The official uniform

The official TBDBITL Alumni Band uniform is scarlet red shirt, gray pants/slacks, black shoes/socks/belt, and scarlet red ballcap.

Shirts should be tucked into pants, so please wear pants that accommodate tucking and belting. Ball cap is worn on the head, bill forward. I know its “alumni band” but it is the OHIO STATE Alumni Band. Make an effort to find the correct uniform parts!

Your shirt, pants, belt, socks and shoes should look something like these.

Monday/Friday Rehearsal: Casual


  • Band members – Scarlet red short-sleeved shirt from Oasis Embroidery, medium gray trousers (no sweat pants, no leggings, no capris), black belt, black shoes, black socks, scarlet red ball cap from Oasis Embroidery. Shirts should be tucked into pants.
  • Drum majors – Scarlet red short-sleeved shirt, white slacks (NOT SHORTS), white shoes and white socks.

How to order


Shirts, Caps, and optional Jackets may be ordered directly from Oasis Embroidery: www.oasisembroidery.com. Click on the TBDBITL Alumni link on the left menu. If you are in the Columbus area, you may stop by Oasis Embroidery to pick-up your apparel. Online ordering is the preferred method to place your order. You may also call (614-785-7266).

The official Password is: roger


If you are unable to order online, please download the PDF below for information and then call Oasis Embroidery.

Reunion Specific Information

2021 Reunion: Oasis WILL NOT be present at the Friday night rehearsal. You are responsible for ordering and picking up ALL uniform items PRIOR to the Reunion. Final shipping date is September 16. Final in-person pickup date is September 24.