Elvin Donaldson Most Inspirational Alumni Bandsperson Award


The Elvin Donaldson Most Inspirational Alumni Bandsperson Award honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the TBDBITL Alumni Club.

The award winner will be selected based on a body of work directly in support of, and the advancement of, the activities of the TBDBITL Alumni Club. The nominee should have exhibited high qualities of dedication, enthusiasm, loyalty, leadership –and inspiration– to his or her peers.

The recipient will receive a trophy bearing the original instrument belonging to Elvin Donaldson mounted on a base with an appropriate inscription. The instrument is removable and is kept by the recipient for one year. The instrument is then used in the trophy for the succeeding award winner. The inscribed base remains the property of the recipient.

This award may be, but is not necessarily, given annually.


1974 Jimmie D. Thompson
1975 David D. Slyh
1976 Mervin A. Durea
1977 Beverley H. Moseley
1978 Thomas W. Trinter
1979 Carl G. Frische
1980 Devon E. Kesling
1981 William R. “Ziggy” Coyle
1982 Kirk A. Cross
1983 Gregory A. Daniel
1984 Robert B. Gates
1985 Austin M. Lloyd
1986 William F. Scharenberg
1987 Raymond L. Castle
1988 Glenn E. Warren
1989 Donn R. Younger
1990 Edward W. Franks
1991 Henry M. “Don” Curl
1992 Dr. David L. Meeker
1993 Peter A. Boriin
1994 Shelley R. Graf
1995 Robert G. Johnson
1996 Richard M. Campbell
1997 Robert A. Grossman
1998 John R. Gabriel
1999 Randolph L. Smith
2000 Patrick Campbell
2001 Willis C. Burt
2002 Dr. Ryan P. Hanson
2003 James P. Allen
2004 Ronald L. Daron
2005 Dr. Janet Ebert
2006 Lisa B. Smith
2007 Firl “Nick” and Phillys Nicholson
2008 Walter L. Neff
2009 Jeffrey M. Jordan
2010 Ian N. Polster
2011 Duane A. Smith
2012 Ron D. Donnell
2013 Sara J. Lawhon
2014 Roger W. Gallagher
2015 Brian J. Golden
2016 Benjamin K. Lindsley
2017 Dr. Alex W. Nicolozakes
2018 Anthony “Tony” Violi
2019 Brad McDavid
2020 Susan Scharenberg