives: Dr. Paul Droste, Eric Snowden
Audit: Doug Behn
Awards: Allison Pallard & Mike Montgomery
Computer: Ed Franks
Development Fund: Shelley Graf
Family Events: Sarah Diemand
Finance: Phil Kirkendall
Hyper Active Band: Greg Daniel
Legal Review: Anne Will
Marching Band: Dr. Chris Hoch
Membership: T.J. Hersch
Mentoring: Sandy Johnson
Newsletter: Ryan Rupp
Nominating: Derrick Mills
Outreach: Beth Giffin
Pizza Party: Shelley Graf
Publicity: Vacant
Reunion: Sara Lawhon
Script Ohio Club: Greg Daniel
Social Media: Clay Finken
Special Events: Dana Smith
Strategic Planning: Kevin Smith & Jack Elson
Travel: Ron Donnell
Ways and Means: Pete Boriin

OSUMB Student Representatives:
Josh Druillard
Sydney Reik

Approved Minutes









Agenda Items

If you have a new item of business to bring before the board, you must sumbit the request to the president (contact information here) three weeks prior to the board meeting.

Members Welcome

All members of the TBDBITL Alumni Club are welcome to attend Board of Governors meetings.