Diamond Ohio Award


The Diamond Ohio Award has been established to honor an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the TBDBITL Alumni Club.

The nominee will be selected based upon a body of work directly in support of, and the advancement of, the activities of the TBDBITL Alumni Club. The nominee should have exhibited high qualities of dedication, enthusiasm, loyalty and vision on behalf of the TBDBITL Alumni Club.

The recipient will receive a trophy featuring a depiction of the Diamond Ohio with an appropriate inscription.

This award may be, but is not necessarily, given annually.


2011 Jonathan N. Waters
2013 Dr. Janet B. Ebert
2015 OHSAA
2016 Cheryl Grossman
2016 Patrick J. Tiberi
2018 Bob Jones, John Gray, Tom Trinter, Ron Daron, Denny Beis, John DeRing, Pat Campbell
2019 Dan Eck
2020 Peggy Lawlis