Script Ohio Award


The Script Ohio Award has been established to honor an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the excellence of The Ohio State University Marching Band, TBDBITL Alumni Club and its active units. This award is presented for a body of work.

The nominee should have demonstrated initiative, creativity, and strong leadership. In addition, the nominee should represent the highest qualities of dedication, enthusiasm, loyalty and vision on behalf of The Ohio State University Marching Band.

The recipient will receive a plaque featuring a picture of the Script Ohio formation with an appropriate inscription.

This award may be, but is not necessarily, given annually.

Award Recipients

1972 Professor Eugene J. Weigel
1973 Elvin F. Donaldson
1974 Richard W. Heine
1975 Professor Jack O. Evans
1976 Dr. Manley R. Whitcomb
1977 Dr. Charles L. Spohn
1978 Dr. William B. McBride
1979 William E. Knepper
1980 Dr. James H. McCreary
1981 Edwin (Tubby) Essington
1982 Dr. Paul E. Droste
1983 John Tatgenhorst
1984 Beverley H. Moseley
1985 Dr. Jenie Lee Burke
1986 Dr. Janet Ebert
1987 William R. (Ziggy) Coyle
1988 Dr. Jules J. Duga
1989 Robert B. Gates
1990 Dr. David L. Meeker
1991 Dr. Jon R. Woods
1991 Gustav Bruder
1992 Donn R. Younger
1993 Edward W. Franks
1994 Kirk A. Cross
1995 David and Judy Schwertfager
1996 Robert E. Grossman
1997 Shelley R. Graf
1998 William F. Scharenberg
1999 Raymond L. Castle
2000 Peter A. Boriin
2001 Gregory R. Eyer
2002 Thomas W. Trinter
2003 John C. Gray
2004 Dr. James L. Moore
2005 Patrick Campbell
2006 Henry M. “Don” Curl
2007 Paul Walsh
2008 Willis C. Burt
2009 Melvin E. Ponzi
2010 Tom and Elaine Ostrander
2011 Gary J. Leppla
2012 David B. Carwile
2013 Charles P. Temple
2014 Wendell W. Ellenwood
2015 not awarded
2016 Jonathan N. Waters
2017 Gregory A. Daniel
2018 Jeffrey M. Jordan
2019 Ryan A. Rupp
2020 Ron Donnell