The Script Ohio Club

About the Script Ohio Club

The Ohio State University Marching Band traces its roots to 1878 – three years before football came to Columbus. The Band was organized by students who exhibited the spirit and drive that have been the common thread for over a century.

As time passed OSUMB led the way… innovating measured-step marching, fast-cadence, formations, animation, writing, floating formations, baton twirling… A proud history, steeped in tradition.

And the greatest tradition of all is Script Ohio. 193 Band members with a single goal. 193 individuals acting as one.

It is this spirit that defines The Script Ohio Club.

The Script Ohio Club was founded in 1990 by TBDBITL Alumni Club and fans of The Ohio State University Marching Band, as a way of ensuring the continuing quality of “The Best Damn Band In The Land.”

Although the Athletic Department continues to fund day-to-day operation of the Band, it grows increasingly difficult to meet the demands of spiraling costs. Replacement and reconditioning of instruments has not kept pace with need for several decades. We are now faced with replacing many expensive instruments.

Since its founding, contributions by Script Ohio Club members have helped replace some of the worn-out instruments. There is already a noticeable improvement in both the Band’s sound and appearance, but many of the remaining instruments are still older than the students who play them.

How Script Ohio Club dues are used

  • Script Ohio Endowment
    • This endowment is invested by The Ohio State University Development Fund and the interest income will help assure that the Band’s needs are met in the future.
  • TBDBITL Scholarship Endowment
    • This endowment is invested by The Ohio State University Development Fund and the income is used to provide scholarships for Marching Band members.

It Takes a Lot of Brass

To replace all the instruments at today’s prices would cost:*

24 BBb Sousaphones $144,000
24 Baritone Horns: $45,960
24 Trombones: $37,080
24 Horns: $16,800
18 Flugelhorns: $16,650
44 Bb Trumpets: $40,260
10 Eb Cornets: $6,700
12 Snare Drums: $4,560
4 Cymbals: $1,800
4 Bass Drums: $4,920
4 Quad-Toms: $5,120
1 Gray Baton: $50
Total $323,900

*Based on manufacturer’s list prices for models currently used by OSUMB.

Benefits for Script Ohio Club Members

All donations to The Script Ohio Club are gifts to The Ohio State University. They are tax-deductible (as allowed by law) and are eligible for all OSU incentive programs.

Gift Memberships

Know a Buckeye fan who’s hard to buy a gift for? Script Ohio Club memberships make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day — or any occasion! Contact us for more information.

Corporate Memberships

Plaques and display items are available to corporate donors. Phone or write for details.

Adopt-An-Instrument Program

Any individual, group, business or organization may choose to purchase a specific instrument. In addition to receiving the above benefits, the donor will receive a commemorative plaque. (A great gift idea!)

For additional information on this and other programs, contact Mark Mangia via email: in the OSU Foundation office. Mark’s phone is 614-688-1385.

You may contribute to the following OSU Development Fund Accounts, either directly or through the President’s Club.

Script Ohio Endowment 607139
TBDBITL Scholarship Endowment 607138

How to Join the Script Ohio Club

Joining the Script Ohio Club couldn’t be easier. Click the link below to be taken directly to Script Ohio Club donation and membership form. You can donate via check or credit card on our mailing form.

Current Script Ohio Club Membership Form (Adobe PDF Format)

Fill out the form and mail it with your check to:

The Script Ohio Club
PO Box 14769
Columbus, Ohio 43214