Performing Groups


One of the fundamental commonalities in our alumni is that we play and share music. It is therefore one of the core purposes of our Club to provide our members – all present and former members of the OSUMB – with opportunities to share in that lifelong musicianship. We currently have three established groups that give our members chances to perform, largely centered around type of performance. Questions about any of these groups can be sent to

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Reunion Band

The oldest and most visible arm of the Alumni Club is: THE REUNION BAND.  750 brass and percussion, no flags, no majorettes.  You want marching band – you come to Ohio.

Formed for the first time as part of the 1966 reunion, the Reunion Band meets just once a year. With a rotating membership, the only stipulation for participation is having held membership for any length of time in the OSUMB.

Information will be posted on and shared via member email when the Registration system opens.


Active Band

The Active Band serves to perform in concert and parade settings. Regular rehearsals are held the first and third Monday nights of most months, from 7:30-9:30 PM in the Steinbrenner Band Center at Ohio Stadium. Though attendance is not required at rehearsals, it provides members an opportunity to reconnect with other alumni, as well as practice the music in an ensemble (instead of playing your part solo with a recording!).
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Click here to find out how to join Active Band.  You can start by simply coming to the next rehearsal.
Click here for the Active Band FAQs.  These will cover your questions about rehearsals, performances, music, parking, instruments, uniform, etc.

Hyper Active Band

The Hyper Active Band serves to fulfill more ‘gig’ style requests from the broader central Ohio community. With no long-term rehearsal or performance schedule, the membership of this group changes from performance-to-performance based on volunteer availability. The music performed can fluctuate based on event, but is often comprised of school songs, popular stand tunes, or other common OSUMB favorites.

TBDBITL members are welcome to play as much or as little as you wish. We provide music folders, as memorized music is not required! See our ‘Events’ page for upcoming performances – listed times are “report times” except where noted. Contact Hyper Active Band Chairman Greg Daniel for additional information.

Instrument Name Phone Number Email
Chairman Greg Daniel 614-885-8311